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  1. oh yeah ... the hutt player CONSISTENTLY passed every stealth check I threw at him, even with 2 reds and 8 purples. His idiot's luck was unstoppable ... which was absolutely hilarious as he justified just how in the crap this stuff kept happening. ... monkey failed everything, by contrast, which was also hilarious.
  2. other members wer a jawa demolitionist, and a slightly cunning gamorrean raised on Canto Bight (fancied himself a ritzy gambler) A serious campaign absolutely would never happen with this group. (I have another group that is slightly more sane that I can do that with) Simply put, us brothers all share a grim satirical morbid sense of humor that comes naturally. As much as we understand good drama, unhinged creative chaos just comes more naturally. ... ergo with this group, even if they had more reasonable characters, the only viable approach to quest design would be playing the missions as absolutely straight faced as possible. i.e. set up a china shop with a big red button that they shouldn't push ... and let the bulls loose. ///////// and yeah, thanks again all. Quest went off great. I had the group audition for a skullduggery merc guild ... and their mission was to retrieve a rumored buried pirate treasure from some random remote system (imps started setting up a base nearby, and if the imps didn't find it, the eventual rebel insurgents would). ... naturally, the "random system" was Endor circa ABY 0.5 (they got excited) ... and the players ended up getting chased by hungry ewok swarms ala horror film in a harrowing escape with the ship.
  3. so, unfortunately - jumping back into this after a few months hiatus ... and the amazing templates for careers and characters seem to be dropbox404'd. :c I'm not sure I saved them on my computer (doesn't seem it) does anyone happen to have them? (fine with direct messaging)
  4. Thanks everyone ^^ very much appreciated.
  5. so ... I'm introducing my siblings to the game. For pretty much all of them this is their first Tabletop RPG, so I have to play far more to "spirit of the law" to make sure they have a good time (expectations/reality, etc). ... So the first one decides he wants a Hutt Ninja. I told him he'd be hilariously terrible at the required rolls and he's loving that this Hutt has vain ambitions for something he can't possibly pull off. Next brother up ... basically asks for a Rocket Raccoon Monkey-Lizard. - I tried shooting this one down, because sentience is kinda required for player characters - then the first brother pipes up with lore dives regarding Dr Ezevan and his creepy experiments ... using that as solid justification for "why wouldn't he create a sentient monkey lizard with a thing for big guns?" - so ... they won. I fear what the other 2 will bring to the table now. Being said, I noticed a distinct lack of Monkey Lizards in both the official and fan made reference materials for playable character stats. ... Any advice? Do I just dig up the stats for a normal monkey lizard (assuming there's stats) NPC and give the player extra XP to make up for the difference?
  6. so, I'm realizing I may have been misinterpreting a rule, so I'm going to ask and clarify. (since doing so will clear out all related questions) The term "set aside" means that the specific component is removed entirely from play and cannot be affected by general mechanics ... HOWEVER ... it does not prevent it from being called back into action if it's specifically called for? So I'll give a scenario using Pong Krell's saber for clarity (since I remember that rule off the top of my head) Pong Krell activates, he's got his saber equipped so he rolls in the normal die on his next turn, his player uses the saber power action to roll in that extra copy of the die (paying the requisite resource cost) his opponent doesn't like this and removes the bonus die from play, which means the die is set aside since the die is set aside this round, and pong's player already used the power action, he can't roll that bonus die back into the pool ... however, next round pong krell's player uses the power action to bring that set-aside die back into play ... because the saber card specifically calls for it. Is that right?
  7. context first, question after ... context is that I live in an area where there simply isn't FFG tourneys. So I'm asking this question so that our local players who do play (we play casual, but fair/rules abiding) can no how to approach this. QUESTION is "how many extra dice can you have in reserve for cards that call on extra dice?" A couple examples would be Pong Krell's Saber or the Runaway Boomas. They both have text that allow the player to roll in an extra die, then set it aside. On a related question: IF the answer is INFINITE, how many extra dice have you seen a player bring in reserve for one of these cards (in practice)? Thanks in advance!
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