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  1. Avatar111

    Suffocation p.269

    A character can suffocate for ever ? Since it doesn't do critical strikes, you just stay incapacitated and suffocating eternally ?
  2. even if we are not "feature complete" the problem is within the core system (all conflicts aside skirmishes are just trash design that can be won with spamming the same thing over and over, a lot of techniques are trash design, especially shuji, the advantage/disadvantage system and all its related techniques and void point leverage ways is trash, the movement/range system is trash, the strife system is imbalanced, the "resist" mechanic is tedious once you reach a certain rank when you resist stuff every turn and add opportunities to that, the opportunity usage as a whole is extremely bloated and unbalanced, the wound system and critical strike effects are just a joke, chopping arms left and right and killing nobody, oh, and lets not forget if you lose one duel, ONE, with a finishing blow, you are guaranteed infirm) so even if they add "pattern" rules ? how does it fix the bad core ?
  3. Bushi are becoming quite boring. They have like a handful of katas, most of them not that good, while everybody else gets access to much cooler stuff and can do the bushi job as good as them. Otherwise; Kakita swordsmith is overkill, not needed, the other Kakita could have done the same. Moto avenger, cool. Asako inquisitor, great. Mirumoto taoist sword, probably overpowered and can do all kinds of broken stuff. They are simply better bushi than most bushi. Facepalm on that one, trash design again. Yogo preserver, looks fun. Kitsu medic, cool. Kuni warden, great. Toritaka hunters, great.
  4. Avatar111

    Focus Stat?

    He cannot win duels with 6 composure. Lets be honest. My Kakita player had the same stats, and his first XP gain went directly in water ring. (DO IT, 8 composure and water 2 is a bare minimum to handle skirmishes(mobility and composure) and duels(composure) Also, Kakita start with only 1 in melee, which is atrocious. This is your next necessary XP spending. But, Kakita is a slow burn, use him more as a weak social/bushi hybrid character for the 1st and early second rank with shuji like Cadence which are fun and a good array of social skills. And don't do deadly duels, just do bokken duels or use the challenge action at the right time in skirmishes to finish opponents (target low initiative or low composure characters) He will start to become relevant during rank 2 with thunderclap, crossing cut, and a few melee increases. He becomes absolutely deadly at rank 3 when he gets (and he will take it) heartpiercing strike.
  5. Avatar111

    Seppun Astrologer Rings Incorrect?

    a lot of the game is screwed up. just change it how you see fit.
  6. Avatar111

    Dueling Question

    having high honor is mechanically bad (mostly, but not totally) and this is right, giving too many incentives to just play Honorable would have been a mistake.
  7. Avatar111

    Better Maps

    still didn't care about including some of their erratas in. but hey... maybe in 2-3 months if we are lucky. tough job!
  8. I don't think I would divide anything, let your player take the very useful/good skills and maybe they will be tempted in also getting a somewhat less useful sideskill with the rest of the xp. if you start dividing too much, you might end up with some characters with a crazy amount of skill points just in martial for example, which is a bit boring.
  9. Avatar111

    Use of 'Lady Doji's Decree' during a duel?

    Kakita are bad at duelling, they need to use all the tricks they can.
  10. Avatar111

    Lore question about monks and Shugenja!!

    Iuchi Shugenja are trained in Martial Melee. probably to whip their horses.
  11. Avatar111

    Use of 'Lady Doji's Decree' during a duel?

    i guess if you remove the "one finishing blow attempt" only, then it is fine. I just can't stand behind the cheese that the technique basically makes you immune to finishing blows.
  12. Avatar111

    Use of 'Lady Doji's Decree' during a duel?

    if you disallow the finishing blow abuse by self unmasking, then sure. it works... still pathetic. the other character have no options though at this point, can't even use a scheme action. so what is he doing? throwing unique actions that the GM doesn't consider as sheme actions just to get opportunities? skipping his turn? what the *** is he suppose to do to make a check ? Obviously he would fkin stop the duel and be like "yo dawg, this is BS" and it is an NPC so he take the honor loss cause he doesn't give a flyin ***. And if the player says "I win the duel", then a big fkin rank 5 come in and challenge your PC and one shot him chop him in bite size pieces and throw the character sheet into the paper shredder. and the Ikoma ability is also absolute garbage of design. like most of this game. no point in doing a bushi then, just pick a broken ability like ikoma and build it as a duelist. not like you cant... anyway, my head is starting to hurt. this game is just a mess and a joke of a design. i think i'll just stop playing instead of complaining about it. no point, it is just TOO broken. if your players want to force allow the cheese in this game, you will have the most stupid gaming experience ever, as the game isn't well designed enough to be even remotely cheese proof.
  13. Avatar111

    Use of 'Lady Doji's Decree' during a duel?

    no way i'm allowing this cheese in my game, despite it being "as per the written rule". it is extremely anti climactic, borderline laughable, and clearly an abuse. the other character being like "well, you clearly are not ready for the duel, so lets wait until you catch your breath and we will start again after" totally makes sense to me. you can allow it though, but stuff like that comes up all the time in the game. I take a strong "no cheese approach" (especially if the character unmask by himself just to abuse the finishing blow rule and use the "expose and opening" because it have zero consequence), and my players understand that, otherwise we will just stop playing because if you play this game with rules as written it is absolute trash.
  14. Avatar111

    Use of 'Lady Doji's Decree' during a duel?

    We thought about that one a few months ago and the only answer I came up with is that this game is badly designed. But, feel free to ask their customer support. (Though they might Lady's Doji decree your question) That is how you do it; Lady's doji decree, then voluntarily unmask (expose an opening) so the opponent cannot use his finishing blow anymore, use fan the flame the subsequent turns or just earth stance. See the GM flip the table. Though, honestly, at my table the other duellist just stops the duel and start laughing and say "tell me when you are ready to start again".