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  1. I had already a couple of games in our German Vassal League, which I would like to report: October, 31st: Against @RealVeers. We played both SH-fleets. RV took revenge for my lucky win the game before and scored 8 to 3 for him. He managed the squadron play much better. November 5th, Against @Goerrit. He had a Kuat-/ISD-1-brawler-fleet, I played SH-134 again. Surprised to learn that SH can explode 🙂 Lost 9 to 2 and was just one damage away from a 7 to 4 (his ISD was on one hull left but fortuna was not on my side for the last shoot). November, 13th, Against @BlackWolf. He came with ISD-2, Arq, Raider and 2 Goz. I came with MC75 Ord, Mc30, Hammerhead Torp, two Transporter and 6 Y-wing for ATN. Decided to play it safe and to avoid ISD-2/Arq but to concentrate on the rest. Managed to get a 7 to 4 win and learned that Raider with Iden is awefull! I will have another league-game until end of November and will look for other games. I had also played some fun-games in the past weeks but do not remember the scores anymore. But as the league games are reported (and all players are active in this forum), I hope that it is okay to use them. If not, it will become two busy weeks... 🙂 Best, b2w
  2. Arrgh! Will try to geton board, even if the chances are small! Have already some games in and will report them, next game is already scheduled for Friday! best, b2w
  3. Hi @BiggsIRL, I am quite late to the party... Looking to the long list of stand-bys, I assume that a qualification does not make any sense? Or do you plan to run a mega-super-huge-tournament? Like the Deathstar of all tournaments? 🙂 Best, b2w
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