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  1. Looking for: Players and GMs Setting: The Waterworks [Android, Genesys, Shadow of the Beanstalk] Genre: Cyberpunk Rating: R Content Warning: Explicit Violence, Mature Content Goal: Fun in a friendly, RP-forward environment Experience Level: Beginners welcome. Players are expected to learn the core rules. Method: Discord, Roll20 for visuals with some GMs Time/Time Zone: Time : Varies, both American and European GMs Regularity: At least twice a month, more as the community gains GMs The Waterworks is an open living community campaign set in the Android universe, using the Genesys ruleset and Shadow of the Beanstalk by Fantasy Flight Games. Invitation to The Waterworks
  2. Rules Question: Several weapons in Shadow of the Beanstalk have an item quality of limited amo, but there is not spare clip item available in the book. Is it assumed to be simply be using the spare clip item from core? Also missile launchers are all limited ammunition, but do not have a price listed to restock them. Please advise. Answer: You absolutely should use the spare clip item in the core rules in Shadow of the Beanstalk. In addition, when buying a reload for a missile launchers, you should assume that a new missile for the Guided Missile Launcher costs 1,000, and the micro-missile launcher’s missiles cost 100 each. Hope that helps! Sam Gregor-Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  3. I ran this for the community this weekend. A very interesting mystery story!
  4. there is a new answer from dev's in the faq about this
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    Answer A single threat seems a bit low for that effect; however the final arbitrator of whether that is possible is the GM. If your GM decides that’s what happens, then that’s their prerogative. Hope this helps! Sam Gregor-Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games
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