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  1. Not only tripple German Champion but also World champ!! heartiest congratulation!!
  2. @BiggsIRL, does it make sense to expand the time frame a bit (e.g. two weeks per game)? This might help to get more players on board. Anyways, I am looking forward also to a mini league 😊
  3. While I agree that one game per weak is a bit of a challenge... it is a great motivation for playing regularly! I am in!
  4. Due to life, work, vassal tournament and our city-league, I can start only now... While I assume that I will not make it to WC2019, I can hope for 2020 🤣 In the meantime, I can get in some games so I hope that there will be still some people around to play against! If I understood correctly, then my last game of the Autumn tourney counts? If so, then I have my first 3 points 🙂 I will be away for the next couple of days but will look for games from next week onwards. If anyone has interest in a game, I am also happy to schedule something in advance.
  5. thanks for the write-up @Dr alex, it was an awesome game! I've learned about Jamming Barrier, the power of Devastator and the power of a 2-ship-list 😂 I was really surprised how deadly this list is and I need to think about the right strategy to handel ISD-2. Thinking of the game, maybe I was to carefull with Admo, trying to arc-dodge. I had some success in doing that but to the price of doing not that much damage by myself. Admo had no double-arcs during the whole game and only half of the shots were in black range. As in the end, I needed just one more damage, a more aggressive approach might have been the better way... And I need to think more carefully about slicing. I have never ever expected to see Pursuant blocking the MC75 🤣 This came as a completely surprise! Thanks to Alex for this great game, it was really fun! Also for me the tournament is now over, which is sad as I had that much fun and great opponents! Now I am trying to find enemies for getting on the waiting list of World Cup 😉 Thanks for organising @CaribbeanNinja
  6. Sounds like a great worst case! Look forward to start after returnal of my travel next week!
  7. Hm, due to work-related travels I will not be able to get much games before mid of November. But will try it anyways, maybe there is a chance.
  8. This was a really great game! The first approach was determined from the respect from the deadliness of the respective fleets. I wanted to avoid being in close range of the Kuat ISD as well as the side arcs of Demo. PodRacer feared Admo in combination with HIE from the MC75. While I was able to dodge his close range while putting out full admo-power in his ISD and Demo, I was not able to do the final kill. And after the joust, I was not able to catch him due to his great use of Ozzel and the disadvantage of being 2nd player. So I destroyed the Gozantis instead and rescued the VIP. Great learning to see how fast the ET-Glads are… I was surprised to see Insidious ramming Jainas Light that quick… PodRacer was a fantastic opponent and it was a very fun game! I have made a log-file and will send a link to it later on.
  9. Just have seen this great possibility for qualifying. Quick question: till when one has the chance to earn the points? In worst case, I would need 21 games, this might take some time... ? Seriously, is there any deadline?
  10. This night, I was giving @Tokra a lection about the dangerousness of my list and my skills as player. Ups, sorry, I've messed something up, it was the other way around... ?The result sounds nicer than it was, I was the mentioned one hull point away of a tabling. Plus that Tokra has forgiven me hundreds of small errors... Great game which I messed up from the very first beginning. I've learned that I need to change this mission to something which can be used without strategic squadrons. Plus I should have deployed differently but I had the image in mind that I would be able to get the tokens. After round 1, I was in a not-to-nice position and without tokens... I've tried to adjust my plans to this situation and to avoid his squadrons but pushed not hard enough on this plan. Thus, he was able to shoot but I had a too bad position for doing damage against him. Furthermore, my list likes being first player more and I am still not sure if choosing second player was worth it. Avoiding Tokras missions is for sure a plus but having not first-last is a clear downside. Anyways, a very good game with a very great opponent. Best, b2w
  11. But only if you do not fly your ships from the board later on... need to remind myself on this one...:
  12. This could do the same, as there would be four 10s and only one 9 which would be paires with one of the 8 and so on - which would change the pairig of Tokra, Doppel, DarthVeggie and myself (by the way - all germans...)
  13. Wow, 5 points... That gives me the chance to play against exactly the same list in my second game again... Now against the creator of the list... I am not sure what I dislike more from these two issues...
  14. Wow, what a game! First of all, meeting Doppelgänger in this tournament was a funny surprise - we are both located in Hamburg and meet each other in our Armada-Ligue... Thus, I was a bit excited about our game: My first Vassal-Game, Doppelgänger is an experienced player (which has won our last Ligue) and he used Tokras DM List - which has proven its value.... Anyways, I had a list with tools against Squadrons, I was able to learn about the list due to Tokras experience so I could also formulate a plan... so I should have a fair chance. And the first half of the game went as planned: I neutralized his squads with my Tyco and Shara and the offer of my slicer-tool -transporter as sacrifice, so that my heavy hitters were able to come close to his ships without any damage. Knowing that I had no chance to win without tabling (as he could farm tokens much better than I), I pushed aggressively to kill both MC 80 and Yavaris. In Round 3, I had a very good position while Doppelgänger was a bit stretched, thus he could not command his squads well. But from here onwards, it went wrong... I was too excited about shooting and rushed forward without much thinking... While I was able to destroy all of his ships, I was also able to fly two ships from the board, loosing the game... Doppel continued to play concentrated and efficient, thus remaininng alwys extremely dangerous. Especially using the mission (Precision strike) to his advantage was one of his specialities... Great game with a great opponent. I had great luck with my extremely hot dices, while Doppel rolled ACCs always in the wrong way (many ACCs if he had no use for them, no ACCs if he needed one...). @Drasnighta, thanks for the clarification. So what are then our final points if MoV is 0? Here is the link to the blog: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-lnNiOhkMSn9Y5oWeqCJXQHw5iuM4vJx Best, Beginner2Winner
  15. I already feel the heat and pressure... ? Okay, list is submitted and I really look forward to the first round! @CaribbeanNinja: Is the format readable or should I re-send it?
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