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  1. "Leia Organa removes the drawbacks from Resistance Transport Pilot Cova Nell’s ability, allowing her to roll an additional die while defending or performing a primary attack without gaining the stress token from her revealed red maneuver." Doesn't this contradict the new ruling regarding revealed maneuvers? Since her revealed maneuver becomes white cova nell shouldn't be able to roll additional dice
  2. Rose Tico crew reads "While you defend or perform an attack, you may spend 1 of your results to acquire a lock on the enemy ship." Can I: 1 - roll attack dice 2 - spend 1 result to acquire a lock 3 - spend said lock to reroll dice 4 - spend 1 result to reacquire a lock? the last bit has me in doubt, because I think it conflicts with the "once per opportunity" rule. Can anybody confirm?
  3. Can you drop a loose cargo on an obstacle? It came up during our last local tournament and we could not find rulings forbidding it. For that matter, can you do the same with devices?
  4. Wedge's ability is bad, unless you are going against heavily modded defence dice
  5. Let's say i want to run a VCX with a shuttle docked from setup. Do I need both titles or only the Ghost? It could be an obvious answer but i can't find in the rules reference anything regarding the prerequisites to have a ship docked. For reference: Ghost You can dock 1 attack shuttle or Sheathipede-class shuttle. Your docked ships can deploy only from your rear guides. Phantom You can dock at range 0-1.
  6. Just had a blast at LGS small tournament and won 3-0 with this list. Between linked actions, pilot abilities and Jyn Erso almost every turn each ship has offensive and defensive modifiers. Cassian's ability helps in keeping dials open (most of the time Braylen's, since Ten easily sheds stress by himself) and Leia works wonders with the B-wings, whose role is to brawl close to the enemy and never die thanks to evades and selfless. Very, very fun to fly: Ten Numb (46) Selfless (3) Jamming Beam (0) Braylen Stramm (47) Selfless (3) Jamming Beam (0) Horton Salm (37) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Seismic Charges (3) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Cassian Andor (47) Leia Organa (2) Jyn Erso (2) Pivot Wing (0) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 My 3 matches were against(probably i am forgetting some upgrades): - RAC(vader, FCS, advanced protons)/Sai(CD,title)/Scourge Skutu (crack shot) - Dormitz/Tavson/Stridan all with HTD and FCS - Boba Fett (Maul, Marauder, Jamming Beam, VTG)/Fenn Rau (crack shot)/Mining guild sentry I am actually debating whether to swap seismic charges for a hull upgrade because i hardly ever found good opportunities to use them, but that may just be my inexperience with bombs
  7. Let's say I have Leia on a VCX piloted by Hera. I use Leia's charges and reveal a red 1 hard. Does that still count as revealing a red maneuver for the purposes of Hera's ability or is it considered white, thus denying the opportunity to change maneuver?
  8. Ffg staff: "what do we say to our players? - not today"
  9. Just to check: 1)PA says that you can perform 1 action before checking stress, so this means that it's impossible to perform an action, link another one and then check stress for both right? 2)What if I am Nien Numb: T-roll at range one of an enemy with foils closed, focus, shed stress. At this point can I link a barrel roll and still have an action through my perform action step or is that linked BR not allowed?
  10. Under the official rules no. Nothing stops you from mixing factions in a casual game if your opponent allows it
  11. Wait, the 3-hard is not blue for the t70, how can you use a bb8 boost before it? Am I missing something?
  12. Just wanted to share the list, went 2-1 at a local store and had a lot of fun with it. It definitely needs tweaking: I basically never used the millennium title as i felt that performing a focus and TL using Lando's ability on himself was needed to improve his not incredible damage output and used all R2-D2 charges only when Luke was already doomed (in no small part due to my poor flying skills). Anyway, here it is: Lando Calrissian (92) Trick Shot (1) Nien Nunb (5) Millennium Falcon (6) Luke Skywalker (62) Supernatural Reflexes (12) Proton Torpedoes (9) R2-D2 (8) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 195 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  13. Setup: place yourself in reserve. During the system phase of any round, place yourself at range 1-2 of any enemy ship. You MUST shout "HELLO THERE!" at your opponent (I am very sorry)
  14. Seems solid. Remember though that jan ors works only on primary attacks and only when not already stressed
  15. IMHO veteran tail gunner is not very good, I would remove it and swap roark with jan ors: vet tail is unlikely to trigger often, while jan is basically one more guaranteed attack die (so one more possible eyeball) every turn
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