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  1. Thanks, everyone, for the advice. I picked up my copy of Allies and Adversaries Thursday, so that will make for good reading before the next session. Now, if only the other book I ordered would get "off the boat"... Probably using hamsters for the engine system, to save money. Well, it seems like there's going to be a happy ending to this little story, after all. As soon as the Chiss' player(CP) walked in, the player of the Togruta Jedi (TJ) asked him about his murderhobo antics before I could. I'm going to assume he (TJ) is reading these posts, because more than once, he's said a phrase that was written here. Coincidence? Possibly, but.... Basically, CP has a really heavy school load, and my table is a good place to blow off some steam. He wanted to see how powerful he could make the droid. All he used was the EotE CRB and Special Modifications to do it. Nothing else.(Another rule of mine, stated at Session Zero: Only official FFG physical books/DL's can be used to make characters.) And he did state that he was getting bored with the Chiss character because it, like the droid, was way OP, in his opinion. If the Chiss dies, he would replace it with something a little less powerful. He also said that the rules in Special Modifications are broken, and his two characters prove it. I have to agree, although I have yet to make a PC/NPC using those rules. This is why I prefer to play a new system before I GM it. So I know what books/ rules to add or toss aside. Although the conversation lasted maybe 5-10 minutes, it helped. He's still welcome at the table. IMHO, being a GM should count as credit hours towards a psychology degree. Jus' sayin'. But,I may have to do a minor re-write of my story (ex., up the soak of the minion NPC's by one or two points, or increase rival/nemesis count) to account for the level of PC abilities. The last session turned out great. They went to Columex to find leads on their YT-2400, and restock their gear. The Force-sensitive BH ran into a resistance cell that sent them back to the same colony ship they just left, to recover 4 unassembled X-wings in crates. Meanwhile, the human Marshal sobered up, got a case of the guilts, and decided to rescue the 400 colonists still frozen in cryosleep. They found the colony ship, drifting through an asteroid field, headed for an unstable orbit with a gas giant. A scan showed something unknown had taken over decks 2 - 6. The Marshal took the Y-wing and docked with an external airlock on deck 7. His job was to manually release the internal clamps holding the three Sil 5 pods containing the colonists and their stuff. The rest of the PC's were in their freighters. They had to shoot the external clamps, making Daunting Pilot checks to avoid the asteroid swarm they were flying through. Meanwhile, the creature that had taken over the colony ship was flinging parts of itself at the PC's freighters. And the Marshal, floating weightless through pitch-black corridors, has the feeling something is watching him... We stopped there. Again, thanks for the help, everyone.
  2. Yes. Thank you, I plan on using the info you sent me. it's going to come in very handy. 😈 EXACTLY THIS^. It's happened to me at least three times, IIRC. Twice as a player, once as a GM. Each event shut down the game for good that night. What's funny is, I was speaking to the Togruta Jedi's (TJ) player about this. I asked him," How many years have you known him?" TJ: "Uh...…." Me. "How long?" TJ: "I just picked him out of a crowd and told him to come up and play. Never saw him before that day." Me:"...…….." I had told him at Session Zero I prefer people you've known for a while, to prevent things like this, and to prevent boredom. I've lost count of the total strangers some bonehead brought to my table whose sole purpose of playing was to cause as much headache as possible. TJ's player is a good guy, but he assumes nearly everything with a pulse is proof of sainthood. He's done that from day one, and he's not going to change anytime soon.
  3. They --seem-- to be enjoying themselves when he's around, although one player has come to my home twice this week to discuss his concerns about him. Primarily about how easily he (the Chiss) can swat his character aside. (He's playing the Togruta Jedi. He so❤️ loves❤️ the armor{Soak around 7, IIRC} the Chiss' player crafted for him when he was playing the droid. He does NOT love the fact that the Chiss has twin blasters made by the droid(Pierce 5, damage 7 each, IIRC) that can take him down in one or two shots.) He (in a roundabout way) asked me if I would bring back my GMPC HG with 5 ranks in Gunnery to help if things came to a PC vs. PC battle. I said no. I created that GMPC so I could understand how the system worked better, and as the occasional plot driver, NOT as the player's babysitter. Once I had the basics down, I decided to let the HG fade back so the PC's could shine. Yes. If it comes to a fight between PC's, in this case only, go for it. The Droid/Chiss' player is why the Group Obligation stays around the 80+ range. I'd say last session pushed it over 100, but I haven't been tracking it lately. I need to remember to do that each session. Every major disaster (and new enemy) was caused by his actions. I like a few twists too, but not at the cost of the players having a good time. And it makes perfect story arc sense to me if the rest of the party turns him in, or kills him, for his actions on the colony ship. THIS.^ This is my first try at a true sandbox style of play. I've tried to do it in D&D (1st ed. through 5th) and Shadowrun, and everyone said it went well, but eventually I put the PC's on the railroad at some point. With this system, I've been letting them choose their own fate. I make up articles from "Imperial News Reports", an underground news group, and a pay BH-only service, that I print up and hand out for the group to read. Typically 6-10 headlines, at two to four sentences each, like you'd see in any classified ad. They pick something(they're all numbered) that looks interesting, and I run it from there. You should hear the debates. "I like # 6!" "Naah, # 2 is easy money!" "#7 needs WHAT delivered to Kessel?" If you snag this idea, always throw in at least 1 - 2 red herrings, so they see you can't believe everything you read...😈 I mentioned his droid handed over all his gear and money to the Chiss, right? I should have stopped that, thinking back. And the Colony Ship was a "gift" to the players for some outstanding RP a session or two earlier. As I said earlier, all but the Chiss wanted a place to call home. They had stolen a second ship and a Y-wing, the new Twi'lek Force-sensitive BH had her own freighter, while searching for their original YT-2400 ship. The colonists were going to do all the heavy lifting while the PC's would provide security and exploration of the new world. No. The player bought a system he wants to try, (not sure what it is, just it's fantasy-based)and he's been writing a story for awhile. And if he GM's as good as he plays, I will definitely make a character. I like it, but we're 1 year from Rogue One/ANH, and I'm waiting for Disney Plus so I can watch Rebels (haven't seen it). Luke can't show up. Now Saw Guerrea's Partisans, or Bail and Leia Organa, however.... (Ever since I saw TCW, I liked the way they did Bail.) Opinion: should a major SW figure show up as a part of the Cliffhanger? (With my table, I'd make sure their Plot Armor +5 was on tight.....🤣)
  4. After the last session, I left feeling weird. Despite the fact that everyone had a good time. The Chiss BH PC had bribed two officers into helping him, then ran onto the colony ship's bridge to assume command, as mentioned in my last post. I let the rest of the table play the bridge crew, because they had stated their characters were all asleep when the Chiss did this. Two picked the bribed officers, one picked a loyal officer, I played the remaining NPC's. The Captain summoned the Marshal PC onto the bridge, who was drinking himself to sleep earlier. The Marshal immediately sided with the Chiss, forcing a firefight on the bridge, all weapons on stun. The NPC loyalists lost. The Chiss then shot the Marshal PC(stun) and killed the two that he bribed earlier. Ship security came, and since the Chiss had hacked the ship's logs and planted a fake promotion for himself earlier(Triumph with 3 Successes), they listened to him. The PC Marshal and the bridge crew were taken to the brig. The players were confused by this, assuming the Chiss had gotten them a new ship to sell. But I decided to let it play out, as some of you had advised earlier. While the security team was taking the bridge crew to their cells, the Chiss decided to wake up the PC's. He called up the Twi'lek Smuggler and Togruta Jedi, and told them." Okay, we're all done here. You launch, the BH and I will catch up." They take off immediately. He goes back to the ship belonging to the PC Force-Sensitive Twi'lek BH, and wakes her up. They go back to the brig, and question the human PC Marshal. After questioning, they take him to the second player ship. After the Marshal is sleeping in a room, the Chiss draws his guns, says," This is for your own good!" and shot her. Pierce 5, 14 base stun damage, and straps her in the co-pilot's seat with binders. Then he gets explosives ( he said his old astromech droid had gifted his new Chiss with all the cash/crafted weapons/crafted gear the droid had, but I didn't really think about what that could mean) and plants them in the mess hall. He calls the last of the crew(50) to the mess hall to explain what happened on the bridge. When they are all in the room, he detonated the explosives, then walked in, shooting any survivors. The Chiss heads to the cryosleep deck, and wakes up his third PC. (My rule is you try to have a new character ready to go, just in case your dice are mad at you that session..) He gives him instructions to take the colony ship to where BBX( his first character) is awaiting his new slaves. Finally, he goes to speak to the command staff in the brig. The Chiss says to the captain, "You hear of a droid called BBX? Well, I work for him!" Then he shoots them. He goes back to the PC ship, and launches, as the Twi'lek BH wakes up, still cuffed. Twi'lek; "What did you do?" Chiss: "Trust me, you don't need to know." Session ended there. Cue music. Since 50 people died, his character waking up cuffed in a seat,and because of the conversations the 2 PC's had, I decided to award 25 Conflict to the Twi'lek immediately, and another 25 if the PC ever puts two and two together, due to one emotion. Guilt/Remorse. It's an emotion not covered specifically in FaD CRB, iirc. But I thought that betrayal, and grief over the death of those she had just fought for a day earlier, could lead to the dark side. The Twi'lek BH was one point away from making Paragon. The character knew the Chiss was up to something, but failed to spot it in time. I ruled it fell under Knowing Inaction, 1 point per person killed by the Chiss. The books don't cover a situation like this, so I thought this was the simplest answer. And I knew fairly quick that the Chiss' player was trying to twist the rules a bit. His habit of not crafting his old PC's gear in front of me kinda tipped me off. As we packed up for the evening, the (IIRC) Marshal's player said," Hey, next game, let's try to set up a base or something, K?" 🙄 Ok, here's my question. One of the players wants to switch to his running a fantasy setting pretty soon, but wants me to continue running my SW arc in the future. Do I stop the game right here, or hit the pause button on a cliffhanger? If the second, what kind? Recap; The Zann Consortium wants them, 50,000 CR each, dead only. Saleucami government; 25,000 CR each, dead or alive. The Empire: 30,000 CR each , dead or alive, BBX 50,000 CR, brain intact, 60,000 CR for the Togruta, alive only (they know there is at least one Force-user, due to piles of evidence left behind at every battle) Thanks!
  5. Hm. I'll give it a try. I'll say that the two senior officers take his bribe, and simply do nothing while the Chiss takes command. The entire Alpha Engineering team was killed in the final fight. The group isn't aware that there is a "B" and "C" shift still alive. I'm going to say that a minimum crew of 25 is required for this size ship, because the listing shows a compliment of 50. But what about the rest of the crew, and their families in cryosleep? However, I'll have the captain record everything and send it on a distress beacon on the sly. Although he, the crew, and his passengers are running from the Empire, he doesn't care who receives it; he's pretty sure he'll be dead soon. He'll assume the Chiss is a spy for the Empire, no matter what the PC says. The captain saw the "writing on the wall" after Order 66 went down; It took him this long to organize everything quietly. I'll also have one of the loyal bridge officers send the conversation to the PC ships, in the hope one of them will come help the Colonists. This may be a possible source of Conflict for the PC Jedi. If she does nothing but watches the live feed while the Chiss goes on a(assumed) killing spree, I'll award the usual inaction penalty for any crimes committed. If he's constantly bragging about his character's Paragon 3 rank, I expect his PC to act like it. (BTW, which book mentions Paragon ranks? IIRC, he keeps saying Paragon 3 when discussing his PC. But it's very noisy where we game, so I could be misunderstanding him. In the black-cover books, so far I have the CRB, Dawn of Rebellion, Nexus of Power, Ghosts of Dathomir, and Knights of Fate.) This one player( MurderDroid / Chiss) is why almost every SW faction in my game wants them dead. (All the PC's have commlinks, so the player can't say there was nothing he could do.) The Togruta Jedi can leave her room, just that any strain occurred could reactivate the virus she contracted. I'm thinking most of the crew will have this reaction. "You just saved our lives less than eight hours ago, and now you pull THIS?!?!?!" Nearly everyone on board has family, pets, and farm animals in cryosleep. They won't take any threat quietly. And everyone on board has a either a blaster pistol or rifle, in case any pirates are still on board.
  6. Ok, yeah, everyone, I agree. After re-reading it, that was a pretty sad post on my part. There is a lot going on in this campaign, just need a little help keeping it straight. I think, now, that I should have brought in the Marshal PC in a better way. His previous character was killed last session trying to claim the reward on another PC, as stated above. The group had stated, for several sessions, they wanted to set up a permanent place to call home. I had no problem with that. Some wanted an orbital station, some wanted a planet. They've been giving me some stellar RP for a while now, so I thought an abandoned station in orbit of a habitable planet would make a nice reward. But I had to think of a way to bring the Marshal PC in, since he had his sheet filled out by game start. So I thought the group would run into him on a colony ship in trouble. And, having 400(that number seems pretty low, raise it?) colonists to interact with on a frontier planet with an abandoned station in orbit would make for good RP. I was thinking exploration, with a big slice of mystery, and having families / new friends to protect from the unknown. Plus, 3 agencies wants the group dead, or in jail. Guilt by association. My assumption was that the PC's would jump at the chance to put on their white hats and be heroes to a small community of people making a fresh start. Since the group is viewed as monsters by, pretty much every Star Wars faction out there. Even some of the Rebellion leaders wants them in a cage, or dead, depending on who you ask. The party was on the trail of their starting ship, and they got a solid lead on where it could be. They had 2 new ships, and wanted to make a fleet. I just handwaved the PC's picking up the distress call, then dropping out of hyperspace and into a battle in progress. Meanwhile the Marshal PC on the colony ship is leading his security minions into battle against the 60 pirates that have boarded a few rounds back. The rest of the PC's landed in the hangar bays of the colony ship after a space battle that almost killed the PC Smuggler piloting a Y-wing, and put both freighters into single digits, iirc. Not sure. This was in the last 5 minutes of the game,and after the whole group was injured in battle. (I shut down the table at 6 sharp, usually.) He waited until the rest had stated they were either asleep or busy. He's totally on his own. Counting the captain, there are a total of 15 people currently on the bridge. One Nemesis Captain, one Nemesis Security officer, 5 Rival officers, 8 minions. There are another 30 minions and 5 Rivals on the deck below. Seriously thinking about adding 2+ assassin droids in a secret room near the bridge, activated by the captain touching a button on his chair. Overkill?
  7. Okay, I shoulda remembered GM's First Rule: No Module Shall Survive Contact With The Players. And the Second Rule: Anything You Put in Front of Your Players Will Usually be Stolen or Misused. So here's what happened. After the PC's lost their first ship,https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/285962-internal-damage-to-a-ship-by-a-mob/, they managed to steal a second one, a VCX-100 with a hangar bay,from a Rodian smuggler/slaver king that had a mansion outside Saleucami. I decided to be nice and (after they flipped four DP) a 2-seat Y-wing, painted up to match the VCX-100. The Twi'lek Pilot takes off, brings it to a hover, opens the cockpit canopy, and in front of six news outlets (the Rodian was well known as a big contributor to local charity, and there was a major fundraiser that night), shoots him. She didn't stick around to see if he was dead. The rest of the PC's, along with the kidnap victims, make it out of the system. MurderDroid was able to escape the trap I set( I did type up 5 choices for him to pick). He abandoned the PC ship, stole a larger one, and is now an NPC, with plans to enslave/murder all non-droid life in the galaxy.😈 The players sent my GMPC off to restore the hostages' memories(each had been mentally altered to commit major crimes by a certain date, to frame the party) and get each one home. He has contacts with a ship and medical skills, so, no biggie. Gonna miss playing him. He was kinda the moral compass of the group. Several months pass, with the highlight on Dathomir, where the Jedi took, iirc, a total of about 20-ish Conflict on failed Fear checks,( **VERY** unusual situation) and the Bothan Spy/Modder PC died trying to claim the 50,000 CR reward on the Pilot PC. (he wanted a new one, anyway,) Great RP, and he --sorta-- got to meet Assaj Ventress on the planet(yes, she's still alive in my game.) And the Jedi took 10 more Conflict for helping to kill a trusted ally. Anyway, they're still looking for the half-paid off ship, and trying to find a safe place to set up a permanent home. (a recurring Villain has it, and the Hutt holding the loan is getting annoyed.) This is where the new human Colonist/Marshal PC comes in. he decided to be chief of security on a colony ship headed for the fringe of the galaxy. I decided the ship was a ripoff of the Temple-class (pg. 443, AoR), just upped the Sil to 7 or 8 to reflect all the colony stuff, 400-plus colonists and their farm animals in cryosleep, and crops growing on board. Remember how MurderDroid sent a call for all droids to rise up? Some listened. Some of the droids on board the colony ship have decided the galaxy could use a few less meatbags. They sabotaged the engines to shut down near a known pirate haven, and altered the security video to seem as if a human crewman did it. The players arriving as the pirates launched their boarding attack was perfect. A small group of 60 got there before the PC's, and wreaked havoc. The 130 awake colonists/ship crew fought, but 85 or so died defending the ship, taking 30 pirates with them. The PC's had to take back the ship, with the final fight taking place in Engineering versus two Nemesis-grade pirates, infected with a virus. About 4 hours later, the flashlight-slinger(who came into Engaged range during the fight) rolled a Despair on her Resilience check, and had to crawl to Medical, too weak to walk. The virus initially cuts Brawn, Agility, Willpower, and Cunning in half, rounded down. If left untreated, then a second roll is made, at the 12-hour mark. Falling the second roll makes the cuts in Cunning and Willpower permanent, with an additional -1 for every 2 Threat. Also, a permanent kill command is set in the victim's mind, with an imperative to obey the one who infected you. TL;DR section: So the Jedi is quarantined in her room on the PC ship for 24+ hours with a virus. The ship's Security chief PC is asleep after nearly being killed in the battle. The battle to help the colonists put almost all the players at half their health. Plus a runaway mouse droid later mysteriously exploding in the cryosleep section put all but one of the party near death chasing it down. The Chiss PC took this moment to slice into the ships computer, transfer 10,000 CR into the 1st officer's and XO's accounts, leaving a note saying, "Don't trust the Captain." He then runs onto the bridge, draws his heavy blaster, aims at the captain, and says, "I'm running the ship now!" We stopped there. I think the captain would have a plan in case of this. A pair of assassin droids in a concealed room by the bridge. Loyal bridge crew. There are still 4 security minions still alive. and the new PC is a marshal, sworn to protect the ship and colonists. Your thoughts?
  8. Ok, going to steal this idea.😈 Should give my group a challenge in an upcoming session.
  9. Great replies, everyone. Sadly, my destruction of the ship didn't go **quite** as planned. As mentioned above, the mob was roaring through the city, tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy nuts in the lead, around 5,000 strong and growing at a rate of 1,000 per hour. Murderdroid did hide the trail pointing back to him as the bomber pretty well. But this time, he somehow forgot that both the Empire and the local government use recon droids, as well as living spies. I didn't..? A 50,000 CR bounty does tend to draw all kinds of attention, let's face it. Attention a typical PC group does absolutely NOT want. I mean, if he can build spybots, why not the local cops?? (Still scratching my head on why they didn't get the hint when they arrived in system, and saw two Star Destroyers and eight 5-ship TIE fighter patrols in orbit last session. ?) I'll have to give him credit in a way; Murderdroid was actually helping in the kidnapping investigation by checking the police station computers and evidence room for any clues. He managed to get(with a lot of Deception and Computer checks) a Astromech copy of himself into the station, posing as a cleaning droid. He sliced the system and found a clue pointing to a notorious slaver wanted by the cops, then transmitted the data back to the PC ship. Not bad. That said, planting a bomb in the evidence room as a distraction while robbing the place of anything valuable , was, IMO, not the way to exit the building. I gave him a rundown of things on the shelves; broken bottles, hammers, knives, blasters, etc. He grabbed a locked briefcase with a red tag on it, and placed it inside his compartment. He cut a shelf leg to collapse as a distraction for the two clerks in the room, the contents landing on the pair of thermal detonators he left behind. When he got around a corner, he blew them. Thinking of all the weapons in there and power packs for each, i added 150% to the damage and tripled the blast radius. The explosion took out one wall and part of the two floors above, damaging the PC replica as well, dropping him to around 3-5 Wound and 1 Strain left, iirc. The red-tagged case the droid replica swiped? An acid bomb, designed to destroy the case contents if the wrong code was entered. It leaked, damaging him further before the local SWAT team ran up. The replica, at the moment his batteries hit zero, (1 un-soaked Strain taken from acid) detonated the remaining 2 thermal detonators (all of his copies carry around 4) before they could open fire. At the same time, the stealth-suited PC Smuggler/Pilot was cutting a deal with a NPC red Twi'lek "dancer" that was living in the club owner's 2nd floor penthouse apartment. After the woman grabbed a backpack and a similar stealth suit (LoNH, pg. 104) , she opened the secret elevator to a hidden level, and provided fire support when they jumped 12 thugs loading a speeder truck. The Pilot was knocked out by blaster fire, and the last thing she felt before blackout was the dancer raising one hand towards her (medium range), and "being lifted on a cloud". The Pilot wakes up two days later on a bed in a classy bedroom, all her gear missing, nothing to wear but a silk bed sheet. Meanwhile, also at the same time, female Togruta Jedi and male Bothan Modder leave the Savrip to chase the lead they found, which led to the city sewer system. A splinter of the crowd spotted them (around 200-500) and charged. They entered the tunnels, using the Modder's Survival checks to find a hidden room. After sabering the door open, battle with 10 thugs takes place. The PC team won easily. Off to one side was a series of cells, containing 4 of the missing 18 female blue Twi'leks, scared, tired, but safe. A second search turned up a hidden datapad with more info on the slave trade. The Modder hands the girls leftover blasters for their safety, remembering the mob. The Twi'leks fail a Cool check and blast two of the last three thugs before they can be questioned. the sole surviving thug has no hands from when the Togruta cut them off. (I'll post why they won so easily and ask a crafting question later, in a different post.) Back to Murderdroid. I decided the Empire would strike first, since there was one Destroyer already in the atmosphere above Taleucema anyway. Within one round of the bombs going off, it rained dropships and shuttles on the city. A tank arrived first, pointing the main turret at the boarding ramp. While that was going on in front, 4 storm troopers jet packed down with two explosive charges. ( I used the stats from a Proton torpedo {pg. 230, EotE CRB} and replaced the engine with an electromagnet. The troopers drop onto the ship, set it on the hull, and arm the magnet and bomb as an incidental.) Murderdroid said he kept the ship buttoned up and the engines hot at all times. I had him flip 2 Destiny points to do so, since it wasn't stated at last session. He instantly blasts off straight up and level. Then throwing a quick turn to shake the 4 stormtroopers off, fire the ventral guns at the tank on the ground, nearly wiping it out.(The NPC Astromech droid is piloting, one of his two custom combat droids is on the lower gun) The Troopers easily and safely leave the hull and blow the charges above both Engineering section and Main Cargo. (I prefer minions that THINK, in cases like this) Murderdroid checks the monitor and sees a to the west, a Star Destroyer swinging left to lay in a full broadside, and 20 TIE fighters screaming in from the south. The droid's player announces" I don;t bother making an Astrogation Check: I'm going to lightspeed..in atmosphere. the air......<cool dramatic pause on the player's part, worth bonus XP>...Burns". Since there are only droids on board, the rapid air loss made do real difference. The damage to Engineering sure did. So the session ended with: the Jedi and Modder ,coming out of the sewers, dragging three hot, near-naked Twi'lek women, and a screaming thug with no hands, dodging a bloodthirsty mob, looking up to see their home being shot up by the Empire, leaving the surface in a trail of fire and the grandmother of all sonic booms; (Remember, these two characters have no idea..yet..that the droid is on the most wanted terrorist list) The GMPC HG, just in regular clothing and a heavy blaster pistol, lugging an armload of fresh groceries, rounding a corner, and seeing 200+ Stormtroopers and 50+ local cops where the ship used to be, gets on his commlink and can only raise the above two, the captain's only static: The captain, unconscious for two days, no clothes, armor, or weapons anywhere; Murderdroid, on a course unknown, engines damaged and in the red. (A few sessions back, the crew took a couple of months off from murder-hoboing to upgrade the YT-2400's Primary engines to Class .5, forgot what they did to the backup,) I was thinking of typing up 5 different endings for Murderdroid, sealing them in 5 envelopes, and letting the player pick one. "Choose Your Fate! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Please feel free to suggest one, or more.? And your favorite Evil Laugh GIF's, too..
  10. AYY, ASHARA, TABI, OMEGA-ZED! Do not read any further! Ok, the group has returned to the scene of the crime,? Taleucema, on Saleucami (MotPQ). They chose that destination from a 10-item list on the job board handout i gave them. That one was involving the kidnapping of 18 blue-skinned female Twi'leks that match the PC Smuggler's description. I thought going back to the scene of the crime was an ancient trope. The droid actually decided to go back and rile up the empire and the local citizenry with another bombing just for laughs, for the "beginning of the droid uprising"(his words)... Despite the, not one, but_ two_, Star Destroyers in orbit, the 30,000 cr reward by the Taleucema cops, and the 50,000 cr reward by the Zann Consortium, dead or alive, on their heads. Murderdroid's player has decided to steal a star destroyer single-handed while it's in the atmosphere, by slicing all the doors open, like the mistake i made last time. Sorry, not making that mistake again in the upcoming session. ? Whats' going to happen is this: since the player's ship has landed, and the Zann Consortium has offered 50,000 cr for the crew of a YT-2400, the locals are going to go crazy looking for it. Last session, Murderdroid has just set off, iirc, 20+ bombs at random points in Taleucema, followed by a broadcast to say the Empire" can't protect you at all, and all droids must rise up and throw off their chains! "(again, his words). I think this could backfire, yuuuuuuuuge. So i decided that one of four things will happen. ONE: a crowd of D100 x 100 (Yes, TIMES 100 ) drunk, angry lowlifes will attack the spaceport, beating / killing anyone they find near a YT-2400, and ripping the ship(s) open just for fun. TWO: the spacers / families / dockworkers (6D100 + 1,000 ) will come to the spaceport looking for revenge on anyone in a YT-2400. THREE: The Empire will drop 1,500 Stormtroopers, 20 APC's, 10 tanks, and 12 walkers directly on the docks with orders to destroy any YT-2400 they find on the ground, and capture/kill the crews (commander's choice). FOUR: All of the above. I'm leaning towards Choice # 4, in this order: One, Three, Two. The PC's are pretty far away from the ship, about a hour's walk, with the exception of Murderdroid. The Pilot is in a stealth suit ,in the 2nd floor VIP section of the Loaded Savrip, investigating a kidnapping. The Jedi is in the fight ring on the first floor, earning money betting on herself. The Modder is in the back loading dock of the Loaded Savrip, observing what he thinks is a crime in progress. The droids' locked himself in the PC ship's engineering section, as usual, sending spy droids out remotely. My GMPC HG is on board as well, but he's going to be opening the ramp and exploring away from the ship when this goes down. Question 1: what can a civilian mob, let's say 40+, do to the inside of a ship? They're carrying tools, pipes, pitchforks, torches, red barstools, (sharknado reference), mayyyybe a blaster or grenade.. Obviously they've bypassed the armor / shields once they're inside. I was thinking 3 wound and 3 system strain each round they were on board, +40-50 to any crits that come up, plus 1 and 1 for every success rolled on an Easy Skullduggery check. I think the mob will be broken down so I'll be rolling 4 yellow, 1 green, 1 purple each round, if i figured that right. I'll assume Murderdroid will seal the ship and vent the air in that case. Iirc, he has no ranks in Piloting Planetary, or Space. The NPC R4 unit the PC's saved does, though. Question 2: What can 40 Stormtroopers do to a ship interior? My plan is: I'll roll a D4 to determine how many rounds it takes for the Empire demolition team to get there. They will plant explosives first on the exterior hull to breach every door. Then the Stormtroopers are going to maul the interior of the ship. I'm guessing 5 - 10 points and 5 SS each round, assuming 40 troopers are shooting up the place. Your thoughts?
  11. Ok, this is good. I had the feeling that 4 point Conflict was a little high. And that it could cause a major party battle that could go badly, especially after the players chipped in and got the GMPC HG with rank 5 Gunnery a VX Sidewinder. The murder droid PC has planted enough explosives in the YT-2400 they own to destroy it in case the BBEG (think Number Six from Battlestar Galactica, but with Brawn, Cunning, and Presence around 4-6) ever tried to assimilate him. Basically 16 or so thermal detonators in engineering section, and another 16 in the Circuitry Bay at the center of the ship. Although i doubt if he'll use that method to take the Jedi out, since he has 2 combat and 4 recon droids he built. Yes, I think that inter-party conflict over an attack of civilians should make some good roleplay, and hopefully less emphasis on ROLL-play, in a case like this. The newbie (20-60 XP by now, iirc) Jedi trying to berate the rest of the PC's which are at 400 XP could be interesting. Yes, she's way behind the curve compared to the others. But that was the character concept the player came up with, so I decided to roll (pun not intended ? ) with it, and see what happens. He can always spend a destiny point if it gets too deep. The next session, Murderdroid wants to steal his own freighter to build a droid army from. He's running out of space on the YT-2400.
  12. First off, thanks to all for all the help with my first question.Proud Murderhobos, MotPQ, and Obligation. Our story so far: the PC Togruta Shii Cho Knight has replaced the BH he was playing earlier, and has fit in pretty smooth. The character, which was started from base XP, iirc, was designed solely for blade combat. The player happily ignored any other non-combat skills during creation that weren't required. After the party helped her sneak into Ilum to get a crystal, she assembled her blade with the help of the murderhobo droid. She has no ranks in Mechanics at all, and i think it calls for a Mechanics check to assemble the lightsaber, right? I allowed it, because it was getting late, and the Droid's player, said it "wasn't actually helping". I'll have to look into that, because i **think** he waved his hand and said, "These are not the rules you seek." My memory's kinda fuzzy on that session. ? Anyway, Next session, the Knight decides to go off and look for work by herself, while one of the other PC's went shopping. She got a "Guard-this-guy-in-transit" job, straight from a video game. Thought I'd keep it simple. She wound up using her lightsaber on a packed rush-hour freeway fighting a speeder full of minions (she was driving, and has NO ranks in Piloting(planetary) as well ?). Her blade blew out the right engine, causing the speeder full of minions to collide with her and her charge, both rolling into the grass in an apartment complex nearby(all took 10 damage, minus soak). After battling the survivors of the crash (I ruled the driver and 1 shooter was killed on impact, getting thrown onto a road at speed 1 is pretty much an insta-kill in my book), she took out the other three thugs. Then i decided to bring out my favorite gaming terror: Vader? Nope. A Star Destroyer? No. An Eldritch Horror? Naaah. What was it, you ask? a news van, or speeder, in this setting. The look of terror on the player's face when i described the bright red van roaring over the complex rooftops, coming into a screaming dive straight towards them, with a blonde human female leaning out an open door readying a camera, was hilarious. Onto my main question: The character concept is a youngling Padawan that escaped Order 66, and lived in a cave on a backwater planet, ever since that day.The timeframe is still 1 - 1/2 years before Rogue 1/ ANH. Since she discovered that the group she is with is responsible for around 500+ deaths on Saleucami, and another 75 on the planet where she was picked up, is there Conflict for simply keeping her mouth shut? The PC has reached 70 points, but I think the fact that she's running with "The Butchers of Saleucami" should cause something.. 50,000 CR Dead or Alive by the Zann Consortium; 30,000 CR for arrest by the Saleucami PD; assorted bounties by the families (haven't decided on this last one yet). I was thinking around 4 Conflict (since 4 PC's were involved)each session she doesn't turn them in, or do something about them. Would just confronting them about what they did remove the conflict? Thanks for the help.
  13. Ok, I'm seeing a lot of things I should have thought of that session. A LOT. I'm seriously thinking about printing out all of everyone's comments and having them handy next game. The Slicer's player said he designed this droid "specifically for this, to kill a ship in 1 round" (direct quote, iirc). That set off a few alarm bells, so that's why I'm here. I thought that felt wrong, so I'm glad to get confirmation from all of you on this. I don't mind him having 5 dice for slicing, my GMPC is going to have 5 dice in Gunnery and 4 in Ranged(Heavy) next session. ( I want to kill him, but they keep saving him...) The group has around 96 points each banked, give or take an extra point or two for anything funny said in character. They found a creative (and funny) way to get their obligation below 100 last session. I'll detail that in another thread. But back to the topic: yes, looks like I got ran over, thinking back on that session. I'm going to have to tell the players that we're playing SW, not "Monty Haul 2.0"(100% Big Loot,0% Effort) The droid, IMO, is made to be an "I WIN" button, when it comes to slicing. tbh. But he has a soak of only 3, iirc. I can work with that, and no more insta-kill button, thanks to your tips. I'll give him this: He did get creative and craft 2 combat droids and 4 spy drones so he never has to leave the ship. And he rarely allows any non-droid crew back in engineering of the PC's YT-2400, not even the ship's owner. During one session, the crew had to go back to the rear of the ship, and found he had crafted 6 units of the most powerful explosive in the game simply stored in the middle of main engineering and another 10-12 units stored in the circuitry bay. I am DEFINITELY going to use this against them.( he did craft these items with my knowledge, but secret from the other PC's)? He forgot there is the protocol droid they saved on board that didn't like being tortured for sport for 6 months..? I hope I don't sound like I have the "me vs. them" mindset, but I can't let them just blow up the rules of the game for loot. I did get them laughing so hard two were crying last session, though. That felt good. I'll put that in my next thread as well. ^THIS. EXACTLY.
  14. Definitely. I'm finding out the hard way how creative this player is.(The player's studying to be an engineer in RL.) I may need to purchase the Special Modifications book and create my own Slicer to truly understand what he's doing. A few sessions after the incident, the group was dropping off an NPC on a remote planet (as a method of introducing the BH player's switch to a new character, a female Togruta Shii-Cho Knight. I could be wrong, but I have the feeling he made a new character because I rolled a couple of lucky triumphs during a tough battle. Didn't kill or get a crit on the PC, but it really felt the burn. He's been at my table for years, and I've found that the quickest way to make him mad is to take more than 25 - 50% of his health in combat,but I'm digressing.). The R3 Slicer was at his station on the PC's ship while the rest were escorting the NPC. The players were being watched while wandering the colony, and the new Techie PC spotted someone ducking into an alley to use a commlink. He calls up the Slicer to inform him. I have him (Slicer) roll an Average Computer check, which he passes easily. Here's where it gets weird for me. The slicer says," I slice into their computer, and jam their transmission!" He rolls PPPPPDS. The 1 setback die because he's on the ground, the target is 150 miles in orbit overhead, and heavy snow is coming in. Some ability allows him to ignore 1 purple die, I'll have to research it; pretty sure i read it somewhere. He rolled 2 triumphs, iirc. I decided the ship was a CR90 Corvette, with a crew of 100. Me: "Okay, their comms are down." Slicer: Now that i have a backdoor into their system, i shut off their engines. They can't restart for an hour." Me: "Uhmmmm..."(Like I said, I started this game system in February: I've still got a while before I master it, IMO.) Slicer: "Now I open every door to space, and begin powering up the freighter to go get my new ship!" Me: "You successfully open all the doors to space. Some do manage to make it to the escape pods and escape to the surface, there is no way to lock someone out of an escape pod. All but one officer. He calmly rises from his station, walks to the rear of engineering while his crew is pulled into space. He enters a code into a terminal, then looking into the monitor, gives you a knowing smirk before pulling a handle. The ship self-destructs with a blinding flash visible on the surface." That last part? There's something going on in the background the players haven't seen...yet. Everyone at the session failed to notice that that officer was completely unaffected by being in an airless room for 2 full rounds. And he knew BBX (The PC Slicer) was doing it, and was watching. I said that before he died, you see a familiar symbol underneath his flapping jacket collar, Merlin's (the nemesis stalking him) symbol. It felt kinda wrong to empty out a ship that quickly without some homework on my part first. So I allowed everything but the capture of the ship. Not to be petty, but because there's a third player on the board in my campaign. And Player Three has been around before the Old Republic... I'll eventually let them discover through newscasts it was a Republic spy ship he took out...
  15. I didn't think of that. I'll award them with 10 extra XP for that, and everyone gets 10 more Obligation on top.? I'll have to go over my notes. I'm not sure if they even have a group obligation at all yet. They all have individual obligation so far, and we've added a new player. A Gand(iirc) Tech/Outlaw Tech. They're a little bit suspicious, because they know he slips off at every stop to do ...something...out of their sight, they can't figure out what. And this was the player's idea, before he learned about the explosion.? Nice.......I will definitely have to do this. I have an NPC that is stalking them for something the droid did a session later. The droid announced he was doing some slicing to learn more about the next target on Ord Mantell. Double Triumph with a Despair! ( I had upgraded because of the increased security level i thought that zone called for). He stated that he wanted to "Slice all the information in the universe! BWAHAHAHAHA!!" (His actual words). I thought that an astromech droid did not have infinite download capacity, and what is most of the web in RL? You guessed it, crap. So...because of his Despair I let him download the info he was after, randomly mixed in with about 600 terabytes of cute pet videos and another 300 terabytes of infomercials and "Twi'leks Gone Wild" videos. He passed out from the overload of cuteness, and the rest of the party had to drag him a mile back to the ship. Hilarious RP moment. It took him a game"day" to get the garbage out of his system. It also alerted Ord Mantell Security to a severe breach. They, in turn, called the Empire for help. They dispatched a Star Destroyer with a command crew mostly consisting of slicers. The commander is simply known as "Merlin". Take Thrawn's stats/abilities, and re-imagine him as a Slicer.
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