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  1. I can't vote.... my boyfriend did for sure but I think that's a shared IP issue Clone wars would be a great thing to add to Armada 'cause there is plenty of ship and just too much commanders to add to the game. They have ships and stuff for minimum 6 years of new releases.... For First order, we do not know like half of what's coming up, maybe it would be great to have it later, something like 5-6 years from now, plus fleet forces would really be unbalanced from what we can see in the movies... and I don't really like their new ships either And scums... that could be nice for a 3-players game... we already are making some games and playing the 3rd one as scum (having ships from any faction and access to every character known as a ''pirate'' or some sort of''mercenary''(bounty hunter) ex: Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, etc.)
  2. I've found that in off topic months ago...
  3. I'm the only one i saw here in quebec too... maybe there are other ones but last year, I went to regionals and was the only woman, same for the store championship in montreal and for the quarters I attended. I Play mostly at home with my boyfriend but I surely like tournaments cause I can play against someone else.
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