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  1. RT, The Game Master's Kit, p26, has a System Ship. BFG core rulebook, p144, has System Ships and Defence Monitors. Defence Monitors are Navy Ships with Navy Crews, dedicated to the systems they are stationed. System Ships are typically the civilian vessels in a system and have no warp capability. Some of them might be civilian militia, to supplement other defenses.
  2. Nice work & write-up! I am also tackling this, in I will post what I come up with there. I like what you have here! Good job getting this together!
  3. So far I am aware of: Wayfarer Station, RT CRB p210 The Bulwark- p76 of Frozen Reaches Port Wander- there is a large section describing the port in Into the Storm but I'm not sure about combat stats. Defences are on p240 derelict station (very basic) stats- p15 of Stars of Inequity I have all of these books except for Frozen Reaches. I will be comparing the stats of these examples of Space Stations, and trying to figure how they relate to BFG's Space Stations. I will try to establish some baselines for converting from BFG to RT, by comparing RT ships with their BFG stats. Once I have this framework for reference, I can post my notes, as well as RT conversions for the Blackstones and Ramilies from BFG to RT.
  4. Have you ever completed it? If so, could you post it as a Blog or Discussion here or at https://warhammer40k.wikia.com ? Whatever site/service you linked is taken over by malicious adware it seems. So you have the only copies.
  5. I hope so; all I get in the new tab is a prompt to log in to Microsoft; ugh! No thanks! No Comment on how they do business, mismanage everything, and make it impossible to regain access to the account I DO HAVE in their network...
  6. Thank you! Very good to know! Aside from a Space Hulk, have any of FFG's books included stats for any kinds of Space Stations? And if so which books?
  7. Damned shame! I missed out on the books' releases due to school and other issues. I found some of the books as pdf files and they are awesome! I am presently piecing together a campaign using Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Deathwatch, and some material from older, pre-FFG books. I am rather fond of the quality products FFG has released, and now have concerns about the next RPG line; will they measure up?
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