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  1. I like how the announcement didn't even try to hype up the hero in the pack, which they usually (not always) do.
  2. I gotta say your pitch for sparagorn is probably the best I've seen, but I am not convinced he is so great out the gate. He is definitely better in multiplayer, and I would argue he would be a solid hero if the limit to his ability was once per phase. In solo, though, Coragorn is top notch. As you laid out, a lot of Sparagorns strength comes conditionally on 1) the card you draw and 2) the cards that come from staging. The strength of coragorn is that he does not need any help -- he has two actions each round (commit to the quest + attack/defend) for the cost of one resource. Everything you add to him just further strengthens his out the gate ability (celebrian stone makes questing stronger, courage removes the cost to ready, theodred essentially pays for aragorn, etc). You will always have questing and almost always have combat. The question becomes whether or not you want to spend the money to have him ready for combat. No enemies? Perhaps it's risky. One or more? Spend it. Now with sparagorn, the option becomes: commit to the quest for guaranteed questing, or hope that a location pops so that you can possibly lay one progress down (if WP >= threat). Of course, if there is a location already in staging, sure, for the cost of exhausting a hero, "quest" and MAYBE get a progress. Again. That depends on whether or not you have 1) a 2 or less threat location 2) you have some juice to his will power. And for one progress... ever since Asfaloth has emerged, the number of <= 2 QP locations have become next to nil, which means you are either 3 or more turns away from clearing a location in staging or you essentially get 1 progress extra on locations you travel to. There are little adjustments that would make him on par with Coragorn in my opinion: 1) don't have him exhaust to trigger his ability -- pay a different cost. Resource, discard a card from your hand, deck... raise your threat by 1. Exhausting a hero is a very expensive trigger. 2) lower the threat cost. Stats are good, per usual aragorn status, but that 12, in the past, has paid for: -defense drop and extra engagements -ability to ready -have the highest threat reduction possibility in the game. One of the primary reasons individuals aren't mad about argalad is that his stat line is decent, but costs 3 less. Glorfindel allowed for us to change cost of heroes, and I could have seen them do it here too. 3) change the ability to once per phase -- with readying he could become the best location control hero in the game. 4) two progress instead of 1 allows a faster clearing process. All of these are aragorn-esque, bringing with him up to speed with the rest of them. If I see "oh with 5 cards and a hero he's great" all I can think is "yeah 5 cards on lore bilbo and he could be a superstar too."
  3. Woof. That's 11 resources in 3 cards, one of which is a 1 per deck...
  4. There are certainly some suicide decks that are designed just for this purpose, and with the emergence of the grey wanderer deck and a free 1 cost attachment, it becomes more and more appealing. However, a lot of quests start with locations, enemies, or card flips that scale with the number of players, and so you might be finding one suped up player already behind the 8 ball with 3 locations in staging and one to flip on turn 0. On quests that don't have a scaled setup, sure, this a way to cheat through. But otherwise, the juice may not be worth the squeeze.
  5. I would also assume they continue with PoD kits, as they seem to be going through the theme of each cycle (mirkwood and khazad dum currently), takes very little resources and very little creativity -- no offense to them, they're actually pretty solid products.
  6. I did it!! I really didn't think it was possible, but truly, the Valar tokens helped jump start Dol Guldur and I FINALLY got a good bounce on the guarded cards... one treachery and 2 locations. My three heroes are Aragorn, Eowyn, and Pippin. I failed on 0, 1, 2 tokens, threating out on the last one (coming so close too!!) I started with Galadriel, Celebrian Stone, and Golden shield in hand. I knew if Pippin was chosen, I could dump resources on Aragorn and play Galadriel -> some attachment and get the early jump I needed. Pippin was chosen at random and so I placed 5 resources on Aragorn to play Galadriel, Celebrian Stone and still have 1 for readying. Card number 7 was Steward! Talk about a fast start! I had Snowmane as my next card but Self-preservation seemed like an easy lock for Aragorn. Then I knew I could grab the shadow key when it was free and have no worries. Snowmane would have to wait one more turn (and with a rich blue aragorn, I knew I would be able to play it). With early questing now in control, I was ready to roll. I got some more luck bounces, including discarding two of my three cards in hand that WEREN'T Gandalf. Eowyn and Aragorn dispatched the Wraith the turn it came in and on the last round, I grabbed the other objectives and quested all out. 44 threat and engaged with two stout enemies, I knew it was now or never. I've only ever beat Dol Guldur solo twice, and I really thought this deck wouldn't have a prayer, even with infinite cash and cards. But per usual, it came down to whether or not luck was in your favor.
  7. So I've been giving this some thought, and I think the verbiage of "another player" can be interpreted as including the one paying the cost (but not the current controller) because of the omission of the phrase "different player". I really think the intention of the card was to be able to be passed around, having anyone trigger the ability and anyone receive control of Ceorl. If I am wrong in this assumption, then Ceorl can only be passed as so: 2 Player Player 1 currently controls Ceorl. --Player 1 must be the one to spend the 1 spirit resource, and then can pass it to player 2. 3 Player Player 1 currently controls Ceorl. --Player 1 can spend the 1 spirit resource and pass Ceorl to either Player 2 or 3. --Player 2 can spend the 1 spirit resource and pass Ceorl to Player 3. --Player 3 can spend the 1 spirit resource and pass Ceorl to Player 2. 4 player plays out similarly.
  8. But the text on Brand is when you "play" an attachment. The restriction on thorongil does not suggest that you have to play it in order to trigger it's ability. If it did, you could not trigger it with vilya or thrors ring. The language is after it is attached, not after it is played. Like i said, this is new language but i would assume with it coming with aragorn's pack i would assume that the intention would be to be able to combine as many aragorns as possible.
  9. Man, I don't know, I feel like it isn't TOO bad to program, as long as you focus on player cards first, stick with the simple scenarios and then keep updating the game one scenario at a time. Maybe I just don't appreciate programming as much as I ought to.
  10. I will say (and I am not sure if this is legal), but I've run my deck against anduin and rhosgobel and got 0 tokens for both. I've had a blast with it, but I just don't think it has a prayer for Dol Guldor. It's the hardest solo quest in the game, and to restrict it to saga/mirkwood cards makes it rather difficult. I am really going to have to strategize to see what cards I would need to see captured, who I would need to be guarded, and what cards I would need in hand, and then just keep scooping and adding cards with tokens until I can overpower whatever flips. It will unfortunately be more luck than deckbuilding skill 😞
  11. You are locked out. Never to play that scenario with those heroes under these conditions ever again. It is an unspeakable suggestion. The only exception is if boththe scenarios and card pools open up again for a different month of the solo league.
  12. So this is the first time this language occurs, as nothing else can trigger upon attachment besides dunedain remedy. However, I would say that if it was moved from one character to another, it goes from unattached to attached. Using some intermediate value theorem logic, I would have to assume that's an attachment process. For normal attachments, theres a "play" move, a "put into play" move, and then "attach" move as separate and distinct moves.
  13. That's what i figured could happen to get at least 3 of the 4 aragorns in. Start with blue, play thorongil to get green, play helm of secrecy to swap blue with red and then trigger thorongil again. Voila! You have green, red and purple Aragorn with blue in your box. I guess blue aragorn is good for something.
  14. Could I also suggest that we use the "travel without paying the travel cost" or does that just absolutely nuke the Burglar contract into OP range? I'm just dying for more travel cards. Striders path and ghan-buri-ghan can only be repeated so many times.
  15. Thank you for the advice. I think I will follow your advice and design the quests first and maybe develop the story a little bit. I'm worried because my story telling pales in comparison to Tolkien and the creators of this game. It's certainly much easier to immerse oneself in deck building and see what it missing and just fill in the gaps. However, in messing with the woodland realm/wizard quests this week, I am a bit motivated to try and build synergizing encounter decks. So it might be worth starting with that and building the story around it or in conjunction with it. I figured there might be some individuals here that would love to jump in with this too, if they are interested. Of course as I see more ideas here and come up with my own, I think I will continue adding to the Google Sheet 🙂 By the way, I really enjoyed play testing your Light in the East quests. I still need to play #3 and #4, the quarantine has prevented my friend and I meeting to play (and I havent figured out why the OCTGN files don't work), but it will be a blast to finish it up.
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