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  1. I gave her a try for a couple of games. I think she is a bit overcosted for what she does: -Low damage output at range 3 - the range 2 damage is decent time especially but she generally doesn't want to get too close because her survivability in melee is quite bad -She is survivable against range damage when she got some suppression tokens - but not in melee or when she gets shot the first time (especially against sharpshooter + pierce) -Her command cards are gimmicky and with them she is in the center of attention but she is not the heavy hitter or crazy jump character that can that directly swing games -She is not able to handle a jumping and/or lightsaber-wielding character without risking her life. Therefor you kinda want her to run her with something that can play that role which hurts your activation count. You definitely pay for her infiltrate key word, so you feel the need to use it to get her in an advantegious position and risk her life.
  2. If such an approach is possible I would call it a misplacement of the sniper squad (or a bait to lure the expensive attacking unit away from the objective). Btw, what are your "HK" units? I have trouble identifying a unit that can get close enough to well positioned sniper squads and delete them without being neutralized by nearby corps units, let alone Lukes/Bobas/Deathtroopers. Also, it is nothing new, that if the table is heavily loaded with LOS-blocking elements Snipers lose their value. But, in this case their mine laying strike team brothers become stronger and stronger 😉
  3. If the sniper-strike-team player doesn't mess up his deployment (assuming decent terrain in the board) the "hunter-killer" should be very exposed after this move in most cases. Trading away this hunter-killer for a strike team is inefficient pointwise. Nobody says that the strike teams are made of hardened steel but they are very cheap activations that pressure the enemy from turn one (assuming no limited visability) without requiring you to take big risk (low point cost, infinite range, corner-peeking safespots).
  4. What did you do with them? Area denial? Suicide bombing? And how many charges were you able to plant? What did they destroy? Can't wait to try it out myself ?
  5. Important note: the 'high velocity' keyword only works if the sharpshooter has a different target than the rest of the squad (in this case the pierce keyword is less efficient). The Commandos are of course better against cover than Z-6 trooper units - but not by far, due to the many crits that are filled by 6 white dice. Another small thing: commandos have scout 2!! Which is not to be underestimated IMO - it will allow them to be in quite a good position from early. Besides that, I fully agree with your post ?
  6. [Edit: Gengis Jon was faster...] The jump into difficult terrain might be a bit contentious, but I think this is not. Jump has a horizontal arrow, it thus is a 'card action' and "a unit cannot perform the same card action more than once during its activation." [Rules Reference 1.1.0 p. 11] Therefore, 'environmental gear' is quite useful on Luke IMO: it allows him to speed-2-walk through barriers before/after jumping on/off/over terrain. It's not a must-have, but for now I can't think of a better usage for any other 3-point-upgrade in the game. 'Duck and cover' and 'emergency stims' also might be worth trying out (they feel both a bit expensive though). For the Commandos in general I'm not sure about the most powerful squad combinations. 5-men proton: will often be able to only shoot OR throw a charge 2-men proton: might be a bit squishy - so using LOS-blocking terrain will be super important 5-men sniper: good efficiency for pierce, but the sniper will probably often only shoot short range 2-men sniper: not great efficiency for pierce, good as a backline unit For now I would go with the 5-men sniper squad (or maybe even naked Commandos)) and a 2-men proton squad. I could also see that 2-men squads turn out to be quite a bit stronger in general (especially if general activation efficiency is taken into account).
  7. That's quite hard to compare. The Proton squad has better dice and costs less, but the proton detonator will often do delayed damage (not detonating in the round it is armed) or no damage (enemy doesn't run into it) or even friendly fire (if the rebel player thinks it's worth), on the other hand it has the potential to hit multiple enemies. Additionally, arming the detonator does cost an action, so if the rebel player decides to plant a charge, the unit has only one action left. Combined with the fact that scouts (sooner or later) want to retreat from their planted detonators (to not get hit by them), they will often have to decide whether to plant a detonator or to shoot (this only gets worse once suppression comes into play).
  8. It also took me a while to figure out that Luke is too lazy to jump twice per round ?
  9. This! Some additional thoughts (please notice that I haven't played this army composition yet): First of all: ATSTs cost a lot. A big part of it is their 11 wounds + armor. We pay that in points so we want to use it (as some kind of tank*). I would try the concussion grenades on both walkers (+maybe one Mortar-launcher for flexibility). For now only Veers seems to be cheap enough to be the commander of 2 walkers - his 2pip command card comes in handy for out ATST-"tanks". Now to the troopers: with 2 lightly armed walkers (+ veers + commanding presence) we have almost 300 points left for troopers. I'm not sure what's best here: getting 4 DLT squads gives good firepower but only 7 activations in total. I think I would go with 5 or 6 more trooper squads (-> 8-9 total activations). I would try some different combinations of: naked troopers/ Grenade-Snowtroopers/ DLT/ E-web/ small scout trooper squad. *Of course the ATST is by no means immortal - a wise general should be aware of pierce and impact. But we also want our enemy to waste firepower on the walkers to spare our troopers. Troopers win games so we don't really care if we lose our heavies but get all the objectives.
  10. (sadly) replacing the speeder with something would improve the list the most. If you keep it I would suggest to remove a rebel trooper or downgrade the ATRT and get environmental gear on Luke.
  11. Great that you had a good first tournament. Luke is definitely strong - especially against a list with few units that can challenge him in melee (Luke/Vader). The airspeeder is generally considered as not thaaaat great (expensive, relatively squishy, no crazy firepower). Some more comments on your list: Targeting scopes are quite expensive - you have to pay for more than half a trooper to throw one extra die every now and then. Also, your ion troopers have to 'reload' a lot and thus don't have that much time for aiming. Getting an additional ATRT at the cost of some upgrades (Scopes, MPL, Comlink, trooper) would lift you up to 10 activations and give you in total more firepower. cheers! ?
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