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  1. Ok. So if it is up to the player to act on the conditions of the insanity card as opposed to just a game mechanic that controls the investigator’s action (sometimes ending the game), when certain conditions exists, and everyone playing wants to see the investigation through to the end (and why would anyone 2+ hours into the game want otherwise), then what effect does insnity have? Aside from being the half-way point to elimination, if the system allows for the player to ignore the insanity effects, why bother having specific insanities?
  2. Thank you very much. Any suggestions on this or other things people have done are greatly appreciated. I have not been playing all that long, but I did not come across anything in the rules where it states that a player can just decide not to play the effects of insanity. Here are a couple of examples: Pyromania: "You do not win the game as normal. At the start of your turn, if 6 or more rooms contain Fire, you immediately win the game and the game ends. If the game ends for any other reason, you lose the game." One of a Thousand: "You do not win the game as normal. At the start of your turn, if you have a Bladed Weapon and you are in a space with exactly one other investigator, you immediately win the game and the game ends. If the game ends for any other reason, you lose the game." There is nothing on the card or in the rules to indicate that this is at the player's discretion. In separate games, our group has had both of these cards come into play towards the end of a Mythos phase (failed horror check causes a player to go insane) and the card's "game ending" conditions were already met. In our "Pyro game", fire had been spreading on the other end of the map for several rounds. At the beginning the the investigator's phase, the insane player revealed the insanity and because there were already 6 rooms on fire, the game ended. In our "Goat game", while it was a complete and utter coincidence, the player who went insane had picked up the only bladed weapon in the game and became insane, drawing One of a Thousand, at the failed horror check. He just so happened to be in the same space with one other investigator, at the time. At the start of the Investigator phase, the card was revealed and the game ended. Will this happen again? it's possible, but unlikely. Did it suck? You betcha! We actually had a pretty good chance at winning that game. Our modification allows for the player to attempt to stave off the effects of insanity and gives the player an out should he fail the check. Again, if I missed something in the rules or if there are other ideas, I am fully open to them.
  3. Our group decided to create an insanity mechanic. Since an insane person may or may not be able to control their insane impulses, we wanted a way simulate that as well as stave off some of the immediate game-ending effects of insanity. Here is what we came up with. When a player becomes insane, that player receives a number of tokens equal to their sanity, (we use the sanity tokens from Arkham Horror), along with their insanity card. At the beginning of the next inspector phase, the insane player rolls a number of dice equal to the number of sanity tokens they have. On a single success the player maintains control. They turn in one token and can act as normal, for that round. On a failure, the insanity takes hold for that round. The player turns in one token, receives a concealed horror and they can choose to play both actions towards fulfilling the terms of their insanity, or they can spend one of their two actions insanely muttering to themselves or staring off into space or whatever the player decides to do as a method of “pulling it together”. Each inspector phase, the insane player has one less token then the previous round and therefore spirals down into their insanity. Once the player is out of tokens, we allow a single unmodified die to see if they can maintain their sanity, otherwise they must act to resolve the terms of their insanity.
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