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  1. A few years ago, I suggested to Cubicle 7, publishers of The One Ring rpg, that they release a 5E version, just to see how well it sells - to see if there's a profit. I was roundly flamed on the C7 message boards. Pretty much every fan was like: "Cubicle 7 already has a house system. You're wishing for a pony! Never gonna happen." Not so long after that, Cubicle 7 did in fact release a 5E version: Adventures in Middle-earth. And both lines - 5E and the TOR - are still going strong. I'd suggest the same to FFG: why not release a one-shot, standalone Star Wars campaign setting for the 5E SRD? And also for the upcoming Pathfinder Second Edition - Paizo said that third-party publishers can get early-bird version of the rules. It's simply business. 5E and PF are the two largest RPG market shares. As one-shot books, they'd probably recoup their cost. And if either or both sold really well, then you'd know, and could build from there. It wouldn't replace your Genesys-fueled Star Wars line. The two or three lines would complement each other. Another way to go about it would be to do a Kickstarter for Star Wars 5E and Star Wars PF2. Might make millions. Just a suggestion. Now here comes the flames!(?)
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