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  1. So here's one ... I had my players be part of a skulduggery guild, and they were assigned to a "rank promotion qualification" suicide job: live capture a foppish ISB agent from a diplomatic gala on Umbara. There were several acting agents on sight they didn't know about, but had the chance to rework their plan and ask around... What I expected the ladies to do? - they'd go in recklessly guns blazing, because one's a merc murder hobo - talk to others and get info about this EXTREMELY shady job that their boss didn't even trust, maybe make some informed decisions? - they'd pull an inception double-con "we're here to save you from traitors" (they basically had access to a robust disguise kit to dress as proper guests) What did they do? - literally the first suggestion out of the askijian murderhobo's mouth: "let's dress up like [women of the night], take him to a bedroom, and club him over the head!" - and the twi'lek bombshell smooth talker went full in on this ... which I did not expect at all from her player ... and forced the aski to take point - and they bee-lined straight into the mission without talking to anyone else - additionally, then they took some glitterstim (that one of the characters was addicted to), and drugged the agent's drink I'm honestly not sure why I didn't expect them to play the bardic mantra of "seduce everything" ... but they did.
  2. Come to think of it, there was a ton of assorted gear, guns, and ramshackle equipment here (along with the hover E-Web). Adds more plausibility to this one. Also, Given they're pirates, it's likely they just grabbed the steel egg while trying to get everything they could - then found out about the baby inside later ... then found out they were getting idiot bounty hunters with fobs targeting the baby ... sure, why not squat on the prize and try to get some good ransom money out of your little green wrinkly pet. I did consider the other jedi angle previously, as well. (well, probably fallen jedi given the tactics) ... possible?
  3. well, they made his live action costume for the comms videos in Disneyland's Smuggler's Run. lol (not the animatronic, an actual suit for when Hondo briefs you by the Falcon's cockpit) Would be a hilarious quasi-cameo character.
  4. given that the season has finished, there's a couple dangling threads. While some were obvious teases for next season (the feller who tracked down the sniper)... one hasn't been answered in the slightest and possibly won't... Who were the nikto and other scum that were guarding The Asset in episode 1? My guess is pirates squatting on a ransom, but this is never directly explained. I was wondering if any of you had a clue.
  5. ... force the player to make a young hutt? or a runt-hutt? basically - if size is going to be a persistent problem off the ship, limit the character so that it's not quite so large (also remember that hutts do have a full spine and are a little more like a chubsnake tsuchinoko than they are a slug, so they can slither/slime through tight areas if needed)
  6. dragonsnakes are a thing... but these things are Nal Hutta based, doesn't seem very zeltrony. so ... good luck? I'll mull over other suggestions
  7. so, my two cents... Dice should NEVER be used as a lie-detector. In d&d5e they joke about INTUITION TO DETECT LIE. The big complaint is that it undercuts the player's ability to actually role play think in the characters' shoes when they can just pull back the curtain. The only reason I think it should be used to determine this is if the Player has something to the effect of PROBE HIS MIND WITH THE FORCE where there's zero way to lie. ... Being said, here's my alternatives (what I run with in campaigns) perception/intuition/etc should only reveal how the other character is behaving. However, this SHOULD have the possibility to lead to false positives (like how the internet assumes the dev of No Man's Sky was a total liar, when really he's just an extreme introvert who can't even answer a simple question like "what's your position in the company" without wriggling). In your case, a failure could simply means he flinches .. or he plays off a failure as offense. FACT CHECKING against lies is actually a far better idea, and makes use of the under-utilized Intelligence stat blocks. So your NPC says "MYEEEESSSS, THESE ARE HONEST IMPERIAL PLAAAANS, there's a contact in tatooine", your PCs could do the appropriate checks to see if that lines up with what they've heard in the underground. That way they still have to make their own personal call, but they back it up with logic or reason. ... I know I've done other stuff, but I'm forgetting them atm. And if all else fails, just set a difficulty in your head and LIE. If they get 1 success, but needed 3, just say "eh, he seems honest, I guess." and start intentionally giving them mixed signals in your answers.
  8. -watching this thread to see how it goes, honestly hoping it works- I'll place a bet of 5 imaginary credits: after playing it feels like there's potential but the constant number tracking may get too daunting/tedious (possibly in a scum battle with multiple shields going on at once). If you have X-Wing 2.0 minis/tokens ... those double-sided shield tokens may help reduce the paperwork involved with this.
  9. sorry to necro this one. I'm in the process of adding a custom species to this program's data set editor. How do you add a "special ability" to a species? i.e. how humans can gain 2 non-career skills during character creation.
  10. If you took the XP factor out of option 1 - I think you're on to something. ... I just think that the XP itself would be pretty awful to try and manage/maintain/balance. Keep his resources more to thematics. If he wants more troops, he'll have to make appeals to the higher ups and that sort of thing. (if you have to, take a page from Age of Rebellion and use that Duty mechanic ... just imperial) Another STRONG suggestion would be making him NOT be the primary antagonist. You could have is sorta structured as such ... - The Players are the merry band of scallywags doing their thing - The remote player could probably be a Governor or Moff. Someone the empire put in charge of the region that the players are screwing up in. - Then you have the actual BBEG, which could be a Hutt that isn't friends with the Empire. The main reason is that if the absentee player only has to deal with the party, it'll be too easy and adversarial. If, however, the player has to deal with both the players (a small but lethal thorn) and the BBEG (a big problem they have to address), there's enough independence to cause chaos AND to allow all the players to start leveraging the different parties against each other.
  11. I apologize if I've you've read this one before, but still gets me... Flat out turned a dead end into victory. Starter Game on Mos Shoota (sic). There's a number of dead ends, and the player wanted to actually converse with the shop owners. They bee-line to the luxury curiosity shop. Manual flat out says it's a dead end, so I made the twi'lek Frank Nelson (that jerk who always says yyyyyyeeeeeeeees?). So nothing happened there outside of the player instantly saying "oh no, it's him." I made the dewback stable owner a lax cynical woman (early 30s). They were brash with her, so she raised the price on the dewbacks out of their pocket range. Droid asks if they could barter, I had the lady brush it off with a "better be good" leave me alone reply. So they head back to the luxury shop. The players confirmed that the shop keeper knew the dewback stable woman, and asked if she had anything in the shop she wanted. Sensing a joke, I had the guy present a 12" statue of a shirtless Kit Fisto, saying she'd been eyeing this for a while. The barter price was both of the droid's hands, I figured that would be the end of that. The droid agreed and also offered affectionate wookie hugs to sweeten the deal. Sticking to character I had the twi'lek go in for the hugs ... which they quickly turned into a brutal intimidation shakedown for the statue and other goods while the wookie was crushing the foppish twi'lek's ribs. XD This eventually lead to me figuring out how much damage a dewback stampede does to a pack of storm troopers. He bypassed a solid chunk of the game and I had to think on the fly to create new challenges just so he'd have SOMETHING to figure out for the finale. lol
  12. Agreeing with the others that the species in this system are far less about hard maths and more about "the feel of it". Take their advice. My two cents on things to consider with this... Follow the star wars tradition of Rule of Cool. Have your goal first, then design mechanics to justify it. When bumping stats away from the baseline human value of 2 ... be mindful that a step away is REMARKABLY different. Don't make the adjustment unless it's basically universal among the species. Also, these are broad species you're creating rather than individuals (that evil practice of generalizing mass populaces, YAY, do it.) - Why I bring this up is that you probably have a specific character from this species in mind ... you need to differentiate between the baseline of this new species and the average candidate. For example: Zeb is probably stronger than the common Lasat, so it's reasonable to infer that he put starter XP into that stat during creation beyond his species bonuses The other flavor quirks - some of them are honestly situationally garbage. I don't mean to bag on core designs, but if you have a twi'lek who never ends up on an arid planet that one goes to waste. I wouldn't put too heavy an emphasis on this department (my two cents)
  13. Current group has 2 ships - an "ugly" Tie bomber/Y-Wing scap mix named Holy Diver (... had to give her a D-0 style droid named D-10) - a luxury space yacht named The Smooth Criminal ... I tend to run my campaigns as "actual consequences that they have to take seriously otherwise they might die, though the situations are absurd" due to my writing background, like escorting a gungan. As such, it's a personal goal to force them into as many ill-named ships as possible if they ever end up on an NPC's craft. Example being 4 original Maia class star fighters, the Maia-Hee, Maia-Hu, Maia-Hoe, and the Maia-Haha.
  14. The party a small group of 2. - One of them is a murderhobo bounty hunter - the player literally asked me: how do I make the personality trait of "I just like killing people" not be pure sadism? So she's combat ready, but still meta-inexperienced - The other is a pacifist con artist with limited fighting prowess They're guild coworkers on assignment, so it's a forced partnership. Obviously it's an extreme odd-couple. Also a fun challenge to make missions where both can try to cooperate
  15. that's a good point. most tabletops share this issue due to activation advantage.
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