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  1. This. Exactly. There’s so much potential for the lore of Terrinoth. The possible depth there is incredible. In the meantime though I feel like I’m starving for lore. I’ve now painted my reanimates in the scheme of the breathless legion, so I hope I like what FF eventually has to say about them lol
  2. Quoting something I just read on FF’s page for the Reanimate and Carrion Lancer expansions: “the original fallen warriors that compose the Deathborn Legion now have their own hosts to command. Ardus Ix’Erebus leads the Host of Crows, while Calleum Pahaan marches ahead of the Breathless Legion. Some of the vampires of Bilehall have mastered the necromantic arts to raise their own personal armies, including the Sanguine Coterie. Even the ancient revenant, Lord Farrenghast, has a contingent of undead infantry under his command.” This intrigues me greatly and i’d love to know more about the various hosts (such as the breathless legion as I’m basing my own paint scheme on them). Is there any lore on these different hosts? I’ve done some searching but the only thing I’ve found so far is the army painter Reanimates painting guide which depicts a breathless legion painting scheme. Any info would be very well received, thanks guys!
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