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  1. Hi I have just bought everything from the new lothal expansion and I am willing to play the spectre cell list with al the rebels guys. My doubt is the command cards, with so many different types of minis I have a great problem to choose the best. I am thinking about cards for all figures, all unique, etc what do you think? Recommendations? Card list???
  2. Elthalion

    Homebrew Characters Thread

    Yoda must be in... YODA-Cost 12 Force User/ Leader Surges: Free Evade and block, 1 Surge: +2 damage, 1 Surge: Pierce 3, 1 Surge: recover 2 Action: Force Jump: move up to 6 spaces considering Yoda as mobile while counting. You must end in a free eligible space. Free Action: Force push: Select an enemy mini and push it up to 3 spaces. Then deal 1 damage to it. Limit once per activation. Force aura: friendly minis at 3 or less spaces under ranged attack apply -1 damage to the attack results. Life 12, Speed 1 (is an old man with a rod, but with force powers), Defense: W-W Attack: G-G-G