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  1. Bah! This entire piece of fiction is just shameless scorpion fabrication of Daietsu propaganda. Let's look at the facts from an objective point of view. On one side we have the younger heir spending his days in debauchery by gambling and courting palace ladies (without mentioning the fact that he's distracting Shahai from her duties); On the other side we find the Elder training assiduosly everyday to familiarize himself with the ancestral lion sword (a weapon befitting the still undefeated greatest duelist of Rokugan). i think it's pretty obvious here who is the most deserving of the right of succession
  2. Maybe s/he is half unicorn OR An undercover kolat agent who then tries to use the tea to contact sleeper agents within the imperial palace
  3. On a unrelated note, wouldn't it be fun if in a future story we hear of a mantis merchant boasting of how he managed to sell a considerable ammount of unpalatable smelly tea to some random dragon monks up in the mountains, passing it up for some rare and prodigious decoction with great healing properties?
  4. While also serving as a mean to kill aramato for his failure/humiliation and stalker attitude (there is no need for a third wheel in the yuri ship)
  5. Given the fact that the ploy was discovered in a matter of seconds, together with the general incompetence displayed by both the assassin and the decoy, i would not be surprised if it turned out the Unicorn were behind it
  6. you just made me realize that we have yet to see Satsume's card... i can totally see the community making a meme out of the fact that he may have worse stats than his daughter
  7. Well given that he successfully managed to do it once, it was simply a matter of keep trying till one attempt bore fruit. I am sure everyone would rather have an heir with a proper pedigree rather than one with unknown age and background (he would probably need to be trained too to learn the court etiquette and undergo the Gempuku) if there was still no heir by the time his majesty entered his later years, then at that point e E.champ could present the possibility of adopting the child (Satsume may have found notes of a predecessor detailing the location and appearence of the child, informations that could now be in possession of the Kolat)
  8. He may be unaware of it. perhaps he was a frequent patron of an estabilishment in the red light district where he used to... Compose poems and drink tea and during one of his visits ,unbeknownst to him, one of the respectable ladies, likely blinded by her admiration and charmed by his majesty's glorious presence, convinced herself with the outlandish delusion that she was carrying his majesty's child. The seppun made sure she received appropriate medical attention and offered to relocate her in a region with a more suitable weather that could ease her ill and tired mind. everything was kept as discreet as possible (afterall there was no need to propagate false rumor that could bring shame to lady Doji)
  9. true but both him and the current emperor have lost their martial prowess and show signs of deteriorating health We do also lack any info regarding Hantei's youth; he may have had some secret relationship before marrying, leaving an illegitimate child working as Agasha blacksmith and Satsume found out
  10. wait a moment... We have an elderly king (emperor) with 2 sons, one of which is a cruel arrogant brat while the other is young and meek, whose empire is slowly falling into disarray plagued by internal strife,shady political intrigue and an external supernatural menace. There is a trustworthy honorable officer serving as the right hand of the emperor (emerald champ) who has conducted a secret investigation on the royal family and claimed to have found a solution to the succession issue before being promptly killed. His newly appointed sostitute is a man from a distinguished family with a lion on its banner (mon). what else is there: - A horse-centered clan with foreign customs lead by a Lady and going to war with the Lion clan - People manning a giant Wall against undead foes (amongst other things) - Pirate raiders forming uneasy alliances - a pseudo religius organization who is gathering military power and rallying the common folk to threat the ruling class -flaming sword - se**al tension this sounds familiar.... Game of Honor: Throne of Rokugan ? --- tl;dr there is reason to believe the emperor will be killed by a wild boar before making it to court and Crab future is looking rough but all is well because Tsukune is Azhor'ahai
  11. Does using actions like Reprieve/Iron Mine prevent the stronghold from activating or you're still considered to have paid the cost and therefore gain the extra conflict ?
  12. " Dear Fu Leng, These bunch of incompetent buffoons are unworthy of the imperial throne. please hasten your return so that Rokugan may be blessed with a proper regent. i'd also like to remind you that i have a cute daughter whose training i personally supervised in order to meet the minimal requirements to stand beside a man of your stature. your BFF, Doji Satsume" ---------- @Suzume Chikahisa whoops,iwas enthranced by the evil grin and failed to realize it, thx for pointing it out
  13. Can you really blame them though? that's the face of a man with untapped Kolat potential
  14. i'm still waiting for Lion reasoning behind this
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