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  1. So I got Star Wars Imperial Assault for my wife and I go play. I think all the stuff scared her to much so I’m going to try X-Wing. Looks less complicated and easier to pick up and play a few matches where Imperial Assault would be one game a night. For a newbie, should we just start with 2.0? Will there be getting all the cool ships and waves like 1.0 did? Thanks!
  2. The games has all the components and has actually never been played. He got it, painted a dozen or so from the expansion pack and then it sat in his closet for a few years. I don’t mind the paint. I may eventually get into painting but that will down the road after I get X-Wing 2.0. IF I wanted to repaint them or don’t like the paint job, could I just spray paint primer grey to match the others? Side note: why is everything for IA unavailable on Fantasy Flight?
  3. Thanks for all the help guys. I ended up buying a used set off eBay for 110. It has the core game that has never been played, Twin Shadows and a few extra characters. He painted a few of them. Paint looks decent. Some characters are better than others but all in a good value I think considering Amazon would have been 155ish. Think I got a good deal? Kind of an impluse buy. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys! For some reason, I did not get notifications that anyone responded to this post. I really like the idea of the app and playing coop at least starting off so we can learn together and progress instead of going against each other. I like the Sit Down and Shut Up guys. I have watched their X-Wing, Armada, IA and Star Wars LCG videos. Very funny and informative. Thanks for all the links and advice. I'm going to read the rules and see if it will be a good fit. Sit Down and Shut Up also made a "how to play" video that my wife and I are going to watch together. I'm glad someone else with only monopoly experience has picked up this game and has enjoyed it. Do I need to buy anything besides the core game to get started and have a full game? Any extra reading besides the rulebooks you would recommend? Thanks again for all the advice and tips!
  5. Hello everyone. While walking through Barnes and Noble last week, I saw Star Wars X-Wing and thought “Hey, that looks fun!” After doing some forum searching and asking questions, I’m going to wait til after September and start fresh with 2.0. I have been looking at Star Wars The Card Game but I keep thinking about this game. It would just be my wife and I playing on a Saturday night. Maybe use the app so we can play coop. We have never played any miniature game. How hard is this going to be to grasp this game? Looking for something Star Wars, strategy but I not full on D&D. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! My wife and I love Star Wars and just want a fun game to play just for us but more strategic than normal family card/board games. I figured Destiny was taking over but I would rather buy expansions and know exactly what I’m getting. I really want to try Imperial Assault but might be too much strategy game for my wife. I think I’m going to try a few game shops around town and see if I can find one on the cheap. Thanks again!
  7. So I was thinking about getting this game while I wait on X-Wing 2.0. On my post on the X-Wing forum when I was asking for advice about the game, I also asked advice on what I could play until September. I asked about this game and someone said it was a dead game. Just looking a fun game for my wife and I. I see a lot of other LCG have second editions. What’s the chances of this getting a second edition? Still worth jumping into for a fun weekend night game with the wife?
  8. That’s a great point. I can see myself getting into the game and want to build my own loadouts but my wife use pre made loadouts. Always me to deep dive and still play nice with my wife. Time to highjack my own thread. I’m super pumped to get this game. I can see myself getting Imperal Assault down the road as well but I want a game I can play now. I’m thinking the Star Wars The Card Game. What card games do you guys play in the Star Wars universe?
  9. Thanks again for all the advice. I was watching a few kits on eBay but after looking at the conversation kits and pricing stuff out, I think I’m just going to wait til September for second edition and start fresh there instead of trying to convert 1 and 2 and figure out what works and doesn’t. I’m not 100% sure if I like having to use the app. I’ve read the second edition faq but still confused if it’s mandatory to use the app or if my wife and I can just breakout the cards and ships and start playing without setting up squads and everything through the app.
  10. Thanks for the responses. You guys answered my questions and answered questions I was about to ask. I knew there was a second edition coming out but until this morning, I just thought it was a rerelease. I’m glad I waited since the whole game and mechanics are being changed. Per everyone’s advice, I have a few sets I’m watching on eBay that would net me the core game plus a bunch of other ships that I can upgrade when 2.0 comes out. I have watched a few video reviews and super excited to play this game. Thanks Frimmel for the ship recommendations to add to the core set. The Slave and Falcon also look pretty badass. Few more questions: Any recommendations for videos/articles/other readings to gain more knowledge? What are your feelings of the big cruiser ships? Have they released any information on the conversation kits and how many they will convert incase I find some good deals on ships and want to go ahead and pick them up? Thanks for all the advice!!!
  11. Hello all! I was walking through a store yesterday and Star Wars X Wing game caught my eye. I showed it to my wife and she said she would interested in playing it which surprised me. We are both big Star Wars fans but have never played a miniature tabletop game. I researched this and Imperial Assault. I am leaning more towards this one but will probably the other one later as well. I noticed the core game only comes with three miniatures. I know there is a lot of expansions out there but I don’t know where to start. Which expansions would you recommend to a beginner who will just have the core set? I have been looking on eBay for lots that have the core set plus tons. Thanks!
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