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  1. Avatar111

    Critical Failures

    you can decide to get a lot of extra successes. in theory, limitless. if you overshoot the TN by a lot of successes, I think that warrants an epic narrative moment.
  2. Avatar111

    Critical Failures

    agree with everything. and yes, it is (at least for me) much more about "tripping on a tree root and making a fool of myself" than tables with negative/harsh effects of critical failures. it's really more about the "****, I really failed that one!" the system just don't give those moments to you. if; the initial roll doesn't show any successes/explosion when you are at the "keep dice" stage. would count as a big failure? sure.. with 2 dice and no skill you have 25% of chance, but that is.. understandable ? do you really want me to try horseback riding ? lol and this method makes the "intentional failure" still a legit way of playing.
  3. I like the idea of giving an "assistance" dice (black or white) depending on situation/gear. Like a +1 dice assistance if you have a medicine kit to heal a proper wound/condition. Otherwise I'll probably stick with increasing/lowering TN or giving advantage/disadvantage, which is also a decent solution. If somebody throws sand in your eyes, then you should be "blind" for a round. Stuff like that I guess. Edit; those "blue" dice made everything easy lol.
  4. Avatar111

    Critical Failures

    Would you think that keeping no success at all could be considered a critical failure? With each dice having about 50% chance of success, rolling 3 dice puts you at about 12% chance of critical failure, 4 dice at 6% and so on. Critical failures could be more narrative than anything else too. It would make it less tempting to try to roll just to get opportunities though (which is a thing). So if you don't want a critical failure you can't just decide to fail and only keep opportunities. I'll toy around with the blank faces, but we are probably looking at extemely rare chance of occurance.
  5. Avatar111

    Critical Failures

    There are no "critical failures" in L5R (like a "1" in D&D, or a despair in Genesys/StarWars), A lot of my best memories in pen&paper rpg over the last 25 years have been about those "critical failures". They can make for awesome moments. -do you think critical failures make for good roleplaying and memories ? -how would you implement them in this system ?
  6. Your idea is a route that requires much more "reworking" since it affects a lot of mechanics in the game. Thinking about it, earth stance is not "that strong", it is just broken, as it makes the whole Iaijutsu duel about, well, the earth stance. in a duel to the death, earth stance is perfectly fine. simply adding 2 opp to crit to Iaijutsu tech is a nice way to help the problem (you can also increase the TN of crossing cut to 3, fair deal). at least with that, the first round predict action becomes "kind of" interesting. But it isn't an ideal fix, at least not by itself. I also agree that the "Strife game" can be fun to play, an issue right now is that there isn't many ways to play the "Strife game" since predict action is atrocious and easily... predictable. So you are left with the 1opp or 2opp fire spending as the only way to do it. Decent in itself, but not really fun since you will probably make checks (strike, or some social check/shuji) you intend to fail just to get opportunities. maybe some player can come up with an elegant, simple, and fun houserule to make duels great again. here what needs to be done; - iaijutsu technique need to be able to crit. it is part of the fantasy. - there need to be a way to play the strife mindgame that is simple and fun. - there need to be a way to take people out of their stance effect. bonus point if it is itself counterable. - the duel should become about getting the initiative, or strifing your opponent. these should be the major point so that both players feel encouraged to bid during the staredown, creating a tense moment, fun gameplay, and not drag down the duels to a "strike fest" that last for multiple rounds. An Iaijutsu duel should be lightning fast, all about the right initiative and mindgame. -duel to the death should be mostly left unchanged, meaning that the above rules should not make a duel to the death all about mindgame, a duel to the death should encourage the players to do exchange of blows instead of mindgames, thus the mindgame purpose needs to be geared toward getting critical hits (or finishing blows) more than anything else. and... I really should stop trying to convince people that the duel rules need to be better. What do I gain from it at this point ? Silly me.
  7. In theory. But unfortunately Earth Stance is a thing. edit; and predict action is flawed and iai kata can't crit. I do enjoy your utopia thought. If I had you as a Kakita player I would not make you face high earth duelists. You know, to be nice.
  8. am I allowed to use a snaring weapon with coiling serpent ? but yeah, if allowed to bring whatever you want, you open a can of worm! there are dozen of different scenarios and techniques. but probably the heaviest armor is favored in all cases. Duel to the death are the best duels in the game; a lot of risk vs reward choices to make. because critical strikes don't end the duel, you don't have to stay in earth stance to win. that alone, makes it cool because you can "risk" taking a critical hit. You could even take a void point to forcefully take a crit! that is really fun to me. the only really busted duels are first strike/blood.
  9. kakita needs a razor-edged weapon. armor is irrelevant, obviously the character with armor is advantaged.
  10. what duel conditions does a Kakita hope for ? Kakita is ok at everything because of the rank 1 Iaijutsu kata and possibility to get 3 earth at character creation. But that works for all melee duels with a razor-edged weapon.... Kakita doesn't care if it is first strike, first blood, death... edit: i'm honestly just answering the original poster's question in the clearest, easiest, most optimal way. edit2: for skills, melee should be your absolute highest skill, if possible get it to 3 at character creation. fitness and meditation, a 2 is best, but a 1 won't kill you. to start. edit3: enjoy that early Iaijutsu Strike, because once the other schools are able to pick it up, then Kakita just doesn't have anything to make him better at dueling than all the other schools who also have nothing. until Rank3, when you pick up Heartpiercing Strike, and your school ability is +3 crit. that starts to be scary because it is hard to resist that critical severity.
  11. Avatar111

    Question for the Writers: Scorpion Bushi

    they made choices ? and thought that bushi was not a priority for the scorpion clan? same as artisan is not a priority for the lion clan? there you go, an answer for you.
  12. Earth + Water is playing the game on easy mode. At least until rank 2-3. For Kakita, you are stuck with Air 3, and that is a shame... Since the dueling rules are absolute trash, I suggest you crank up Earth to 3 since this is basically your Composure + Endurance + I do not lose duels to first strike/blood button. This is THE best stat for duels until later ranks when higher level techniques come into play. so get that Earth 3. Use Iaijutsu strike with Earth, and flail away NON-STOP, every round. that is all you have to do to win, really. nothing will be able to beat you (unless it is another earth duelist) because if they don't go earth you have a high chance to crit them (use your void point the moment they are not in earth stance).
  13. Avatar111

    Is 4th edition discussed here?

    The character creation was a blast. It is really well done and engaging if you have the lore to back it up. And mechanical/balance issues... I'll deal with that later if the Kaito player really struggle to do half of what the Iuchi is doing, I'm sure the Iuchi player himself would agree to give a few "buffs" (read: gm's favor) to the player. For now they just laughed it off and said "well, you definitely are playing the video game on hard mode". Which I thought was funny, and... A bit real !
  14. Avatar111

    Is 4th edition discussed here?

    you know this forum needs its villain... and yeah, the Kaito is definitely not going to stay closer than range 4 of anybody with a readied weapon. and will use void for most of his checks so he doesn't strife himself out. i never said it was impossible to play, I just said it was "playing the game on HARD MODE". it is going to be harder for this player than the other player, that is for sure.
  15. Avatar111

    Is 4th edition discussed here?

    the iuchi can do better all around. but sure, the kaito isn't a lost cause, it's just the power level between the 2 characters is insanely different... Iuchi can cast spells, soak with earth, or move with water, and attack through armor with water. kaito can sense the npc's demeanors, increase his tn to be hit by ranged attacks, or "wind up" and get a -1tn or +1opp on his next turn. mobility, defense, damage. 3 core concepts of rpg combat. all you need is Water and Earth. Well, not all you need, but they are "easy mode" rings. and the difference is not just a little.