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  1. 3 courage snows? Have I missed something?
  2. Or Comm relay or HQ Uplink
  3. Imperial Death Troopers (76 + 38 = 114)--DT-F16 (22), Offensive Push (4), Targeting Scopes (4), E-11D Focused Fire Config (8) DT-F16 is a unique character, you can only field one unit with him (indicated by the point in front of the card's name). If you are looking to spend more points you should take the DLT instead. Targeting Scopes is a bad upgrade on Deathtroopers since they already have Precise 2 and you rarely need to reroll more than 4 dice. Instead you should give them com relay so you can relay Krennics Entourage order to one of your shoretroopers. Director Orson Krennic (90 + 10 = 100)--Commanding Presence (5), Strict Orders (5) These upgrades are alright on him. If you want him to fight on the front line you should give him inspired leader instead of commanding presence. If you want to use him in the backline (where he usually is) you can give him binoculars since it can be hard to find a useful action for him to take. Shoretroopers (52 + 54 = 106)--T-21B Trooper (32), Shoretrooper (13), Targeting Scopes (4), Fragmentation Grenades (5) You don't want your shoretroopers in close combat so there is no need for grenades. The additional trooper can be dropped if you need points. From a competitive viewpoint I would recommend using snipers to fill up the list. If you want to stay with your theme, you could add Vader to your list. Your list is lacking anti armor (I don't know if your friend is playing armor) and melee/light saber defence. Vader is good at both.
  4. Imo the Captain was made to be used with the HH-12 rocket launcher and Endurance. The biggest problem of the HH-12 is that the unit needs to recover every turn to use it effectively which is nearly impossible as soon as you get shot and supressed. The captain allows you to recover the weapon and himself every round so you get a constant use out of both. Since the recover action won't remove supression tokens it is wise to use Endurance on the training slot so you don't panic as fast. The question is: Is it worth to use 10 points to make the HH-12 more useable?
  5. I was close to becoming mad, too. But today all Corona restrictions have been lifted in my state. Next Legion game is already set for tomorrow 🎉
  6. *cannot Regarding your original question: XExEcUtOrX04 is right. There is no clear ruling. I would say that since it says "on" the battlefield you can't place the unit (partially) outside of the battlefield (it feels like the "leaving the battlefield" rule is intended to apply here even if it is not a move). So you can't "push off" a ground vehicle because they can reverse even when they face the battlefield edge. But on the other hand you could place a unit with compulsory move in such a way that it has to drive off the map. I'm pretty sure it does need clarification. The only sure way to get FFG's attention and a clear answer is to contact them via mail. They won't post an answer in here.
  7. I would switch Veers for Krennic and cut the imperial officer on the shores for the extra 10 points Krennic needs and for a com relay on the DTs. If you also remove Overwatch it will be a 10 point bid.
  8. Rules Reference "Movement" page 53-55.
  9. If a unit is panicking they drop any claimed objectives. "If a player’s unit leader with a claimed objective token becomes panicked or is defeated, before they remove or move the unit leader, that player flips the objective token to its unclaimed side and places it back onto the battlefield in the same position and in base contact with the unit leader. The objective token remains on the battlefield where it was placed and can be claimed again as normal. » An objective token that has been claimed by a unit leader cannot leave the battlefield or be place fully or partially outside of the battlefield at any point." RR, p. 57.
  10. If you are searching for someone to help you, you might have better luck finding him/her on the SWL discord server. There are multiple channels for TTS games. https://discord.gg/DnBf2x The cover/LoS rules are the most complicated rules in SWL (still simple compared to similar games) so it is naturally the hardest rule to learn for beginners. You can use the chart in the linked post below to check if you did it right. It looks pretty big and complicated but after 2 or 3 games it becomes a matter of a few seconds to run through all of that.
  11. Correct. This is also why a unit can attack twice with Palpatine's "Pulling the strings". Once during its activation and a second time because of the ability.
  12. Staelwulf


    I used to be a stormtrooper like you but then I missed and took a blaster shot to the knee...
  13. A rocky start is a pretty huge understatement. It wasn't the developers who didn't abandon it, it was Disney. They threatened EA to revoke their license. There was no goodwill by any company involved. They just threw out an unfinished game cashed in on everyone and cashed in even further with their scummy microtransaction. And if Disney hadn't had stepped in because they saw the reputation damage done to SW, EA would still run it that way. It is in fact quite a decent game now. But I have 'tegrity and I won't forget what they did.
  14. I'd rather cut my hands off, the true Skywalker way, before playing and supporting this piece of sh... game 😂.
  15. - As stated above play them as a tandem and focus down one target. - Don't drive them throgh the center of the battlefield, use them to attack the enemy flanks. - When you move them use your cohesion to place one of the bikes in cover or on a building/rock so that they get heavy cover. - Keep in mind that they need to to do a speed 3 move at the start of the next round when you are planning your move/attack for your current turn. - Long Range Commlink is usually the best upgrade for them and they like to get Veers "evasive maneuver" in round 2 or 3. - Point costs for speeder bikes have been adjusted by FFG from 90 to 75 points. - They will die. It's only a matter of how much they can shoot before they do so.
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