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  1. Yea, I could see that. So general so and so allows ATs [whichever based on army] to be counted as corps. I'm OK with that. You don't have to take it and you gimp yourself for troop specific objectives. Besides points are still points ... Maybe a wookie general that allows wookies to be take as corps ... scary but so point heavy. I'm OK with it.
  2. Really tall? So height two? Then no, the vehicle cant. And if it's a snow speeder it crashes * if it cant avoid contact. *edit.
  3. It could also allow for the development of generic force users as well. Of course the problem arises when your generics are better than your named choices. Theres no waste. At the same time though it does make your army feel more like your own and you lose out on character specific cards so theres always a give and take. Still, I'd like a Darth Rob walking around the board ...
  4. Fair point about GW. I'm hoping we avoid that here. Vader should be the single most powerful melee unit we ever see in the game with Luke being a close second. I guess Yoda if he comes out in the clones wars would rival Vader. Before anyone says Palps I understand hes more powerful than Vader but not in melee. 1v1 in a vacuum Vader should always win. How did I make this into a Vader conversation? Back to Chewie. A wounded Chewie becomes a different story because of Rage. A wounded Chewie should start seeing an uptick in his melee kills. Its situational but he should be able to gut a bunch of stormies before dropping like the beautiful rug he is.
  5. I'm a little thick so bear with me ... You demonstrated that Chewie vs a squad of troopers in a pure 1v1 melee favors the troopers. I read it, maybe I didn't process it correctly? If that's indeed the case then the results of Chewie not coming out on top are the results I personally would favor. I think it's good that a single Wookie (no matter how well loved) cant take on a squad of troopers all by himself. However I said trooper. I intentionally left off the s. Chewie vs a single trooper should have Chewie winning hands down. I believe that's true but math would prove me right or wrong. Either way, I think we both agree that a Wookie jedi would be something to see.
  6. I'm not sure I understand. Chewie is more powerful than your run of the mill trooper by far. However hes not a true match for a Jedi or a Sith Lord. And that's a problem for you? Are you suggesting that Chewie should be on par with Luke or Vader? And all the while costing so much less? Just so I'm making sense ... Chewie is good at melee because hes over seven feet tall and massive. His defense isn't great because ... well ... hes over seven feet tall and massive.
  7. Only force users should be able take on a squad in melee and win, no one else. This ability should be extremely rare so we dont wind up herohammer in legion skins. I suppose Grievous would be a non force user that should be able to melee a squad and win right?
  8. I view them as having a few uses. Suppression at will due to range and odds are I'll hit something. Cheap activation. Mop up duty for troop leaders. Potshots at leaders for S&G. You dont bring them to the table to win the table on their own. They're there to give options and play a heavily specialized role that was previously non-existent. I already have mine on preorder.
  9. My nephew is excited about Chewie and the wookies so I'll buy them for the rebel army I'm making. I only play Imps, ever. Same with x wing ... **** I was an Imp in SWG too. I had an AT ST in my pocket and I wasn't afraid to show it. I imagine I'll have the opportunity to kill lots of hairy scum and for that, I'm thankful.
  10. Amazon prime is the only way to shop. If I ordered this product right now it's on sale and I could get by this Thursday. Be sure to verify prices on Amazon though, sellers can and will sell higher than the msrp.
  11. If they do I'll make a terrain piece of impaled gungan heads that acts as trees and light cover.
  12. I've dealt with FFG on things like this before. Did you keep your proof of purchase? I've had them replace ships for x-wing that were broken upon delivery, its worth a shot asking their customer service if they can help.
  13. They dont bother me at all, especially once the real upgrades kick in. Eventually we will have generic force users as well and next thing you know you're able to make the most killiest of killers the galaxy has ever seen. And you can name him, Bob. All hail the dark lord of the Sith, Lord Bob.
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