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  1. Wait, that's not related to the OP post, but ... there is no dot next to "Millenium Falcon". Which means we could field both Han in Millenium Falcon AND Lando in Millenium Falcon. Not that it is powerful, but you can have two millenium falcons. Just saying...
  2. I see him working well with ships requiring high quality activations to make the most out of. One example: 1 ISD (your preference), 1 interdictor (with the title). You can navigate AND repair/activate squadron with both ships, making for a fleet way more nimble that it ought to be. Have transports to provide tokens, or... Load up on token for the first 2 turns. Have a Hondo somewhere, and you're good for the game. That should leaves you roughly 100/90 of squadrons. He's super cheap, I'm sure he'll see his fair share of playtime.
  3. I think you make a good point, but doesnt that bring the idea of "Print on demand" batch ? Where if X or more people order product A this month, it gets produced and ship to them directly. It would mean they have to deal with customer support a bit more but it would cut out retailers fee, so...
  4. I used to agree with your first point, and still does with the second. The thing is: You put products on the back burner based on their profitability and other things such as brand saturation. So it made sense to go light on Armada with THREE products happening in short succession (Destiny, Legion and then X-Wing 2.0). And sure, SSD was a production nightmare (they even reported it so when they announced it). But it doesn't explain why they are not going back to it now. The SSD production should now be well on its way (they are supposed to release it in 3/4 months), and if they had a wave 8 meant to happen in the meantime, we should start hearing about it since they usually announce 3/4 months before release. So, I'm not going "aaaah, death, death and desolation!", but just looking for a possible explanation. Cause the other products taking the light was credible ... for a time. And the production nightmare is still credible, but if Armada is making FFG some good bucks, we should really be right at the point were they announce new content.
  5. Hello everyone, I was checking the designers of Armada, and I noticed one thing: It is designed by Christian Petersen, former boss of FFG, and James Kniffen, designer at FFG. Chrisitian is leaving FFG (which is the saddest news, I owe him not just Armada but also Twillight Imperium and the GoT boardgame, but mostly Armada & TI...) and James Kniffen seems to be working on X-wing 2.0 (which is lead by Mr. Little). Do you think that this might explain why there has been so little content for Armada in the past 12 months ? One lead designer having other things on his plate, and the other working on X-wing 2.0 ?
  6. He's withholding the scores until the next Armada article. I'm pretty sure it was his plan all along. Wicked man!
  7. Reading this made me wonder. So I looked on the back of the box... ... They never warned users about chocking hazards!
  8. Don't call Shirley. And they could be either side.
  9. Great article/post. I might have been caught dreaming of the good old days and whishfully looked for a way to discuss Rhymer back into popularity. I had a few come back points, but they all consist in saying "Rebels have more aces combo and/or impactful aces", which is in no way a good argument to improve Rhymer. Or a good argument at all, period.
  10. Hum, you're right. I didn't thought of using Rhymer to just boost Marek & Jendon with extra range. Which would be too much. Sad. Cause I disagree, we don't see bomber and especially Rhymer, nowadays. The nerf was good and necessary. But if it nerfed the squadron to ****, then it might have been too much. Anyway, you are right, un nerfing him might be a bad idea. Not because Sloane would boost him, but he would boost Imperail/Sloane strongest combo.
  11. I'm not so good I can think of list on a white board. I need to test and fiddle. I think Rhymer makes firespray better. I think that taking Rhymer makes you more interested in having a real bomber oriented fleet, so instead of using as Ruthless Strat fodder, you might want to add a fighter wing to help your bomber, bringing back the concept of fully fledge squadron fleets, without being a Sloane list. Pretty sure Thrawn could use that power up.
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