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  1. This was the worst game I ever played. Mission choice, deployment, movement and decision about waht ship to move first - everything wrong... Plus I made tons of newbie-mistakes which I should not do anymore (despite my forum name). Anyways, very good game in terms of learnings and thanks to @Ginkapo, which was a great opponent. My goal for this tourney, to be somehow in the middle of the rankings, seems not reachable anymore. But it was still a fun experience.
  2. Definitely a fun game! From my perspective: the start was better than in my last game. In terms of that I have lost the CR90 at the end of the game and not in the beginning 🙂 Very tactical start and movement form both sides. While I liked the hard turn of my fleet in round 2, I should have not chased Salvation with Admo. I should have left Salvation to MC80 and used Admo (together with CR90) to kill one further ship. Anyways, I am happy about another good game and more learnings. Especially how to use IntelOffice is now burned into my brain... After doing it the whole game wrong - despite the friendly helpings from @Irishmadcat, which is by the way a great opponent!
  3. thanks @RealVeers for this write-up. The positioning from CR90 was a clearly a mistake even if was not really nice from the dice gods 😁 Summing up to 7 or 8 damage (I do not remember anymore..), that these dices do not believe in statistics. I am still wondering if a direct attack would have been better or would have resulted in just a bigger loss. Plus that the early death of CR90 enabled you to move away so that I could not catch up anymore. Anyways, it shows the value of deployment...
  4. It was definitely a great and fun game! I made a mistake with the placement of the CR90 and @RealVeers made the best of it. After that he successfully dogded my fleet and waited till he could place the next shot at the end of the game. I could not get into range so that I was not able to do really much. Maybe I should have been more aggressive but I would have to run directly into the front of Demo, Vic and 6 Bombers. Looked not like a good plan... Thanks to RealVeers who played a great game!
  5. Hi @GiledPallaeon, a big sorry for being late but I hope that there is a chance for a last minute participation!! I had somehow July, 1st as deadline in mind and now I am too late. Just a second ago, I have submitted my list (hopefully correct) and I am crossing fingers that you are in a forgiving mood and that I still can be on board. I would be more than thankful and can promise that I might not be the greatest challenge to play against but that I always try that both players have fun... Best, b2w
  6. 😊 thanks, this was also my understanding. Hopefully the one or other might be stupid enough to give me a chance for this funny mission... But I also somehow doubt that...
  7. Dear community, I've searched already a bit and think that I have found the answer but I would like to double check: Can I drop a ship out of Hyperspace and use this ship as drop point (from which I measure) for the ship which I have hidden in Hyperspace with Raddus? Best, b2w
  8. Not only tripple German Champion but also World champ!! heartiest congratulation!!
  9. @BiggsIRL, does it make sense to expand the time frame a bit (e.g. two weeks per game)? This might help to get more players on board. Anyways, I am looking forward also to a mini league 😊
  10. While I agree that one game per weak is a bit of a challenge... it is a great motivation for playing regularly! I am in!
  11. Due to life, work, vassal tournament and our city-league, I can start only now... While I assume that I will not make it to WC2019, I can hope for 2020 🤣 In the meantime, I can get in some games so I hope that there will be still some people around to play against! If I understood correctly, then my last game of the Autumn tourney counts? If so, then I have my first 3 points 🙂 I will be away for the next couple of days but will look for games from next week onwards. If anyone has interest in a game, I am also happy to schedule something in advance.
  12. thanks for the write-up @Dr alex, it was an awesome game! I've learned about Jamming Barrier, the power of Devastator and the power of a 2-ship-list 😂 I was really surprised how deadly this list is and I need to think about the right strategy to handel ISD-2. Thinking of the game, maybe I was to carefull with Admo, trying to arc-dodge. I had some success in doing that but to the price of doing not that much damage by myself. Admo had no double-arcs during the whole game and only half of the shots were in black range. As in the end, I needed just one more damage, a more aggressive approach might have been the better way... And I need to think more carefully about slicing. I have never ever expected to see Pursuant blocking the MC75 🤣 This came as a completely surprise! Thanks to Alex for this great game, it was really fun! Also for me the tournament is now over, which is sad as I had that much fun and great opponents! Now I am trying to find enemies for getting on the waiting list of World Cup 😉 Thanks for organising @CaribbeanNinja
  13. Sounds like a great worst case! Look forward to start after returnal of my travel next week!
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