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  1. As you play the game some more, many scenarios have some nuances that you can pick up on. One thing the Conflict teaches you is that if you see a quest card with a "just quest on through" and "set aside these enemies" that you might be in for a battle at the end, so prepare accordingly.
  2. Not sure if anyone still believes the "upcoming" page anymore, but for what it's worth, this pack has been moved up from it's original us release month of March to February. The update was this week... If they can stick with that, that would be excellent.
  3. Is there any way for someone running the fellowship contract to get southron refugee on their side of the board? Since the contract says you cannot play or put into play non-unique allies, running it your own deck seems worthless. No vilya tricks or stand and fight or other work arounds. However, I thought about other players... but unfortunately we are running into the same problem. I didnt know if there was a card I am missing or maybe even a combo that can get southron refugee onto the fellowship contract player's side.
  4. That's an awfully patient teammate taking that doom! Hopefully you play with loragorn and can pass him over as well. (Not at the same time obviously)
  5. Is the Banner technically a boon? I didn't think it was. I just thought it was a fellowship sphere card. Technically, this is a card from your "collection"...
  6. I assume you are trying to stick to as many thematic elements as possible, in which case major props. I am not sure how many leadership decks I can run without steward! Regardless, sting is also a pretty good one to toss in, opening hand. If you can dispatch the enemy quickly, (like perhaps optionally engage another enemy, defend with sam, and kill with aragorn, then pull the one guarding sting... sam should be able to at least lay on damage with the stat line boost) then that +1 across the board on Sam is huge. Once the contract flips he becomes an absolute monster. Edit: I just realized Sting was in your side board.
  7. I think because of the nature of the language, GrandSpleen and Halberto are correct. It would be different if Beregond's text box said "After Beregond exhausts to defend an attack..." or "After Beregond is declared as a defender..." but instead it says "After Beregond defends an attack..." Thus, the attack must be completed in order to trigger the ability. The spear interrupts the attack. If you refer to Seastan's guide to action windows (https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/10407/a-guide-to-action-windows-1.0) Spear of the citadel would trigger at 6.4.1 while Beregond's ability would trigger at 6.4.4.
  8. If questing isn't an issue for you, why not throw in Send for Aid? Another friend of a swarm deck. Does this deck struggle late game? I assume when the threat gets high, the hobbit bonuses wear off and while the contract stat line helps, it doesn't look like there's good synergy with the characters.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a core with a spanish print? Currently living in the USA but I can have it ship to Mexico address. I can't seem to find a Spanish core anywhere.
  10. If you are planning on gaining two more heroes, strider loses its effect... eventually. Light of valinor on an elf hero would not
  11. That's a Cartesian Bear, not to be confused with the Polar Bear. (One for the math nerds out there)
  12. My initial thought is fall of gil-galad on saruman, chump out, then play the houses of healing/fortune or fate (plus a whole bunch of threat reduction in between)
  13. If you are playing Escape from Dol Guldur solo, then it's pretty much automatic loss anyway.
  14. I'm thinking you choose your initial hero and then any other effects could happen. Sagas would force another hero upon you. You don't choose to take control of frodo, bilbo, or aragorn, for example
  15. I wonder about that-- does a card that says "give the ally doomed x" count as having the doomed keyword? I wish the doomed reductions/boons wasn't restricted to events. It would be nice to use grima with reckless abandon on allies and attachments.
  16. So based on the packs released, it appears we are getting master cards in each pack. Not only that, but they appear to be sphere-bleeding... leadership with willpower, spirit with defense... Since all but one spirit and one tactics card spoiled in this pack, and since Wrath and ruin has a spirit master card... we could safely guess that this pack has a tactics master card. Any guesses on what it does? Is it an attachment? Maybe a healing one?
  17. Spoiler for wrath and ruin: http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/The-Burglar's-Turn-WaR?Lang=EN
  18. I feel like it happens a lot. Maybe I play a lot of niche ways but I feel like we just cant seem to clear locations fast enough. There's no equivalent to a dunedain deck for locations, i.e. you welcome them and can clear them out, unless it specializes in staging area clearing. Like I said northern trackers and rhovanion outriders are excellent cards, but boy are there few and far between when it comes to travel and clearing in the same round. Maybe 2 cost is more economical, but even if it's a timing issue, paying the travel cost might not be so bad. For example: --Round 0 when you aren't given a setup active location --the travel cost is a threat hit and you are sitting at 48. You use loreargorn in the refresh phase and can now travel to the location and take the threat hit. --you have to engage an enemy as a travel cost. Doing so after shadows are dealt in the combat phase helps avoid attacks, and can even give you a leg up on killing an enemy without having to defend against it first To be able to control the timing of traveling to a location, combined with the ability to clear out a location and travel to another immediately after, is definitely worth the cost for me.
  19. So Caleb ruled, in an interesting case, that the loyal hound can essentially take 4 archery damage, broken down as: 2 assigned to the hound, 2 assigned to the hero And then trigger the loyal hound's ability to cancel the damage assigned to the hero. The two assigned to the hound... fizzles? Anyway, I was wondering if this sort of effect works for other allies that have discard effects. Beorning Beekeeper comes to mind. Could he play the game as a damage soaker, and then when the time comes for him to chump, you could defend, assign damage and trigger his ability BEFORE damage is placed? Or does this become undefended attack? Or rather, is there not an action window between assigning damage and placing damage (loyal hound sneaks in because it's a response)? Let me know what you guys think. Here is the verbage caleb used: "You cannot over-assign archery damage. You can only ever assign archery damage to a character equal to its remaining hit points. In the case of the Loyal Hound, you assign the archery damage before resolving it. Once it is assigned, you can use the Hound’s Response to discard it and cancel 2 damage that would be dealt to your hero. So if you assign 2 to the Hound and 2 to your hero, the Loyal Hound can essentially absorb 4 archery damage."
  20. You have to pay and trigger the response to get the threat reduction. Official response from caleb on this: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/277776-unofficial-official-rulings-thread/page/2/ Scroll until you see frodo
  21. That card would be better than sneak attack. Unless the doom is 3+, I bet you, in the nature of Gondor cards, it is either discarded or shuffled back into deck.
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