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  1. the are armada scale. so the frigates and destroyers are smaller scale and the larger ones are bigger scale
  2. Shhhhhh. Armada scale halo ships dont reallllllly exist. im not printing a CAS right now.
  3. Got a mc80 second hand a while ago already primed. I bought some new paints and shades recently and I wanted to take a crack at repainting. C&C welcome https://imgur.com/gallery/WYvYHm5
  4. Smooth fine detail from shapeways is the result of resin printing. A good starter is the anycubic photon. Be aware that the larger the build volume on resin printers the prices increase dramatically
  5. I’ve been printing some of these at home. I like the look of the interdictor. https://imgur.com/gallery/aSRFbvt
  6. Ive spent MANY hours considering what scale looks good on the table alongside official FFG minis. the curve scale works for some but not others. When i printed all my star trek ships i decided on 1/4000 instead of curve scale for instance. Halo ships require a more aggressive curve and as I begin to tackle 40k ships i have a feeling the scale will get way way more agressive.
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