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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Dr Dee in Shipping Now   
    Looks like Return To The Forgotten Age is out tomorrow in the UK (Games Lore seem to have it available now). Still showing as In Production on the Upcoming pages, though.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in GenCon Livestreams   
    The community create-a-card Burn After Reading is available for download under Support >> Player Resources.  (It's too big to image post here).
    Survivor 2 Cost 1 Wild Icon Event Trait: Insight. Discard or exile a non-weakness card in your hand or play area.  Discover clues at your location equal to half that card's level (rounded up).  If you exiled that card and its level was 2 or higher, also remove 1 doom from the current agenda.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to mwmcintyre in Barkham Horror Legality   
    That still doesn't really justify use of the term "cash grab". It comes across as derogatory for no real reason. I mean, yeah it's not illegal, but it doesn't serve a reasonable purpose either. And also, FYI all the player cards are actually compatible with the regular game. The only ones that aren't are the actual investigators and their signature cards.

    On the donation note - they may or may not be donating a part of the proceeds, but making the product may have inspired them to make a large donation to the charity, or even set up a recurring regular donation. So they may be supporting it in conjunction with the product even if it's not a specific percentage of the proceeds.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Mimi61 in Barkham Horror Legality   
    Agreed my friend. A good reminder that sometimes we can get caught up in the ‘thick of thin things’, at least speaking for myself. 
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in Barkham Horror Legality   
    At this point, if we're going to question whether they're implying proceeds are going to the charity then what good is quote anyway?  Couldn't they just say they will donate and not do it?  I feel integrity is deeper than this and that it's independent of what is written.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Hannibal_pjv in Barkham Horror Legality   
    Now we need next full doggy campaign and of course doggy core set :)
    and some bones...
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in Barkham Horror Legality   
    Confirmed.  https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/12/2/barkham-horror/

    It's your game, you do you!  I intend to playthrough at least 1 campaign with Barkham characters. We don't know yet (it's, as yet, unreleased) but I doubt it will be too OP. It's not intended to be used in OP events.  (Stupid OP having more than one meaning.)  I believe, as long as the people you're playing with (i.e. the other people at your table) don't mind then there's nothing stopping you. I expect, whenever there is another Arkham Nights (big Arkham event at their HQ in Roseville, MN just before Halloween) there will be a few groups of them playing as Barkham investigators.  I might even be one of them.  ☺️
    Original April Fool's Day post:
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Soakman in Barkham Horror Legality   
    It was an April Fools thing that people clamored about making a real thing. And they listened. 
    Also, proceeds from purchases were going to an animal charity last I knew, so, no, not a cash grab.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Eldan985 in Barkham Horror Legality   
    It's a silly thing. Meant as a standalone. More like an april fools joke that got away. It's probably not as balanced as other products are.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Assussanni in Enchanted Blade   
    It takes up both, generally making it much more appealing for Guardians than Mystics.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Phaed in Arkham Horror LCG Card Count   
    Ok so after doing some thinking and reading suggestions here, I think I’ll go with multiple storage devices. One for campaigns and one for player cards. This makes sense to me. I already have a travel case big enough to fit a cycle for travel, so I thank you all for the suggestions and answers
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Dr Dee in Arkham Horror LCG Card Count   
    Is there a reason why you want everything in one place? I also started down the large storage box approach but realised that it isn't that practical in the long run. Not only does it get heavy (especially if you sleeve everything), but you also can't browse player cards easily. I now have a mix of storage devices. I have all player cards in binders (one per class), my old large storage box contains cycles that I am not actively playing and I have a lockable portable case (from kakapopoTCG) that contains the core set (plus Return to NoTZ),, current campaign (which is TFA), two current player decks, tokens, chaos bag, chaos tokens (in coin capsules), and a standalone scenario (Murder at the Excelsior Hotel). This makes anything I am playing easy to get to (and travel with, when that was a thing).  
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Phaed in Arkham Horror LCG Card Count   
    We’re gonna need a bigger boat.
    this will probably require 2 cases for future proofing.
    thanks so much!
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Assussanni in Arkham Horror LCG Card Count   
    I don’t have an exact count, but approximately:
    Core Set = 234 cards (x2 for second Core Set = 468 cards). Cycle (using The Dunwich Legacy) = 156 (Deluxe) + 60x6 (Mythos packs) = 516 Cards => 6 Cycles = 3096 Cards. Return To... = 66 Cards (Night of the Zealot) + 81 Cards (others?) = 309 Cards. PoD Stand-alone = 62 Cards => 124 Cards (Rougarou + Carnevale). Stand-alone = 78 Cards => 312 Cards. Novellas = 3 Cards => 18 Cards. Starter Decks = 60 Cards => 300 Cards. Barkham = ??? Cards. That’s a grand total of 4,627 cards, assuming two Core Sets, all of the Innsmouth Conspiracy, Return to The Forgotten Age but excluding Barkham. Hopefully I’ve got everything!
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Mimi61 in Shipping Now   
    We got it yesterday and played it with 4 investigators tonight. It took us 41/2 hours to finish! Very fun, but plan for a long haul...and you will definitely need a shower after, because the ooze is inescapable! 
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in GenCon Livestreams   
    Darn Skippy with Keyforge & L5R.  I have 16 decks for the last cycle of Keyforge & haven't played a-one-of-them.
    I think this is why we say the alpha of Flying Solo for X-Wing.  It's a great time for cooperative play, but terrible for competitive.  Flying Solo is the solo/coop version of X-Wing, which itself can't be played competitively right now.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in GenCon Livestreams   
    Check it/them against the list @Lecitadin scored for us as the mythos packs for Innsmouth:
    In Too Deep Devil Reef Horror in High Gear A Light in the Fog The Lair of Dagon Into the Maelstrom
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in Anybody knows something about this?   
    I wonder if it isn't the GenCon/Arkham Nights scenario.  Something like that would be in keeping with the Blob - try to survive while AOs go at it!
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    Antimarkovnikov got a reaction from Duciris in GenCon Livestreams   
    I think that Cosmic Encounters: Duel will actually be more popular because it requires only two players.  And there are a lot of couples that are quarantined together.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in GenCon Livestreams   
    That's my assumption, that they held back the release (and announcement) of the GenCon scenario.  Lord of the Rings, too.
    They usually announce 1+ new products at the In-Flight report, then they demo those (and any other unreleased products) throughout GenCon.  I expect they'll be demoing the fallowing (in addition to the newly announced product(s)):

    I'm aware they'll be doing the livestreams for the last two, but I believe COVID is going to kill Cosmic Encounters: Duel in a way FFG hasn't seen since Blood Bowl Team Manager (which I believe is what has so scared them about overproducing product for the last 9 years).
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Duciris in GenCon Livestreams   
    Looks like FFG will be livestreaming their In-Flight Report for GenCon from MN this year.  They're also going to be livestreaming playthroughs and AMA interviews with the creators throughout the weekend.

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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to phillos in GenCon Livestreams   
    I'm very interest to know who is doing the talking this year.  I wonder if it will be one of the marketing people like Evan.  Traditionally it's the head of studio, but they never made a public announcement about who that was so I suspect that person doesn't want to be public facing (unlike Andrew and Christian before them).
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Allonym in Newer Player - Carcosa pack reprints?   
    Reprints are relatively frequent, though less regular and well-advertised than previously. However, the pandemic has really hit FFG's distribution quite hard so supply shortages are to be expected, though they're starting to resume distribution. 
    Basically, absent any announcements to the contrary, you can expect to see reprints. They might take a bit of time, but if you're willing to wait for an indeterminate amount of time, there's no need to pay high prices to order normal packs from overseas or from price gougers.
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Villefere in Waiting for Dream-Eaters pdf rules update   
    Its that time again FFG
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    Antimarkovnikov reacted to Assussanni in Waiting for Dream-Eaters pdf rules update   
    I don't think there is any reason to believe they have discontinued these yet. I don't know who was responsible for uploading these but if their department was affected by lay-offs then they may well have fewer people trying to do the same amount of work. In this case it wouldn't be surprising if updates became more sporadic, e.g. it may be that they only upload the final document once the last mythos pack is released rather than doing incremental updates.
    Worst case, if it doesn't update soon after the final pack comes out, you can try using the general contact form to get in touch with their customer service. They've been pretty good about responding in the past - I think someone on these forums once asked them to update their Upcoming page and they did it!
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