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  1. Hey buddy how is it going? I am definitely down to play. My army has only gotten bigger.
  2. If you come south or south or if I come north I could play. I’m in mobile
  3. I’m sure thinking the rules will say he is Solo
  4. What would be ideal is enough troops of these factions to make that the entire army if you so choose.
  5. Yeah they would have reduced defense when rolling but they are still armored rolling fast robot death machines. They need to make more than one model of this guy. Two cards like the commando squads.
  6. Yes sir, in my opinion ( and first off I don’t need drama over a game just speaking freely I’m America here) the methods people aren’t seeing yet are going to handle this spam, cheap, horde style play, yet hopefully if that is done right in a competent Generals hands than hopefully it goes to worlds and is a Teir one list of a Hoarde list. This game is a long haul ladies and gents. Thinking of how interesting, competitive, and the play styles people will invent on the tier 1 level in 1-3 years will make this game majorly vast in depth and tactically challenging. Everything table top sim needs. Remember where we we are this game is basically in Beta mode lol. The whole first armies aren’t even fleshed out with all our standard options. Everyone thinks FFG doesn’t know what they are doing but through my mediation I have seen the force is strong with these guys and by force I mean this bird thing told me that they have made this a major thing. Disney man. Star Wars man. The best time for gaming it is. Follow, This is will be a balanced game when it gets the minimum amount of units per slots with play styles effected by these choices. I don’t think 800 will be what they will competition play at forever(meta). We can argue till I’m blue in the face but judging by past trends, things change, people change, and numbers do too. I have a 1600 point Imp army and As long as you know the rules of the game(like 98% of all rules and weird situation rulings) then as long as we can get along with opponents about most matters, solved quickly and effectively. Perhaps other people involved who have good eyes can help vote disputes down quickly. With great sportsmanship, playing decisively like a true battlefield war. With all that for me it clocks games done by what everyone is saying a normal 800point game is taking them or less. Finally, turns should be more of a time restraintive more realistic. This is a battle sim war game, you should only have (“xxx”) amount of time to use all of your activations in a round. Like stop clocks at chess tourneys so at the Top Teir for us we are timed. This would effect hoard armies, add a new whole dynamic where speed benifits or could hurt, and also quicken games and add a real game time effect to it. Raising competition because that’s all the light Vs dark is and I can beat these rebel scum quicker than they are ever going to be able to do the Empire. After all they only had so much time in the Death Star, couldn’t hang around for ever so why can we here? Let’s say we are on on the official rules equivalent to 1.2 so just wait till the version equal to 2.2 or next year 3.3. It will be a vastly improved game with all sorts of new rules. We are on the intro level into Enders Game first stage testing. Lol so my example, simple I hope this is; Follow, This game will live and breathe, eat and sleep. In such a way things that might not have been good but for proxy’s, as some shelf art or just sloshing around in the miniature junkyard. ?shakily Just waiting for recommissioning In my back up Tote. at the weekly competition on Tuesday with the boys and then this hopeless band of merry rebel men thought to be in irrelevant city lost through forever in the table ages. Yes after a simple change, meta after any card droppes on Wednesday and by that weekend at a tournament it’s a major contender deciding a good percentage of victory. Morning Rant over. Thanks W
  7. Be patient my child, the force will reveal all. Anxiousness and anger is the path to the dark side...
  8. It works great till I blow everything up from max range.
  9. Yeah what he said for sure.
  10. What about southern Mississippi and or Louisiana? Like I said I have enough troops to show the game to anyone.
  11. That is why I am trying to focus on taking out your (the opponents) core troops. If you can’t use them then mine will have a better game..
  12. Thank you for the replies, that was very close to what I thought would be powerful. I was thinking of using Vader to get objectives and fight other infantrymen
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