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  1. He is the squad's primary LOS to determine COVER (and range). After that you only need to check if every mini in your unit can see at least one defending mini and if there are any defending minis that none of your attacking minis can see. Easy. Takes about 5 seconds to do.
  2. As a judge I would argue that you are not allowed to do that final move that makes cohesion impossible. Even if it is not your unit that is affected, you are actively causing the illegal situation. Problem solved TL, DR: If you are causing an illegal situation with a move, then your move is illegal.
  3. Wouldn't it be "more" logical to own only one faction, since you can only play a single one during a match? But that point is irrelevant tbh. It's Star Wars, baby! All your miniature are belong to us!
  4. Are you seriously comparing a first person shooter pc game with a tabletop miniature game? 😂 Like Lunarsol said it's not about the sniper itself it's about their point cost and effectiveness in a list.
  5. It loses aim/dodge tokens and 1 supression token at the end of the turn like every other unit, but it doesn't lose wound tokens or a commander token when it disembarks or at the end of a turn. For everything else: Yes you're right.
  6. It doesn't, because first you determine cover (none/light/heavy step 5 of attack) and THEN you reduce it by X from sharpshooter X (step 6 of attack: modify attack dice by card effects). There is no bumping up again. Compare RR p. 15.
  7. Try notorious scoundrels podcast, that is a rather young podcast that's released weekly (33 episodes so far). They often discus units/tournaments/meta. Although they don't offer a "breakdown" of every unit, since the podcast was started about the time Palpatine was released. I started listening to them because I knew some of them from the SW Armada community and I didn't regret it. They are pretty much experts of this game and they also invite guests that share their opinion of the game. But if you want general "How to play" I would recommend using a website that is better structured than podcasts at least for the basics. I can recommend this site: https://swlegionodds.com/
  8. **** I messed up, yes, ignore my post you're right 😄. I was convinced Dooku was turned before Maul but when I checked my book it told me otherwise.
  9. Looks like a troll post to me, maybe I can take your post serious if you write some detailed arguments about why it is too strong...
  10. TL, DR: The schedule is the same as the civil war schedule XD
  11. You played it correctly. She can attack three times but it needs to be a different unit every time. All units need to be eligible targets, that means 4+ range and in line of sight. So if there are only 2 eligible units for an attack, Leia can only attack twice.
  12. All Keywords with numbers behind them are cumulative. So yes the snipers will do a range 2 move instead of a range 1 move after they are deployed. Is it worth? Well that depends on what you want to do with them. In your list I would say no, because your army is pretty slow (Vader) and you don't want to push the scouts forward too aggressively so that they become an easy target. Regarding your list: It looks decent, it could win. But I don't like to play Veers and Vader together. They don't synergize very well, so I ask myself if it isn't better to take another corps instead of Veers. Also I would consider switching out the big scout unit for DT with DT F16 and armament. You get better range and melee dmg (about the same ranged dmg with grenade launcher configuration on range 2) and a lot more effective health and compel. Also Veers synergizes better with DT than with Scouts imo (Aim Tokens on DT are better and Imperial Discipline for Armament).
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