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  1. Hi thanks. It looks like the charges are not working if there is no text, I will look more in detail this weekend
  2. I haven't got much time recently. Configurations and line break are the first things i will work on when i get back to the website
  3. Hey cool designs! I haven't worked on the website this week, I will update the website next wednesday or thursday.
  4. I tested them and the cards look much better. I will work on the website again this Sunday
  5. This font only contains symbols, not text. I already use it to make the symbols on the page and the cards.
  6. Yeah I was'n expecting people to fit attacks actions and charges on the same card but I can easily fix that. For the pilot cards I am working on them, I am currently having some issues with the main text.
  7. On the cards? This one is the closest I found. If someone can find the font file they use it will be great, but I don't think it is that easy.
  8. Thanks I actually updated the website just after my message but forgot to post that here. I am working on the pilot part today, maybe I'll update the website around 7 PM GMT if i manage to finish it. By configs you mean just the upgrade with "config" icon or 2 sided cards? For now i have done neither of them.
  9. I'll put a new version of the website online soon. I fixed the vertical alignment, symbol integration and added the gallery.
  10. Cool designs. I am currently working on the texts, specifically the vertical alignment.
  11. I haven't seen your message earlier my bad. For the fonts I use Arial (main font) and Orbitron (titles). I haven't tested any special characters but it looks like the vowels are displayed in small letters. this is weird because Orbitron actually supports the letter "É" at least when I test it on the google font website. I can change so that they will show as "E", I'm slowly going back to developping the website.
  12. To be honest I haven't done anything new since September due to a lack of time and motivation (back to school yay). I'll try to get back to it soon, hopefully before the end of the month.
  13. The new version with ship stats is online I'll do the image next and description soon
  14. Thanks I'm currently doing ship stats but it is taking me some time. I'll do the card text next and hopefully the website will be finished one day
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