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  1. That's the part that is conditional. If you cannot fit the ship before rotating, you can't rotate. Not entirely sure what is unclear here. If I try to reverse around a corner, tight to the kerb, and there is a delivery van between me and my target space, do I complete the manoeuvre regardless of crashing into the van because there is space behind it, or, do I have to stop, reposition myself, and do something differently?
  2. Ok. So there are the particulars of the Tallon Roll. Now, it clearly states that you can only rotate align the ship in F/M/R in the ship would fully complete the manoeuvre. So, it is fairly clear there that, like the K-Turn and S-Loop, the basic manoeuvre must be able to be completed first. Sounds like the judge actually got it right.
  3. If you fail a K-Turn by bumping, you move in a forward direction until you overlap, and still take the stress. The same happens with an S-Loop. Why would it be different with a Tallon Roll?
  4. Event FAQs are different to offical FAQs, and should be taken with a large pinch of salt. *reference the ruling about Tallon Roll earlier*
  5. Perhaps this helps. Player 1 using Han Solo with a blinded pilot. Player 2 with Poe and M9-G8 Player 1 rolls 3 attack dice getting focus, hit, blank. Player 2 uses M9-G8 to force the reroll of the hit into a blank. Player 1 cannot modify dice without a force user because the game effect of the Blinded pilot card takes precedence which gives clear instructions as to HOW dice may be modified. The hint is in the wording. The attacker may not modify their defense dice, it says nothing on the card about the defender modifying the attack dice.
  6. With upgrades, don't they use the initiative of the ship they are equipped on, just like in every other phase? Boba says "At the end of Set up" so, in theory, if there are two cards with the same timing, you look at ship Initiative first, then First Player (old Initiative)? Example: Player 1 (first Player) has Boba Crew on Scum Han (I6) Player 2 has Boba Crew on Ketsu Onyo (I5) Ketsu would have to deploy before Han, as that is the lowest Initiative. At least, that's how I read the phasing and Initiative order thing.
  7. Has anybody else ever had a sticky hand due to heat building up during the later stages of an event, and had a die go sailing across the room? What happened? I grabbed another one and rolled it, while somebody else returned my die to me saying it was the best Crit result they'd seen all day. Are there, ever, any times where being pedantic will win you friends? Maybe at the annual Pendant Gathering, but, in a game of X-Wing, at any level? Not when it comes to something that is so obvious that, most die based games never bother to address it. In larger events with higher stakes than a casual game, a certain amount of pedantry is to be expected, because everybody wants to ensure the game is both accurate and fair. However, that is usually reserved for situations such as card interactions with each other or the rules, bumps/obstacles overlaps, or even whether a ship is on or off the board, and, finally, whether there is an arc or not. It's like the "shaking hands with an opponent before and after a game" thing. While some people may not be comfortable doing it, others are, it's not in the rules, but, an unspoken (usually) rule of sportsmanship. If you encounter a cocked die in the future, and you don't like the idea of the person who rolled it touching it again, how about their opponent rolling it for them? That should give you fewer head-goblins, if that's the issue.
  8. While that's true, it doesn't help the lack of use the Phantom is going face until they do decide that they are going to try to "fix" it again. Which, IMO, is a shame as it's rather fun to fly. It can be rather useful, with the right upgrades, which, now cannot appear.
  9. Which leaves us with a ship that went from useful to not useful and virtually nothing to use in lists with multiples. FFG also said they wouldn't restrict upgrades, but, the cross-faction upgrades have been found in single faction boxes, opening up the singles market once again, alongside not including enough generics in the kits. Basically, the Empire have been diddled because they didn't playtest enough to know Vader should always have been a dual-slot upgrade, like Palpatine.
  10. Sorry, but, updating Vader to take 2 crew slots is by far the best change they could have made, while at the same time allowing phantoms to remain somewhat relevant in extended. I mean, gunner/copilot is right there, I now can't take a perceptive Copilot on a pair of Phantoms now. However, until there is actually a reason to get the Phantoms out, they will remain away. I don't actually care what the future intent is, at all. I care about what I can choose from for my extended format games right now. Sure, we are on Wave 3, they had been planning this change, listening to you guys, well before they had decided what Wave 3 was going to be. Why are there no new Imperial gunner cards with the Decimator? It's not like I wouldn't have actually bought it if it had, despite already having a decimator. This really just smacks of overreaction and poor implementation than actually addressing anything useful.
  11. Major Rhymer can fire Advanced Proton Torpedoes at Range 0-2 and Proton Rockets at Range 0-3 using his ability. The fact these are secondary weapons allows this via his pilot ability which explicitly states Range 0-3 for manipulation.
  12. Don't see why not, unless restricted by damage/Ion. The only qualifier for a Linked action is the preceding action.
  13. There are plenty of other ways to use Phantoms and a huge array of options just by changing Vader. As suggested earlier, a points ceiling would have done that as well, without bumping the slots Vader would take. But, just totally removing the slot for a gunner makes zero sense when there is a single card that can fill the slot. I don't think it would have been half as bad if there were more Imperial Gunners available that didn't require devices or mobile arcs.
  14. This was exactly my argument Easiest ever fix for Vader/Whisper was to make Vader dual crew slots. That left the Phantom with the crew slot but removed Vader from the equation. For those claiming that Fifth Brother is a perfectly suitable replacement, well, what about if you are flying Whisper AND Echo? Or running multiple phantoms for fun?
  15. I understand that FFG is involved here, but... If it were a force-linked action, wouldn't it appear beside the other actions as a purple linked action, rather than a red linked action?
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