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  1. I wonder what are the other livestreams that is listed at the end of the announcement. I'm sure they're not going to be showing off brand new products but they might be showing off already announced things.
  2. Mine just shipped as well! I'm really excited to have him in my collection at last!
  3. A looks to be a LOT easier. A is 1 cultist, and 2 tablets. B is 2 skulls, 1 cultist, and 2 elder things. So therefore in Guardians... With the A bag the cultist makes you draw another token, and the tablet is a 0/-1.... With the B bag... The skull is -X (strength of the abyss), cultist makes your draw another token, and the two elder things are a -5/-4. A is certainly a LOT easier than B in this front. That might make it much more doable as level zero characters.
  4. I'm about ready to start the dreamlands with two friends who will be playing the other half of the campaign separate from us. So, I was considering doing the same thing that you were doing before we plunged into it. Your advice is certainly valuable. Which bag were you using? Campaign A or B?
  5. I've heard those are really hard scenarios. How were they with level zero characters?
  6. I love coming up with thematic reasons why I continue past something awful. <Blob Spoilers> I played The Blob inserted into The Forgotten Age after Calvin died... And I used it as a flashback to when Mateo (the new investigator) and Ursula had met. However we ended up losing the scenario... Which then caused us to lose the campaign... So instead we said that The Blob ate our memory of that scenario... But losing the memory was so horrible that we took 1 trauma and lost 3 xp... (our actual outcome from the scenario minus the losing the whole campaign.) And since it was already just a memory we justified it that way. </Blob Spoilers> Mateo: "Hey Ursula remember when we met?" Ursula cringes and shakes involuntarily at the utter horror of the absent memory Ursula: "No, do you?" Mateo: "I don't either, but I have this scar and a limp that has to have come from somewhere." Ursula: "Odd." Mateo: "Perhaps it is better that we don't speak about it." Ursula: "That's probably for the best." Or perhaps if you replay a scenario... Suddenly you're back before the scenario... "Yup. That doesn't sound like a terrible plan. Let's do it differently."
  7. I would love a neutral Charlie Kane. I bet they'll start including parallel investigators in the main expansions eventually.
  8. I ended up printing out my own mat with the Eager for Death artwork.
  9. They're both REALLY different. And I would say that they're both harder than Carcosa or Dunwich. The Forgotten Age's gameplay is punishing and doles out a LOT of trauma. Its story is a really great adventure type with some time travel horror thrown in. The Circle Undone's gameplay has a lot of punishing encounter cards with several of them stacking in your play area. Its story is DARK and is more conspiratorial and more of a mystery that you have to puzzle out yourself.
  10. Most of the gators aren't cycle specific. So you can include any gator in any expansion. So, these decks can work with ANY and ALL expansions so far released! Also they contain upgrade cards so you don't even need any other players cards!
  11. I think that last years April Fools was good enough to last two years. I was really hoping that they'd do a surprise release of Barkham yesterday. That would have been incredible. 🙂
  12. We're getting a full announcement on the 30th! A mere month away! "We’ve teased the game’s upcoming deluxe expansion, which kicks off its sixth campaign, The Innsmouth Conspiracy—and now it’s time to sit down with developers Matt Newman and Jeremy Zwirn and show off some of what you can expect in one of the strangest campaigns yet.
  13. In the livestream they said that each deck is about 80% new cards. And that there will be duplicates of all of the new cards.
  14. Probably what the currently available apps do. Campaign tracking and making the guides more easiliy available. Deck-building and storing your decks interfacing with ArkhamDB.
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