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  1. For my part I'm more concerned about the impact of the CIS on game balance, because they will arguably have the second tankiest ship in the game, and will have access to cheap capital ships and squadrons. They seem to me to have on paper a lot of gameplay overlap with the Empire.
  2. The paintjobs would have to be redone like the Chimera was, but we already have a fair amount of Republic ships. I personally would like a fleet roster like this video, VSDs in Republic colors would be nice.
  3. Not going to lie I would enjoy Clone Wars Armada, but I am afraid that the release schedule will be a slow trickle of ships and squadrons for the Republic and CIS, and nothing at all for the Rebels and Empire as stated by numerous other people here. Ideally the Clone Wars would have 3-4 ships and 3-5 squadrons per side at launch, but FFG rolls out Armada content at a slow pace. At least for the Republic some ships are already made like the VSD and Arquitens, all FFG needs to do is make Clone Wars specific cards and change the paint scheme.
  4. I still believe that the VSD needs a rework, because as you pointed out the Victory (ignoring fighter complement) was generally a superior ship compared to the Venator. At the same time, I really wouldn't want the Venator to somehow end up worse than the VSD's stats, because I struggle to make VSDs work in a list already.
  5. It would be interesting to play Separatists against the Empire, or have a Republic vs Rebel game, but how to balance the 4 factions against one another sounds difficult while also giving distinct playstyles to the new factions.
  6. I've been out of the FFG news loop for a while, and I came back when I heard that Legion and X-Wing were going to get into the Clone Wars. My question for Armada is when FFG adds the Separatists and Republic as factions, will there be era boundaries in the rules? I don't know how X-Wing is handling it but that Clone Wars Legion announcement article sounded to me like cross-era play was allowed, and I wonder how Armada might approach the issue.
  7. I'm guessing that FFG would sell Republic and Imperial Venators separately because of the different paint schemes, because an all grey Venator wouldn't look right in a Republic fleet, and the red stripes would be out of place in an Imperial fleet.
  8. I tend to focus on something for a while, burn out and move on to something else. This Sector Fleet rules set is interesting but at the moment Warhammer 40k has my attention. When Episode 9 gets closer to release Star Wars will likely surface to the top of my head again. As for the thread topic I have always wondered why there isn't a generic Imperial and Rebel commander to represent that characters like Motti or Ackbar can't be everywhere at once.
  9. No interest in Space Marines for a variety of reasons, somewhat funny to hear this Edition isn't kind to them. Definitely appreciate the more humorous Orks and conversion opportunities they allow.
  10. For 40k it's either Orks or AdMech I gravitating towards, but those AoS Gloomspite Gitz have nice models that got a fun aura around them. If I got Idoneth Deepkin I would keep saying "Call me Oceanmaster" too much. 😆
  11. It's been a while since I have been on these forums and I have a very important question: Which is the better game right now, Age of Sigmar or 40k?
  12. Thanks to @Crabbok for the video coverage, otherwise I wouldn't have found out.
  13. Corellia like Kuat in Legends had orbital shipyards to avoid polluting the planet surface, so I was surprised that the trailers (haven't seen it yet) portrayed such a nasty industrial district as being on Corellia. Fondor was a great example of a world where industry trumped environmental concerns.
  14. If it's any consolation I think your design is better than most of the new ships from the Disney owned Lucasfilm.
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