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    Expansion Pack Dream Figures

    True, I recently played with the expansion, and, true to to promise, it references Fallout 2's sillier bits with random encounters with talking brahmin or the previously mentioned Arthurian Knights. That was nice and it worked well.
  2. Kraemet

    Campaign Hero Backstories

    Very cool! I'll be making these into documents that I can print out and have in the box. I think the game could really use some expanded background for characters you'll be spending up to 12 missions with! I have a slight complaint, though - some of the stories get *too* long. Your introduction says each character gets a full page of backstory, but for example CT-1701 actually has FOUR pages, and that's not only impossible to fit on a single A4 sheet, but also kind of impractically long for just handing out and reading it before a session. Other offenders are Jarrod Kelvin, and Tress seems to be heading the same way. I was hoping to use these by way of an extended character introduction before starting a campaign, but I think that above two pages long it starts to be too tedious to read for each hero. That's not a point against your writing skills! Just that I think there's a certain point of balance to how much story a player can be interested and remember about both himself and his allies before it starts to be counterproductive (especially when the game does not help in reflecting those stories at all save for the personal missions).
  3. Kraemet

    New California

    Agreed, the expansions "complete" the game in a sense. Now the game can remind you of any Fallout from 1 through to 4. Save for Fallout: Tactics, but I guess we don't talk about that in polite circles (not that it was a bad game, just not much in the spirit of the series). I also quite like the mechanism of exploring Vault 44 by moving through it as its own map.
  4. Kraemet

    Expansion Pack Dream Figures

    As with many thing that Bethesda didn't get quite right in F3, it's about the context. It's one thing to have a flying saucer or the Arthurian Knights as a tongue-in-cheek reference in a random encounter in a game that is full of silly things (Fallout 2 was exceedingly full of parody and jokes) and another to have an entire multiple-hour story DLC that takes itself seriously in a game with a completely straight face (Fallout 3 was much like Fallout 1 in its seriousness, while New Vegas had the Wild Wasteland trait as a nod to Fallout 2 - there, with that trait and more humor, Mothership Zeta would fit in much better). The boardgame in question does not contain even trace amounts of silly jokes.
  5. Kraemet

    New Character Ideas

    There weren't any more interesting foot units on Hoth (in the movie, anyway). Most of that battle was mechanized, not much to draw from unless you want pilots running around on the ground. You could perhaps have a snowtrooper riding a Tauntaun, just like the Dewback rider. That wouldn't be too out of place.
  6. Kraemet

    Question about vaults and combat

    This game is too simple and it lacks that kind of depth. Rules as written, monsters attack you even in a walled off city or underground bunker. But nothing is stopping you from house ruling it... it's better as a narrative experience than a competitive game, anyway.
  7. Kraemet

    Expansion Pack Dream Figures

    I hope they stay as far away from Mothership Zeta as possible. That was the least Fallouty thing in the history of Fallout. Since all the figures so far are playable characters and I'd also like to see a Deathclaw, a natural course would be a partially robed deathclaw (Goris from F2, best companion ). But maybe that's too specific. A tribesman, Sulik or Chosen One - style. Or a raider for that mater. The current selection of human characters is a little on the clean and positive side - let's see some of that wasteland grit.
  8. Version 2.0 is up! Implemented most of the suggestions I got, among them removing Imperial Defector (nice thematically, but it cluttered the card and is overkill mechanically) and Force Speed (turns out with it he was potentially faster than Jyn Odan, eh) and adding a hopefully more enjoyable skill.
  9. So, because Disney left Kyle definitively in the dust as of Rogue One and because he is a great fit for IA thematically, I have tried my hand at designing him into the game as a playable hero. He is supposed to be a versatile and self-sufficient hero, who can be built either towards damage/disruption or survivability as you see fit. This forum allows only for 70kB attachments, so follow this link to see Star Wars' own Chuck Norris in his Imperial Asault Glory along with my commentary. https://imgur.com/a/cZSRRmW Feedback welcome - in fact, that's the only reason I'm posting this publicly. It was hard to reconcile the facts that as per canon he'd be able to solo all the missions, but in the game he must function only as exactly 25% of a team and not much more. Some abilities may be too weak as a result and other too useful... OLD VERSION! SEE NEW IN LINK ABOVE. (The upload functionality of this forum here refuses to cooperate) Credits to - kaio89 for the awesome illustration of Kyle that looks like it was made for the game https://www.deviantart.com/kaio89/gallery/ - geckoTH for the psd template wihtout which I would have spend twice the time doing this! www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/72602/geckoths-photoshop-templates
  10. Thanks for all the corrections, I will definitely do some editing when I get home today
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. As for Jedi Reflexes, yeah that was supposed to be "up to two", missed while transcribing from my notes. Elsewhere it was pointed out to me that Tempted by the Dark Side is not tempting enough - and that's true I guess. As is, it is just delaying a problem you already have, so I'd change it to something that gives an actual advantage but still retains the spirit of the thing: "Take X (at least one) DMG. Then, recover X+1 STR (no DMG)." You still hurt yourself, but it's a net benefit. I dislike the wording of " X (at least one)", but idk how to formulate "2+" and then refer to it as "X+1". Also, this makes Clarity slightly weaker for the missed opportunity cost As ManateeX says, it will have to be play tested to truly figure out if it's a bit too much. But I feel confident that he's a pretty high-strain-cost character and if you take more than one defensive skill, you won't on the other hand have all that many things to spend strain on. My biggest worry is that some abilities (esp. Clarity, as it is quite a twist on the gameplay) are just not worth taking over others - but that's a problem the official heroes tend to have as well, so clearly it's a hard one to avoid.
  12. Kraemet

    New Character Ideas

    He's either tanky OR a strain heavy guy, ideally a mix of both, so I figured he's going to need it. But now I'm worried that that high regen might enable him to do TOO much ... eh, see the full sotry here, as I just finished mucking around with the graphics:
  13. Kraemet

    New Character Ideas

    I'm trying to create a new hero, and a side effect of what I came up with is the possibility of him removing 7 strain every rest. This would require a total of 4+1 xp spent on skills. Is it tolerable, or batshit insane? I know Fenn can do 14 per round with rebel elite+rest+rest+lone wolf+adrenaline rush for 7XP and it requires him to suffer damage (but Rebel Elite does much more than just +1 END for the 4 xp it costs). I'm chiefly worried that it would break those missions where you have to wound every Rebel, when you factor in defensive equipment. Is Fenn the hardest to kill hero, or are there even worse? (I don't know them all)
  14. +1 to the above, especially playing as 4 heroes with Gideon on shared control. I'd just like to add - avoid the Subversive Tactics Imperial class deck. It is NOT fun for the rebels and you could turn the players off of the game if that's the first class they face. Personally I'd go for military might - waves and waves of troopers in true star wars fashion Tech superiority is a bit more trickier, you get a bunch of fancy toys but have to be careful to use them effectively. If you're an experienced player and your Rebels not so much, I wouldn't pay too much attention to Agendas. Imo most of them are too much of a one-off bad surprise for the Rebels that are there to screw up the most cirtical part of the plan (*plays card* Oh no! That spot you just stepped in was booby-trapped, you are stunned). I pick them by selecting the side missions I'd like to play. Vader's agenda set is nice but his missions is actually very difficult to win for the Imperial. Otherwise, I liked the IG-88 missions, and if you have Twin Shadows Boba Fett is also a nice villain to show off. Imperial Industry is a good reward card that helps you balance the game by choosing how much you will use it. Royal Guard champion is a cool unit but at 15 threat you'll never get a reasonable chance to field him outside of scripted missions, just like Vader. For that matter, there's an (official) fixed version of IG-88 floating around that makes him not be a waste of points: (It's a skirmish only card but if you're going to win him in a side mission and pay threat to deploy him, it is in principle applicable to the campaign as well. Just don't do it if he's in a reserved group for the mission and you won't upset any balance.) I'm sorry I don't know the names of the agendas, but you can find them by looking at the rewards the missions give.
  15. Kraemet

    I got smashed in Dark Obsession.

    Yep, Gideon the command-bot in a three-Rebel-player game is an ideal situation where I'd feel no regret mowing him down mercilessly
  16. Terro, BT1, 000, Blaise, Greedo etc. are all good value for points. But also unique and not that durable, so when they goe down, you won't be dealing with them again at the start of the next round even though they're cheap. Good throwaway villains, enemies with a personality but not all that threatening. The early villains, the classic guys, they were clearly supposed to be the opposite - but they are a joke, and instead of sowing terror into the rebels, if the IP chooses to save up and deploy them, it's functionally a relief for the rebels. IG-88 is 10(!!) health, 1 space and 1-2 2dice attack. A double squad of stormtroopers is 18 health, 6 blocking spaces, 6x 2dice attack. Unless you've got Fenn blasting away, it takes a lot more time to take them down. Iggy is the worst and deservedly got a fix as well as Vader, and Boba and RGC may survive more than IG88, but they won't be as deadly as their worth in stormtroopers - could you do more with Vader or 9 stormtroopers? Death by a thousand cuts The only good 'villainous' villain is imo the Grand Inquisitor. His 15 HP means he isn't going away too soon, and his 'remove dodge' ability makes him terrifying to white-defense heroes. Most of the time you won't regret fielding him instead of a group of elite Stromtroopers. RGC is basically the same unit but has less HP, an extra black die and brutality instead of (awesome) cleave 3. Is that worth SIX MORE points? Hardly. All the old villains deserve lowering the deployment cost, because otherwise the missed opportunity cost of not fielding other units in X rounds is giving an advantage to the rebels that is not outweighed by the villain's impact. But until there's an official fix, I doubt the Rebels would be too happy with me bluntly shaving a few points off of RGC or Boba
  17. Kraemet

    I got smashed in Dark Obsession.

    I'm playing a campaign with Gideon now, and while I agree his usefulness is off the charts and it makes sense to go after him both thematically and mechanically, simply wiping him out in every mission is bound to be a serious negative experience for his player. Heck, even in a single mission, being the one defeated guy out of the game while your companions have suffered next to no damage sucks a lot. It's kind of the same problem I have, conceptually, with stun. Stunning a hero is the most effective thing you can do with a single surge, and between RGs, Imperial Industry and Tech Superiority I have plenty of means to do so. But being reduced to a single action per round again and again just feels so anti-fun. I like bleed much more - it's like a soft stun that sacrifices effectiveness for giving the player choice, which is imo healthier for the game experience. Although I suppose If I had as many opportunities to inflict bleed as I currently do for stun, it would feel overbearing too.
  18. Kraemet

    Fly Solo - Replacement for IG-88?

    I played the mission three times, twice with Diala, once with Diala and Gideon. Now THAT is broken I wonder if all that force pushing convinced Han to believe in hokey religions and ancient weapons Two out of three ended with Diala force pushing Han out of the map. I placed the eTroopers somewhat thematically (guarding the room while the officer interrogates) one in each corner of the locked room, and they didn't stand much chance of catching AND shooting at Han - since move just as fast as him and he gets a shove on top. But I can imagine how playing this competitively is a total trainwreck. Spawning the eStorms right at the door and with around 50 more threat worth' of units all converging on Han and stuns/bleeds in the mix, that 12 hp would melt.
  19. Oh the possibilities ... There's so much more material to use here than the new trilogy. General Obi-Wan? Mace Windu? Asajj Ventress? Cad Bane? Young Ahsoka? Young Hondo (eh, he hasnt really changed that much)? Battle-ready yoda? Jango Fett? Mandalorians! Geonosians! Clone troopers! Droids, oh so many droids?! And all the various planets! Only problem is, the Imperial player would probably have to become the Separatist player and none of the units from the current line would be compatible in the slightest, so... time for Imperial Assault 2.0 : Separatist Assault ? Ok, so there are some problems there, but still... SO MUCH FREAKIN POTENTIAL What a rollercoaster of emotions just washed over me
  20. Kraemet

    Clone wars is BACK!

    Odd how some of you don't feel like the Clone Wars is campaign material. I for one think Clone Wars is brilliant campaign material - sure, there are large scale battles going on, but don't focus on the huge battles - the stories of the episodes always center around on a handful of characters on small-scale missions with large-scale impact, exactly the kind of thing IA campaign is structured around. If anything I'd drop Skirmish, because Jedi Master Anakin cutting through 50 droids is not someting IA skirmish is built for, while in campaign it could work. Skirmish wouldn't emulate CW battles anyway, it's a clash of small specialized forces by definition. Rogue One's movie structure more or less already is a series of IA missions, so I wouldn't be surprised. But I'm not sure the breadth of content is there. Solo however is the same timeline as Clone Wars, so while I suppose that would make one as likely as the other, I feel like Solo has NOTHING to do with the entire theme of Imperial Assault (small commandos on important missions for a larger cause), even though the structure would kind of work as well.
  21. Kraemet

    not available?

    For the record, all of my skirmish stuff is off in a box that I only open to add more skirmish stuff in it and never take anythign out. I much prefer playing the Imperial in a story-based evolving campaign with 4 other players than playing a 1v1 game that includes an evolving *meta* (ugh) that almost by definition obsoletes older content (seriosuly, show me a game that successfully avoided power creep and early content is as competitive as the latest releases. That is why I think this sort of genre is flawed). Not that I don't buy all the stuff already, but I want to use units because they're *cool*, not because they're vastly more efficient. And while I would appreciate some deeper story in the campaigns, the heroes are mostly good as-is. They are blank slates the players can identify with, and this is important (would be even more if the campaign was more story oriented, too). Playing AS Luke or Chewie would be less immersing - they're well-defined chartacters with personality and skills that wouldn't make much sense to further grow. All that said, I appreciate skirmish being there, if I ever meet someone who also likes the game as much as I do and wants to try something else, and I'd probably be sad if it was split after all this time.
  22. I'm going to try him in the campaign. The rebels are currently having a hard time as is, so maybe Iggy 2.0 will be overwhelming. Also, I'm running Tech Superiority and also have Imperial Industry, so that might make matters even worse. However, I won him as my first open group villain, so I really want to get some mileage out of him and make him the rebel's nemesis, and the way he was before he wasn't exactly scary, not for the equivalent cost of 2 stormtrooper squads anyway. I feel like he is the perfect villain to haunt the rebel team, fluff-wise. Bounty hunter hired to get rid of a problem, always arriving right after the rebels stir up trouble. As far as all the unique villains go: Darth vader, RGC, Emperor, Sorin, Weiss, Jabba - too important to hound a bunch of rebels on (almost) every mission. Kayn Somos is boring Dengar, Blaise, Boba, Bossk and Terro are all nice candidates but already have their moments in the expansion campaigns Maul doesn't even make sense (isn't he a mostly neutral party with his own interests, at least in the SW Rebels series?) BT-1 and 0-0-0 are Vader's pets, but maybe that actually makes them somewhat plausible? Greedo is a joke, not a proper villain That leaves only the Inquisitor and Iggy as good repeating villains for the core campaign. And the Inquisitor is just a much better sell for 9 points than Iggy 1.0 for 12...
  23. So, version 2: made them less deadly and more mobile and improved the art - now perhaps actually table-worthy.
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    Passing items between heroes?

    Too many heroes now to remember all their skills and I don't even know the heroes from HotE and Bespin . But still, giving someone your 3xp equipment card means your hero is 3 xp weaker now, the equivalent of spending a significant portion of credits on a single hero's equipment - especially since you have Laminate Armor (Tier 2, 700cr, +3 Health, exhaust for block). The class card armors seem somewhat cheaper, but not significantly so I think. I had a quick look at all the class cards an I didn't see any that would significantly differ from the stuff you can buy during the upgrade stage. Didn't look at reward cards, though.
  25. Kraemet

    Passing items between heroes?

    Yup, I edited my post to clarify that I didn't mean it as an interpretation of the rules. But I wonder if the rules don't allow it because there's a good reason, because it is there as a precaution for possible future class weapons, or because it was just too specific an exemption to put into the rulebook without bloating it. Passing items in-mission is prohibited because it breaks some missions and allows game-y behaviour, but exchanging weapon between heroes seem fine to me, is there actually a scenario where this might be too strong?