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  1. The Clone Wars will keep Armada going for a while, and new GCW content will probably be sprinkled in, but I doubt that the Sequel Trilogy will come to Armada. The ST has a very low amount of warship classes to bring to the table, which is very disappointing for me as the space battles and ship designs are a major part of Star Wars appeal to me.
  2. All I see is a Star Destroyer in the shape of a crossbow, looks nice to me.
  3. It's called a TIE Dagger according to Wookieepedia. EC Henry made a fighter very similar to this one on his channel with the wings also functioning as landing gear. https://youtu.be/t3hzTd0KZx0
  4. Nearly all of the designs that have artwork are ugly, but some like coralskippers were called beautiful by Lando and others in the novels. I think that there might have been a bit of a disconnect between the artists and writers.
  5. Ugliest Legends Ship: Ugliest Canon Ship: Personally I am a fan of the classic Dreadnaught but hate the new Imperial Support Vessel. Edit: The Bulwark-class battlecruiser has been re-Canonized by FFG in the Rise of the Separatists book.
  6. All but confirmed yes, and it isn't a good idea in my opinion. The resurrection of Palpatine wasn't well received in Legends, why do it again in Canon?
  7. TFA and TLJ repeatedly made clear that neither Snoke or the Knights of Ren were Sith, and if I remember correctly Kylo vowed to destroy what's left of the Sith and Jedi to Rey near the end of TLJ, so I'm lost as to why a new group of FO Stormtroopers are now called "Sith troopers".
  8. When I clicked this thread I expected this: An Old Republic era version of Armada would be nice.
  9. I go easy on the Jurassic Park/World narrative issues due to the severe lack of dinosaur films, I can be nitpicky with sci-fi movies because there's so many.
  10. His armored Nebulon-B design is well done and makes sense, as the Rebels did like to remove "unnecessary armor" on things like Y-Wings. I wish people like EC Henry and fractalsponge were designers at Lucasfilm.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks a conventional ramming attack would have been enough of a cinematic moment for the movie? A Mon Cal battlecruiser could have closed the distance with their amazing redundant shield generators, and there wouldn't have been any lore ramifications for fans to debate endlessly. Granted I personally had problems with other parts of the Last Jedi, but removing hyperspace ramming from the movie would have improved it a bit for me.
  12. An Imperial Star Destroyer, even if you're starting Rebels. Happy weekend to you all.
  13. Since the Imperial Star Destroyer in Armada is 8" long that would mean the CR90 would be only .75" long. In my opinion unless everything is correctly scaled the corvette would stand out even more, but here's an older thread discussing the merits of 1:7000 scale.
  14. I would hope that a Clone Wars Core Set would have a bit more in it compared to the OT Core Set, perhaps an Acclamator and 2 Consular cruisers versus 2 Munificent frigates? I agree that V19s and vulture droids should be the starter squadrons. I really wonder how the vulture droid will compare to the TIE fighter.
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