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  1. I'm a bit late to the party on this one... I'm wondering if I'm playing this correctly. I had an outlands deck that BARELY got through this. Granted, I could not get the ethir swordsmen in until late in the game but... I played solo with Ledenethor, Prince imrahil (t), and hirluin. I swarmed 21 allies in, plus the two objective ally ships. I found myself off course a lot, and all three escorts found their way into the storm callers staging area at one point. It just seems like a lot to: Sail (with a lot lower chance at getting success as someone pointed out, so more people need to be committed) Questing (4 threat to start? Now this deck isnt a strong questing deck but still, I was seeing 10-12 threat in staging + active location every round) Ship combat (so if you have to keep at least one ship ready through sailing AND questing just to deal with the boat attacks) Boarding attacks And THEN whoever you have left can attack. I found myself at the end of rounds with 15-20 characters not having enough to even kill more than one enemy.
  2. So I believe I saw someone say we are down to two more unspoiled cards. When the expansion gets into somebody's hands would they be willing to post what they are? Thanks!
  3. I meant if it's been in that status behind the scenes and they just now put it up to that status. They skipped "at the printer" altogether which makes me believe that it truly was up to proper speed.
  4. So about 6 weeks to get to stores, 2 more weeks to get to front door? Based on past experience. Unless it's been on the boat a while without an update.
  5. Another way to do this is to use spirit beregond. In multiplayer, he can also defend the first durin's bane attack on the other person's side, lower your threat, and that disengages him on your side.
  6. Good catch -- I didn't think to look on the hero page. I think you're right -- Thorin is a clear choice. On another note, it says that theres a hero and 3x of each player card. Does that mean we don't get a contract in this pack? Or are we, in general, getting 3 copies of contracts?
  7. Interesting that they didnt announce the hero with the pack. I can't remember a time they did that. I would guess it would have to be another hobbit though, right?
  8. I think Lore faramir is an awesome card -- it especially helps with the guarded or encounter attachments. Between him and tactics bilbo, you can finagle 6 direct damage to an enemy if they are guarding a card.
  9. It's definitely a new flavor on the game. Both the contract dynamic and the master player cards add some new capabilities and deck building techniques. However someone who is interested in just adding to player card depth or someone looking to jump into this game with the core set and this expansion is sure to be disappointed. I like Merry for his ability (definitely a candidate for sneak attack during questing). I think Frodo fits well with his other fellow hobbit heroes and I would like to take some time play testing some decks with him. I'm a bit underwhelmed by Pippin -- seems like a weaker form of the the Sam hero, but I would rather play with the hero version. I wasnt planning on exploring the one ring dynamic so I'm a little disappointed many of the cards in the expansion surround the master element. That being said I'd rather that be the case than it appearing numerous times through the adventure packs.
  10. You are correct... for whatever reason I thought that was at the end, number 72 or something
  11. Smeagol Frodo The One Ring The Master Ring The Ruling Ring The Ring of Power Pippin Merry Faramir Derufin The Fellowship My guess is it has to be attachments...
  12. But my gosh, that's a significant boost, and one has to wonder why it's necessary. Suppose those characters have an average of 2 will power as an example. Suddenly you jump from 18 will power to 27. And that's just solo... are quests going to scale so much so that you must bring that much?
  13. It's been moderately quiet on the reddit side of things too. I'm doing my best to ask plenty of questions, but with my card pool nearly complete, I only have the announcements to look forward to until I can complete more scenarios.
  14. I just started playing in late 2017. Did Beravor used to have no limit to card draw? That would have been bonkers to play with all the readying effects these days...
  15. Hey all, I've been spending some time recently building two direct damage decks, one focused on attachments and the other on location clearing. Here are the decks: https://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/7015/yousnipeiscout I actually play tested it with Fastred instead of Dunhere and I like that dynamic better. The idea is the "scouting" side constantly drops threat and attacks the location, while still using eomer to attack in the staging area. The other side manipulates the threat of incoming enemies, while also trying to drop damage before enemies attack (ideally, before they engage as well). I tested the decks against the 2 player LE starter quests and they beat both. My question for you all who have experience is which of the following expansion and cycles do these decks have the best chance of clearing through? My buddy and I play one scenario a week from a given cycle, and are devoted to clearing scenarios first and foremost. We go in blind into all scenarios, so we don't really know if certain deck builds work for certain cycles. For example, we tried a gondor + Rohan decks for the ring maker cycle but abandoned them quickly for decks built specifically to combat the scenario. I've spent a lot of time on these and don't want to discard them if we accidentally pick the wrong cycle. We have yet to play... 1) heirs of numenor + cycle 2) lost realm + cycle 3) the grey havens + cycle 4) sands of harad + cycle (we dont own this one, though the entire set is sitting in a shopping cart right now waiting for me to buckle and buy. If this is the cycle to play with this deck, I am for sure doing it). Thanks for all those who contribute -- I've been playing for a year and half and can't believe there is still so much more of this game to complete! Edit: another point of clarity -- I flipped Argalad and Eomer to opposing sides, and all their corresponding sphere cards with them.
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