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  1. Can we just kill off Yoshi and Kachiko and move the story forward towards the elemental imbalance and inexorable machinations of Fu Leng.
  2. I've used mirror's gaze twice and not in a competitive setting. It was fun to see but it took a lot of set up, you needed to stop attachment removal, have a valid target for both the attachment and to copy the opponents event against, and hope they willing walk into it's effect because it is so telegraphed.
  3. So she is a crane and lion harpoon, I find it interesting that she is a conflict character though.
  4. ^ As a Crane fan I'm none too worried about what the other clans are receiving, though they didn't reveal what unicorn will get I imagine because their clan pack is releasing today.
  5. I've only used the 12 block once and I was lucky my opponent came through the terrain because it was penned in. I thought Reanimates [50] 3x3 X2 Deathcaller [5] Support Carrion Lancer [6] Blighted Vexillum Bearer [3] Tactical Drummer [2] Simultaneous Orders [2] Total Unit Cost: 68 x2 Reanimates [50] 3x3 Executioner [6] Raven-Standard Bearer [3] Lingering Dead [3] Total Unit Cost: 62 List total: 198
  6. My only experience is with waq, I have tried an Ardus/Maro with either a 4x of fleshrippers or a 2x of spined threshers with war crier in the champion upgrade slot that one might forgo other blight generation in the early game as they approach. The same could be said for many units with that slot available. But two heros and an out of faction unit in the supposed "synergy" army is a steep start. I've put thought into Lord thul, his ability has even less synergy with friendly units and a heavy reliance on the opposing list, choosing which side to start him on will the real question.
  7. My fear for units that exist cross faction is that it lessens the impact of Kari's and Maro's army abilities and limits a continuation of expanding faction in that regard. Though personally I prefer the passive abilities like HoC and Ynfernael presence
  8. I'm hoping for an announcement for new factions before this game gets any larger. If I didn't know how great the system of play was I would hesitate to buy in to it or a new faction while all the others are 3 units and 2 heroes ahead, let alone the direction we'll start to travel with upcoming releases
  9. I was so excited I created a profile to get the word out.
  10. Not to alarm everyone but every factions next box just started shipping.
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