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  1. Gengis Jon

    Hunter Upgrade?

    Honestly, I’ve clearly been confused about this one from the beginning. At first I thought it could apply to attacking regular Trooper and Fleet units. Since I got that figured out, I’ve only used it (and only maybe once or twice) against commander/operatives. Hadn’t given it much thought until very recently, as I’ve seen wookies and IRG getting into the action on Invader League. Since I’d already been confused, forgive me for being a little unsure about it again, but the way the card is written it stuck me as *possibly* being interpreted as the attack pool could only be applied to the only the wounded mini (vs the entire unit... but yeah, that’s seems silly now that I think about it.) And not that it matters, but technically speaking I think you’re mistaken on when you get the aim token. As written on the card, the aim is given “while” you atack. You don’t get the aim before you roll, you get it and can apply it after you’ve rolled. And even then, I think you don’t have to use it on the wounded unit... Han, for example, could choose to save it and use it on his second gunslinger attack. Or am confused on that too?
  2. Gengis Jon

    Command cards dead commander

    And this part is important bc as more generic command cards become available, players with KIA commanders will still want to keep a certain mystery as what they’re holding. If you just dump all your remaining Luke cards on the table your opponent will know all you’ve got left is SO and will be free to use that knowledge accordingly. Maybe it’s not a huge advantage, but in a close game it could make a big difference.
  3. Gengis Jon

    Hunter Upgrade?

    Here’s something I’ve been wondering about that... So let’s say you attack a wounded Wookie unit and and enough hits go through to take out one Wookie mini (and thereby removing the wounded marker) but there’s also one more hit in the attack pool. Does that additional hit still land, even tho (some might argue) the wound token is technically no longer on the unit?
  4. Don’t forget tho: 1. FD treats cover like a trooper, so barricades are heavy cover for them. 2. Recharge erases all suppression. So, recharge every turn also means starting with no suppression every turn. 3. FD is treated as a trooper unit for Rapid Reinforcements, which does give it some legs beyond the deployment zone for at least that scenario.
  5. Gengis Jon

    Folly's 1.4 FD Laser Turrets waiting on the snow to fall...

    Great job! Love the trooper color scheme. The rock is a nice touch too. Well done!
  6. Gengis Jon

    Any tips for my first rebel army?

    @LordBubba That confused me at first too, but I’m pretty sure that’s just two AT-RTs, with weird breaks for the added rotary cannon. (As with the trooper/Z-6 units listed above)
  7. Gengis Jon

    What’s your user name origin story?

    Nice! Could’ve also used “King of Battle”, too!
  8. The nuances of cover still seem to bog down the games at my FLGS. Maybe a discussion on the biggest misconceptions, mistakes and mismanagement of cover?
  9. Much better sound quality guys! Great job. Interesting and thoughtful discussion. Thanks for putting it together.
  10. Gengis Jon

    How would you run this list?

    Thanks Matt (and good to see you over here in Legion Land!) What’s the thinking behind swapping out Change of Plan for Assault? And I’d love to know your secret on running a single Sabo. Two seems to be the min for me, and even then I’m not exactly thrilled with them (except against bikes... they’re pretty great against bikes.)
  11. Gengis Jon

    How would you run this list?

    I agree, giving up Z-6 doesn’t work. Deleted hunter. And cut stims from everyone but the strike team. (In my experience so far, strike team is just too fragile without them.) Also converted the AT-RT to a flamer and swapped the fleets for a Z-6 squad. All that bought me enough points for a naked trooper squad, bringing the list 10 activations. This list is actually starting seem viable. Anyone having competitive success with something like this? The lack of impact is clearly its biggest weakness.
  12. Gengis Jon

    How would you run this list?

    Anyone running Han & Luke competitively with success? I know, the conventional wisdom says don’t do it. These two together costs too many points and, maybe just as importantly, costs you an activation over running Han with Leia. But maybe some of you are making it work. How are you doing it? Thinking about running with this list for awhile, but open to suggestions/tweaks... Han & Luke (9 Acivations) (796/800) Rebels - Author: Gengis Jon Han Solo (120) - Hunter (6) - Emergency Stims (8) = 134 total points Luke Skywalker (160) - Force Push (10) = 170 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Z-6 Trooper (22) = 62 total points Fleet Troopers (44) - Scatter Gun Trooper (23) = 67 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Z-6 Trooper (22) = 62 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Z-6 Trooper (22) = 62 total points Rebel Commandos (60) - Hunter (6) - Emergency Stims (8) - DH-447 Sniper (28) = 102 total points Rebel Commandos Strike Team (16) - Emergency Stims (8) - DH-447 Sniper (28) = 52 total points AT-RT (55) - AT-RT Rotary Blaster (30) = 85 total points Commands: Sorry About The Mess, Son of Skywalker, Reckless Diversion, My Ally is the Force, Change of Plans, Return of the Jedi, Standing Orders
  13. Gengis Jon

    Most competitive 500-pt lists right now?

    Still six rounds.
  14. I think you might be a bit confused. He’s not asking about how to get more activations. He’s responding to the original poster’s idea of changing the activation mechanic. (Having more artivations is widely considered to be an advantage and the OP is suggesting a rule tweak that might fix that.)
  15. Gengis Jon

    What’s your user name origin story?

    Congratulations! That’s a huge accomplishment. Are you finding a way to publish it?