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  1. There's an online dice calculator which will do for pretty much anything you want to calculate: http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi/
  2. If I recall correctly it was a white move so if you were stressed you stayed stressed and so guess who had no mods to try and avoid being ioned next turn.
  3. You sure on that 19%? I ran it through the dice calculator and came up with 39.5% chance to do at least 9 hits from all four attacks and that's without being able to account for crackshot. Which is very much at the obviously can't rely on it happening but not a surprise at all that it does. And given that neither of his other two ships got shots that round and his opponent was shooting Lulo likely anyway then it makes absolutely no difference whether or not Nom is killed in two shots or four.
  4. It comes in the Punishing One expansion pack for new ships but you'll receive some with your Resistance Conversion Kit. There's a wiki which is good for listing all the upgrades and which packs they come in: https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/Contraband_Cybernetics
  5. Can I use his ability even if he hasn't lost a shield just to take one off an enemy or not? Figuring there are some match ups where you think the chances of it triggering are low enough you'd want to use it when possible even if you're not regening...
  6. Fang Fighter without a mod slot looks rather odd given they come with Afterburners in the pack and we have quick build cards of them with mods...
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