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  1. Kraemet

    Passing items between heroes?

    Too many heroes now to remember all their skills and I don't even know the heroes from HotE and Bespin . But still, giving someone your 3xp equipment card means your hero is 3 xp weaker now, the equivalent of spending a significant portion of credits on a single hero's equipment - especially since you have Laminate Armor (Tier 2, 700cr, +3 Health, exhaust for block). The class card armors seem somewhat cheaper, but not significantly so I think. I had a quick look at all the class cards an I didn't see any that would significantly differ from the stuff you can buy during the upgrade stage. Didn't look at reward cards, though.
  2. Kraemet

    Passing items between heroes?

    Yup, I edited my post to clarify that I didn't mean it as an interpretation of the rules. But I wonder if the rules don't allow it because there's a good reason, because it is there as a precaution for possible future class weapons, or because it was just too specific an exemption to put into the rulebook without bloating it. Passing items in-mission is prohibited because it breaks some missions and allows game-y behaviour, but exchanging weapon between heroes seem fine to me, is there actually a scenario where this might be too strong?
  3. Kraemet

    Passing items between heroes?

    I don't think anybody questioned Class cards in general, the question was about equipment that also happens to be a class card. Personally (house rule), I go with the approach that trading any items (weapons, armor, mods) between missions is fine regardless if they're a her's heirloom or bought traditionally. In missions only supply cards can be traded, when adjacent and at a cost of an action.
  4. Kraemet

    New California Expansion

    The even bigger problem is that you can (and will) lose or win randomly based on the agenda cards you draw. If you keep drawing point cards for the side that is losing, you won't win and can't do much about it. This is the worst in a 3 player game because it basically forces you into a 2v1 situation. I'm sad that there is no hint of this expansion changing that. Star Wars Rebellion and Civilization expansion changed their respective combat for the better, so it's not liek there isn't a precedent for a major gameplay element fix in an expansion. The coop scenario looks nice though. Hope there is some interaction though, and not just - you go there and I go here and then we roll dice.
  5. On further reflection, I think they might be too slow since you'll probably want to use Brace for Aim almost every activation, so ditching Deadly and giving them might be better, since it would help a little with the positioning issues and make them less reliant on officers, also subtract somewhat from their high dmg potential.
  6. Nice tool! Can confirm, does not work on Windows 7 Ultimate even with .NET 4.5.1+. However, I also have a Windows 10 machine, so here's a proper Heavy Weapon specialist stormtrooper I've been thinkign about for a while now. Inspired by Dreamforge's Eisenkern Valkir Support Troopers and the headswap by Agis. Open to suggestions and tweaking. The idea is to have a trooper that really feels like a challenge and less like a disposeable enemy, something worthy of having the label "Heavy". My Rebel players often have a "well, f***" reaction to a eE-web or royal gurads showing up, but not heavies. I wanted to change that, so they are basically upgraded eHeavies (8HP 3MP BR), with these differences. All of these three skills I consider core in essence because they shape the identity of the unit (durable + adaptable HW) Ironclad: To make them feel like they can really take a beating without going overboard on dice or bonuses, just subtract one from any damage taken. The crucial thing is that you can't chip away at these guys with direct damage, because their armor will protect them from a force push or a tiny amount of blast damage. There's a slight potential for breaking things here, such as they'd get free Experimental Arms use, but since they can't use surges well, I don't think it's too much of an issue. Brace for aim: A heavy weapon will be a b*** to aim on the move and unless you choose to fire a long range gun, you won't hit much. So instead of moving, troopers can take their time to aim. For practical purposes, moving or accuracy does not make too much of a difference unless you're trying to avoid a melee figure or some other effect, so I decided on giving it a +1 bonus. Not sure if that doesn't make it too good. Or maybe it shouldn't be that versatile and just be a flat 2 for 3 or something(?) - 1 mp for +2 ac and still move 2 seems to good. But with 2mp/+3ac, is the remaining 1 mp of any practical use? Versatile loadout: Unlike Agis' image I used for the illustration, Valkir Support troops come with a range of different weapons, so I wanted to simulate this by giving you a choice which weapon to use before the attack. So, eHeavies have +2 Acc. for free and +2DMG on surge, Blast 2 on surge. These guys would get for free one of Long range gun : the freebie of eHeavies without the blast - useful really only if you must move or want to hit something really far away instead of moving in. Grenade launcher: the same Blast that eHeavies get on a surge, with an extra Push the target by one. For close encounters, gain aoe and utility, tradeoff is accuracy lost. Plasma gun: obliterate armor, no blast no accuracy - single target damage, no utility or range That +1 DMG these guys get for free makes their dmg output more consistent then the surge +2 for eheavies. I think +2 is a fair increase in cost, but their versatility makes it harder to run the numbers on this, there will be situation where they will melt face but also where they will perform just like regular eHeavies. And then there's Deadly, which I added only because I felt not getting a choice on surge is lame. I could be wrong about this. I'm aware this isn't much of a choice either as either you don't need it or it's miles better than +1 dmg, but all of the other simple options didn't work. Focus is too strong I think Hide doesn't make sense, they're hulking power armor suits Universal conditions don't fit the choose-your-weapon thing Recover is too strong, they're bulky enough (?) All of the rest they already get through Versatile loadout In conclusion, I'm not sure they should have it but I'm not sure what to replace it with or if another surge ability is even necessary - more for FUN reasons than balance. The center left image on is eHeavies' attack, range 4 against 1 black. On the far left is Shocktroopers not taking Brace for aim into account. - Red +2 Ac, Green Pierce weapon, Blue Blast weapon. On the center right, sacrificing at least 1-2mp for accuracy. Red - blast gun, green - pierce gun. It is very strong, but they are giving up movement to do it, so it's almost like assault on an eWeb (far right, for comparison).