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  1. Campaign setting 88-z is occupying an empty space J4X ends movement on that space ... Did we play that right?
  2. Yeah, unfortunately you need to take several phone pictures if you need to walk away from a mission. sorry
  3. https://imperial-assault.fandom.com/wiki/Supply_Card this is an index to the supply cards released in the various packs. Also, I did some curiosity digging and found these print-out back-ups of cards from the old Hero Quest game system. http://north-american.yeoldeinn.com/downloads/frozen-horror/frozen-horror-treasure.pdf http://english.yeoldeinn.com/downloads/system/system-treasure.pdf http://north-american.yeoldeinn.com/downloads/mage-of-the-mirror/mage-of-the-mirror-treasure.pdf http://english.yeoldeinn.com/downloads/wizards-of-morcar/wizards-of-morcar-treasure.pdf Again, maybe useful, maybe not. could be, tho
  4. Thanks for pointing me in that direction to start with. I'll keep looking, but first glance most of those posts had more success with -monsters- from other games than heroes. A big part is that bigger-off-scale monsters were more forgiveable since they're supposed to be intimidating anyway. Granted, it's been a good while since that topic's been on the wind. All the 1e monsters have been re-released via the packs, so having a thread focus on heroes could be very useful. I'll post again if I get any traction.
  5. Is there a list of suitable proxy figures for 1st edition heroes that were included in the conversion kit, but not yet included in an H&M pack?
  6. The trick is costing for each unit. Luckily someone else cracked the code in Imperial Assault. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1379638/formula-calculating-threat-deployment-costs-figure Send me a note if you want some help adjusting this to descent. But following his base formula will get you a near-balanced figure cost. Points per turn = start it at 3. Increase points per turn every round by 1. Lot of tedious maths, but it'll make things work a lot better.
  7. I'd buy it. Acklays might be better as Large figures (2x2, same as nexu modified scale). A Gorax would be a fun massive, though. lol Any notion for the 2nd merc figure grunt? (imps getting scouts/bike, merc getting acklay/??) I think it'd be pretty fair game for any common hired muscle type small figure. Maybe Devorian gun runners (can change 1 die in their green/green pool to anything while attacking). It'd probably be pacifist support Yoda, but I think it'd be a fun addition still. With it being a big box you'd need 3 heroes. All for the Sullustan. A hero ewok would honestly be boss, lol but dead serious. A female imperial officer double-agent would thematically work (helping scout endor base). === edit === forgot big box sets only come with 3 enemy groups and a massive. So ... ditch the gun runners. Even though i think they'd be awesome and deserve a blister pack. lol
  8. "Move X spaces" does pop up in a few other places in IA as well (forgetting where atm). So it's a good clarification to get out of the way. ^^
  9. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that the Spectre Cell is broken. 😜 So, they'd be on the "over powered" end of things.
  10. Here's just a couple of pros/cons with "reveal as you go" that I've seen. PRO - Having those surprises for the player is super rewarding on both sides of the table. That's a huge draw that makes balancing the cons worth it. CON - It breaks up the flow during the gameplay session. Even if you tell the OL in the campaign log to set the tiles aside, they still have to pause everything whilst they dig out the pieces. If it's a big reveal that can eat up a bit of time and break momentum. Laying out MOST of the map first, then segmenting it off with barriers and having the OL populate the tiles as they get through each segment does speed it up a lot. CON - You're giving the players a moving finish line. This is troublesome since the heroes need to know how to pace themselves. It's a little anti-climatic, but giving the players some indication as to how far along they are is more fair.
  11. Yeah, the D2e reinforcement system does muddle things up with regards to unit selection. While I wouldn't consider a better implementation of a threat-deployment system "reinventing the wheel" (since it'd be a flat-out improvement if done right) ... it is a daunting task to do it correctly. >>;
  12. Oxford comma to the rescue! yeah, with the comma there the "or" indicates "between all the groups in this list" Whereas "Curse, Disease, Poison or Stun" would indicate a choice only between the last two.
  13. If you're still in on this ... can I suggest going through Imperial Assault's "Supply Crate" cards? Mechanically speaking they were able to get a lot of variation in their rewards. So while they had 3-5 different recovery items they were able to mix it up and keep it balance with strength and usage conditions (some had marginal boosts but were free actions, some had to be used while resting but were stronger, etc). Likewise the various grenades in IA could easily be converted to black powder bombs, fractured rune stones, flash vials, etc. Also, the general lore of Descent could serve as great consumables inspiration. Turning tools of particular cults against them. Bandit's poisoned throwing dagger. etc One other request is GOOD short-term conditions. Focus for buffing the next attack, Inspiration for test re-rolls, a single round Stealthy benefit, Magic barrier defense, etc. Looked through, love the work you've done so far. keep it up.
  14. Casual curiosity question here... Which units are -actually- the best balanced (as per original print). Storm troopers were kinda the initial anchor point at launch ... but not sure that's still the case. So I'm wondering what your thoughts are.
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