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  1. HI Dentifrice, I would link you to this review: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2045835/sanctum-twilight-scenario-component-review. The author Owen Compton provides a lot of insight and comparison between SANCTUM OF TWILIGHT or BEYOND THE THRESHOLD.
  2. Hi Dentifrice, Glad you are enjoying mansions and this is all down to personal perference. 1. Get DLC if money is concern since expansions can be expensive ( I'm from Canada so big Box expansion such as Arkham and Horrific are about $70). Generally Streets of Arkham is regarded as the best expansions since it has a mixture of great invesigators, mechanics will can help the player and fanastic scenarios. If you enjoy Mansions for the thematic setting, I personally believe that the Beyond the Threshold expansions offers the best scenarios, followed by Horrific Journey, Streets of Arkham, then Santcum of Twilight. On the other hand if you are a "power gamer" and you are concerned about making the most optimal play for success ( choosing the best investigators, items mechanics or cards to help in your battle with Cthulhu), then the expansions order is Streets of Arkham, Santcum of Twilight, Horrific Journey , then Beyond the Threshold. 2. You can House rule not using the traitor mechanic if you wish and also it does not apply to fewer than 3 investigators. Don't want to go into too much spoiler detail, but the specific scenario can be quite challenge even without a traitor. 3. Yes the tiles and monsters of expansions due appear in all of the other base/DLC scenarios . The first scenarios "Cycle of Eternity" has may map variants depending on which expansions added.
  3. You can start with any expansion really. as they all add great content to the core set. A common alternative is the Streets of Arkham expansions as it adds more tools which help you ( improvement tokens, psoitive status effect, powerful investigators)
  4. From what i can make out on the page it probably reads: "Action: Each investigator within range may discard 1 facedown horror. Activate this ability only oncer per round." Here hoping I am right and they don't change the card text.
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