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  1. A knowledge of the world maybe or if magic is present in your realm you could give them primal. as for abilities maybe some kind of extra soak given their woody skin or an explosive growth ability? Or a natural weapon of some sort
  2. For simplicity, you have one of two options, Ignore the threat/advantage mechanic, and i mean ignore them completely...there is no 1-1 ratio for determining how many = success cause that is variant on who's using the mechanic and how they use it. this keeps the spirit of the positive and negative dice and only means you have to calculate success/failure and triumph/despair (for your criticals). I don't suggest this method at all it fundamentally breaks many aspects of the game like weapon qualities and what not. Taking some inspiration from FFG-L5R however you could instead consider a Target Number (TN) approach to the game rather than a positive and negative dice pool. In this way you would need to give certain penalties for environmental or npc effects (-1 success or -2 advantage things like that). But you basically create target numbers for each roll based on difficulty and number of reds. maybe even going so far as to making them roll reds for potential despair when it arises and ignoring other faces of the die. this allows for minimal adjustment to the system (maybe adjusting the exp costs of skills and talents to balance the overall more favorable rolls), and keep the basic...feel of the nds system.
  3. I don’t find the gm screen as necessary to the mechanics of terrinoth, save to maybe hide gm notes. The explanation of the dice and how to include players into the narrative means they should see what the gm rolls. That said...I’d like to see nerekhall or something akin to army of darkness pulp hero action?
  4. Typical Campaigns Magistrates Imperial Legionnaires Shadowlands Arbiters/Regents Imperial Cartographers/Scouts Band of Brothers Restricted (to clans, towns, etc) Rank 0 Campaigns Some Plot Hooks Abduction Adultery All Sacrificed for Passion Ambition Conflict with a God Crimes of Love Daring Enterprise Deliverance Disaster Discovery of Dishonor of a Loved One An Enemy Loved Enigma Familial Hatred Familial Rivalry Fatal Imprudence Faulty Judgement Involuntary Crimes of Love Loss of Loved ones Kinsman kills unrecognized Kinsman Madness Mistaken Jealousy Murderous Adultery Obstacles to Love Obtaining (object or something?) Pursuit Recovery of a Lost One Remorse Revenge Revolt Rivalry between superior and inferior sacrifice of loved ones self sacrifice for an ideal self sacrifice for kindred supplication vengeance by family upon family victim of cruelty or misfortune
  5. When i get home i'll see if i can post them
  6. There was a rather large selection of hooks in the old 4e corebook I’d definitely start there for some options
  7. I am also curious about this, I mean I can kinda see a trade off in the range increments given you have 1-2 but I’m not sure that warrants a decrease in damage given you’re giving up the choice of one to two hands. I mean you’re going to tell me the katana is the far superior weapon? It’s like half the size of a nodachi, a weapon designed to cut down horses.
  8. Now if only they'll give us an update on the main book...its been 'at the printer' for a couple of months now. T_T I hope to see updates soon!
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