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  1. Not that much to add but please find a logfile here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qS6ZA_XprNVGqmxPgKqmHPdM3qo3xCAD Great game with a good opponent! He brought his squads much better into the game than I am, which has led to the result. While I like the Starhawk and have some ideas for furhter builds, these mirror matches were a bit boring... I really look forward to the next round (even as viewer only) and to see how Starhawks fight other ships... Thanks @Aresius and good luck to all of you!
  2. Thanks, @Irishmadcat for a great game! No major mistakes (or at least none of that I am aware from) and similiar lists leads to close results.... This is the fate of Pod C... Maybe that I should not have rushed in my squads already in the first round. It would have been enough to cover the space on the debris field with Shara and keep the rest back. I was not aware of the FAQ re. Biggs and Dutch so that my idea of an early kill (or at least an activated squad) has failed. The flak power of the SH is amazing! So, I look forward to the last two games in our Pod. The race for place 1 and 2 is still open... 😉
  3. Yesterday night, @Realadmiralsdoitinspace and I had our game. He won the roll, decided to go first and chosed Contested Outpost. Win for b2w with 266 vs 103 (Mov 163, 8:3) From my side, it was a very tactical game. Assuming that I can kill one ship only, I decided to avoid the Starhawk (especially with this 3 salvo tokens...) and use my squads to attack the Liberty. My Starhawk had the duty to collect tokens from Contested outpost and spam repair to simply survive… Realadmiral decided to go in very slowly which helped me a bit with my plan as I had time to fly the squads over to him. Here is the log file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16Nja-V-A9iGg1OPkxIGmbytTsO9k38dm (Sorry, I dropped off a couple of times, thus 3 files…) Despite of having no big shooting but more careful moving, it was a great game and Realadmiral is a great and fun opponent! Two interesting learnings out of the game: Firstly, effects (like magnites) are plastic to plastic and secondly, you need to be very aggressive with the SH if it should have impact in the game. Thank you, Realadmiral for this game!
  4. While I am sure that you will find something to prevent this, I would encourage all players to make logs! I am more than interested in the play-tests of Onagers and Starhawks. Okay, Pod C might be a bit boring because in any case a Starhawk will win but I really look foward to the experience in Pod A. And in POD C, all Starhawks should not fight each other but assemble and attack the other PODs! 😉
  5. Submitted. If I get a game tonight to test my list, then there might be changes... 😁
  6. I had only updated the module. It seems that vassal creates a some 200mb folder for every module-version which I am looking at. So if I play with someone on 3.11.0, I will get an additional folder. As long as I (and the other player) stays at 3.11.1, there is no issue and I have only the one folder.
  7. No worries, I will upload something soon! But after the death of my Raddus-Starhawk-idea and the change of Raddus in general (I was (or am...?) a raddus player), I need to re-think about my fleet and play one, two games with it...
  8. Dear all, I have some issues since 3.11. that Vassal is creating the tiles not in my local profile (as it was before) but in my roaming profile. Unfortunately, I am not a microsoft guru, so that I can not explain it better but maybe this is enough information to help me? If I start or shut down my laptop, it takes 10minutes or more in the moment as it saves my profile to the server (I use this laptop also for work) and Vassal creates 2GB and more of data. Does someone experience the same? Best, b2w
  9. Hi all, to just double check: The defense token from Agate is a normal one, which can be used as all other defense tokens? The discard effect from Agate is an additional effect (e.g. The brace is blocked by acc, then I can still discard the token to use it)? I am asking as an opponent claimed that the Agate token needs to be discarded if I want to use it. So it would be just a single use. Best, b2w
  10. Hm, help to activate rex and kanan together... but let a certain uncertainty to the rolls and kicks out cham of the build. Still an idea!!
  11. 😉 also a good idea! But against heavy squad fleets, it won‘t be easy. I am thinking of a raddus starhawk with magnites and wondering how to maximize the effect of dropping to speed zero thanks for your answers!
  12. Thanks. Dial and token is quite an investment but with SH and its super weapon, it might be something to think about.
  13. Dear all, happy Christmas to all of you! While I had not the Starhawk below the Christmas tree, I have start to think about its use. One thing which puzzles me is if I can activate Cham Syndulla and Captain Rex with the same token. Cham requires to spend one, Rex needs just that a command is used. So I would think yes, I can use both cards with one token but I am unsure. Thanks for help! b2w
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