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  1. I'm assuming Edge of the Empire's Technicians are the odd man out simply because Master Artisan was added to the game for Age of Rebellion's Engineers, and stuck around for Force and Destiny's Artisan Specialization. Has anyone tried hacking the Talent into Edge of the Empire so Technicians don't have to grab a Spec from one of the other lines to get it, and if so, how?
  2. Good grief. A totally different mechanic, which assumes the source of operating capital is unimportant ("Banks don't want you to know this one simple trick!"), and spits out what would be a nice safe 9-5 job paycheck if not for the whims of the narrative dice roll... and then operational costs roll in. But some days you win and are flush with credits. I guess it serves the agenda of keeping PCs on their toes because they can never really master their own destinies.
  3. Yes, there are two factors which compound; the special rule you cite for characters engaging in trade (which is a bandage required to make commerce possible), and the basic check to determine selling price. This rule is okay for driving the export of manufactured goods from core worlds to the outer rim (because no one would ever want to go less that +4 Rarity if they could help it), but would cause the core to starve ("You say you want to import crops but will only pay me a fraction of what the farmers charge me???"). I also thought about flipping the Rarity modifier when selling, but if you're doing that, or removing the cap of the multiplier table (which makes 200% profits routinely attainable at the +4 Rarity level), you're already flat-out changing the system, so may just as well PROPERLY change it. One of these days I'll polish up my version and tack it to this thread. The effective difference is that it's much easier to make modest profits, and much harder to make monstrous ones, and the reckoning is less tail-chasing.
  4. Is it not the case that the PC must make a skill check to sell an item, with the Difficulty of the check being roughly half the Rarity? Higher Rarities mean fewer Successes, which in turn mean less credits or no sale at all, right?
  5. I worked up a set of rules that fit within the framework of FFGSWRPG without giving the parts of my brain formatted by an intro econ course seizures, but mentioning that was literally the straw that broke the camel's back and made The Skeptic rotate out of the GM's spot at the end of the session... so from here on out I hold my nose and pretend the economics as written don't offend my sensibilities. I'm hoping to find an "official" detail here or there to help...
  6. So, am I reading the commerce rules correctly? It looks to me as though taking goods to a place where they're hard to get (elevated Rarity) makes it harder to find a buyer/a good price, because of the increased difficulty on the skill check... or is the location modifier not used for this purpose (only the base Rarity of the item)? A citation would be very helpful when I face skepticism. Thanks.
  7. That first interpretation would be pretty disadvantageous to characters with any of the non-combat talents fueled by strain.
  8. I've been chewing on this idea for a minute, so I'm commenting to follow the thread. I'm playing a Sensitive Exile in an Edge game, and bolting the F&D Morality system on top of the Obligation system just feels crufty. My current thoughts are along the lines of the GM presenting moral challenges to Force Sensitives based on the Moral Strengths and Weaknesses from F&D, with their screwups being measured in Obligation to The Force rather than Conflict... with the idea being that these characters feel an abstract accumulation of karmic weight more than other Edge characters. They would subsequently feel The Force calling them to bring themselves back into balance (pay off that line-item of Obligation) by facing more challenges relating to the same Strength/Weakness... It's a work in progress, but I'm hoping it can lead to integrating the idea of the moral dimension of Force sensitivity into the existing dynamic of Obligation in Edge. Feedback is welcome. Now, how to track your overall Light/Dark status...
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