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  1. It doesn't rain it pours. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/5/empire-of-the-dead/ And we'll probably start getting more articles per week now that we're getting closer to the release of The Dream-Eaters and Arkham Nights.
  2. Apparently he spent some time in the Dreamlands. “Hei! Aa-shanta 'nygh! You are off! Send back earth's gods to their haunts on unknown Kadath, and pray to all space that you may never meet me in my thousand other forms. Farewell, Randolph Carter, and beware; for I am Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.” ― H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
  3. In the end of live stream it was explicitly stated that there won't be any news during the In-Flight report. As far as the comparison goes... I ran the numbers... Made a spreadsheet. I may be quite bored today. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mKksgOrM6m0DztxNQCmvd0B1LDR7lK32h2J7gj3aPAs/edit?usp=sharing Announce to Release The deluxe expansions have been released on average 121.25 days after they were announced. The fastest was The Forgotten Age at 99 days and the slowest was The Path to Carcosa at 150 days. This would put The Dream-Eaters as releasing on October 2nd. (At FA pace it would be released on September 10th and at PC pace it would be released on October 31st) Time to Second Article The second article has on average been released 64.25 days after the announcement. The quickest once more was The Forgotten Age at 44 days and the slowest was The Path to Carcosa at 86 days. This would put The Dream- Eaters second article at August 6th. (At FA pace it would be released on July 17th and at PC pace it would be released on August 28th.) Pace After Second Article After the second article is released for all the deluxe expansions the pace of articles increases dramatically. Averaging one every two weeks until the expansion is released. (12.8 precisely) Although this varied quite a bit. Between one per week and about one every other. Decline in articles There really hasn't been a decline in articles for the deluxe expansions (6-7) or the stand-alones (2). The last thing I noticed was the slow decrease in articles for the Mythos packs. They started out getting three articles per pack. After the first Path to Carcosa pack it dropped to two per. And now it's dropped to one per with a now available article. (Which the last Circle Undone Mythos pack didn't even get.) To wrap it up... We seem to be right on schedule for The Dream-Eaters. In fact we're a bit ahead thanks to the live stream revealing Tony Morgan already. However, the Mythos packs have been getting a decreasing number of articles. Starting with dropping to only two articles and now down to essentially one or none. I have mixed feelings about this. I like that it's spoiling the packs less by having less articles. But I really miss the extra art we got to see when there were at least two articles per mythos pack. This whole thing was an interesting waste of a morning. I hope you guys find this as interesting as I do.
  4. Lately I've been feeling like we've been short of news on the upcoming releases. So I went back and looked at the lead-up to The Circle Undone to see if I was just going crazy or if we were actually dealing with a lack of news. We got our second article about The Circle Undone 60 days after it was announced. We're only on day 53 since the announcement of The Dream Eaters. And we've already gotten a video preview of one of the investigators. We already had two Mythos packs announced at this point. Instead we've had two Standalone scenarios announced recently. The second article about Return to Dunwich and Return to Carcosa were 84 and 82 days after their announcement So, as it turns out... I am going crazy and we are having a reasonable amount of news right now. After the second article the frequency of the news certainly increased... So give it a week or two and we should be drowning in news about Arkham.
  5. https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/6942/roland-turn-2-cores-into-a-5-character-pickup-play-set-1.0 These decks are really great for a basic four player game with just two cores. It would be a good starting point for your game.
  6. Aidyn Newman Hey everyone. While in the past we haven't sold the Gen Con event at our booth, I can confirm that this year we will have The Blob That Ate Everything for sale at the FFG booth this year, in limited quantities. So if you weren't able to get a ticket to the event, stop by and pick up a copy at the booth! And if you already have a ticket to the event but only want a copy of the scenario and don't want to sit down and play at the event, I encourage you to give your ticket to somebody who does want to sit down and play and instead purchase your copy at the booth. That way everyone is happy! 😃 See you at Gen Con! https://www.facebook.com/groups/arkhamhorrorlcg/permalink/2491296857581843/?comment_id=2493129260731936&comment_tracking={"tn"%3A"R"}
  7. If you read his investigator card he can do Survivor/Rogue/Seeker as a 0-1 off class. (Event and Skill Cards Only) He can only pick one of them and has to stick with them for the rest of the campaign. The live stream just happened to use Survivor as an example.
  8. Luke Robinson is unreleased but marked on the list. But you are right about Norman and Silas... That bumps it up to 28... So we can have three campaigns with 6 investigators. Which would line up perfectly with our every other campaign having 6 routine we're on right now.
  9. They also stated in the live stream that there will be no Arkham Horror LCG announcements during the In-Flight Report at GenCon.
  10. So, There are currently 26 unreleased investigators. At five per campaign they have enough investigators to release 5 more campaigns. Each campaign takes about 8 months to release. And so... When CU ends in August we'll have content without them needing to create new investigators until December 2022. At which point Arkahm Horror LCG will be 6 years old.
  11. You'll definitely have enough player cards to make a fun deck. Good luck with The Forgotten Age! It has a GREAT story but it is punishing. I would recommend playing it on easy your first time through.
  12. 1. They are committed to skill tests after you've declared that you are performing the test and before you draw the chaos token. They do not cost an action. 2. The card does get discarded. 3. Yes you can commit multiple cards to a skill test. 4. Yes.
  13. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/31/ffg-live-in-june/ To be revealed on June 11th!
  14. That seem SUPER quick after The Secret Name. I wonder when it'll actually arrive.
  15. Good News! The "other" word exception means that they don't take up the Dunwich investigator's 5 cards from OTHER classes slots!
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