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  1. leia only has trouble vs spectre as does many other figures. This does not mean leia needs a buff in my opinion just that spectre needs a nerf.
  2. Boba fix. Also leia is great and dose not need a fix she had 2 people in top 8 at gencon used her
  3. I’m excited to see how I do with Hks
  4. My list 0.jax 1.selacious 2.c-3p0 3.gideon (maybe e Jawa) 4.greedo 5.riot trooper 6.onar koma 7.sabine 8.rHK assasin droids 9.drok 10.Han 11.chewie 12.IG 13.Vader 14.AT-ST 15.RGC 16.General Weiss 17.none 18.vader
  5. I recently went to a tournament in Chicago and until semifinals I only faced sc so I think that it is balanced but when you play it a lot it becomes unfun.
  6. The reason everyone thinks sc is unbalanced is because it’s not like any other list in the game. You need a completely different play style to combat it which people are just starting to figure out. Think about it. Six acts is against everything we have ever known and it’s a list where you mostly do not get to pick your team. Anyway I think sc is balanced we just need to have some time to figure it out.
  7. Yea I got mine a week week ago so I think that the prizes are finally here.
  8. I would say personally a game defining card is a card that if you have the people to use it it is a must have. SO for me that would be on the lamb, ti, rebel graffiti, most re activate cards (like sos) and positining advantage. Negation in my opinion is not because only around half of the top tables use it and everyone can use it.
  9. Great news everyone! I got an email saying the Canadian prizes will be shipped next week!
  10. Yea I’m experimenting right now with kayn somos and heavys. After I win a regional with hks so I can go to world, I want experiment with rgc and kayn (different lists)
  11. Do you know anything about Canadian national prizes?
  12. Sounds super fun to make your own missions. I’ll have to try it.
  13. Also Hks can make crazy range shots. The other day I killed an officer from 10 spaces away and my opponent was super surprised I made it.
  14. I’ve been running a hk list competitively for almost a year now and you don’t know how many times I’ve been told “weequays are better” and I completely disagree. I brought them to regionals, nationals, and Gencon and I got top 16 in all of them. (Except Canadian national which I got 18 but a guy was super nice and gave me the boba dial) my friend, Logan has been running leia for a really long time now and brings her to the top tables every time. My point is out of meta figures are really good and just need a lot of experimentation and time to get them down.
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