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  1. Legion Army List Builder just keeps getting better... some great updates lately. In my opinion, the best list builder by far
  2. Of course, I was just trying to put a number on where diminishing returns kicks in with this in my own head. Regardless, this clearly feels like a game breaker. All the more so when you take this 3 or 4 aim tipping point into account. I can’t help but wonder if the game devs took all this into account or if this was somehow missed in play testing. Either way, if it’s as game breaking as it seems to be I hope they take corrective action quickly.
  3. Theory crafting fun aside, once you get to some number of aims — let’s say three or four — doesn’t make more tactical sense for the receiving units to start taking dodges instead... or moving, or whatever.
  4. You are correct, with spotter Veers gives one aim token to two units. The point that may be missed is that each of those two units can then also take an aim before attacking, at which point they’d both have two aims. Then, by way of the card effects, they’d pass each of their two aims on to the next trooper units in the chain. And then both of those could take aims, giving them each a total of three before their attacks. And so on.
  5. I played this in a match tonight against Palp/Veers and did well. Looking forward to a version of this one, perhaps with only two walkers, but with two Astromechs... Dual Firestarter (797/800) (10 Activations) Han Solo (120) - Environmental Gear (3) = 123 total points Fleet Troopers (44) - Scatter Gun Trooper (23) - Fleet Trooper (11) = 78 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Z-6 Trooper (22) = 62 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Z-6 Trooper (22) = 62 total points Rebel Troopers (40) Rebel Troopers (40) AT-RT (55) - HQ Uplink (10) - AT-RT Flamethrower (25) = 90 total points AT-RT (55) - HQ Uplink (10) - AT-RT Flamethrower (25) = 90 total points AT-RT (55) - HQ Uplink (10) - AT-RT Flamethrower (25) = 90 total points Chewbacca (110) - Tenacity (4) - Emergency Stims (8) = 122 total points Commands: Sorry About The Mess, Reckless Diversion, Change of Plans, Notorious Scoundrels, Standing Orders
  6. Somehow I feel the answer to this question lives in whether the EWeb can fit on the tank without overhanging
  7. Yeah, the developers of Legion Commander seem to have just given up on updating. At least for iOS. Legion Army Builder, however, is still going strong I’m happy to report. They usually have new units included long before official release. Still the best out there in my book.
  8. Legion Army List Builder, on iOS, is excellent. They’ve been doing a good job keeping it up to date. And aside from being a good list builder they’ve got a well organized library of key words, command cards, and other useful info. http://prophetstudios.com/mobile-apps/legion-army-list-builder/
  9. In 500 point games most empire players will bring Veers, which usually means they’ll have 7 activations. So, I’d definitely go with the first list. If it were me, I’d drop reflexes and the extra troopers and add another Z-6 to that naked squad. If you have the points (and a new set) I’d also think about converting one of the troopers to a squad of fleets with scatter.
  10. A faction-neutral vehicle? How about a RotJ style skiff. Up to two speed-3 movement per turn. Can transport up to six (?) trooper minis. Controlled by any leader in base contact with the controls. Maybe climb/clamber rules to get on or get off. Light cover. If the vehicle is targeted and is destroyed, everything aboard it dies. If no one at the controls sits motionless. https://goo.gl/images/rpoh9V
  11. A regulation 800 point army may have up to two operatives. Currently, both factions only have one each. For this reason, I don’t think the first round of releases will be “complete” until two more operatives are announced, one for each faction. So, with that said, seems like Lando and IG-88 are likely candidates from the OT. Tho, I’m not sure if the empire needs another bounty hunter. If we add Rogue One characters, seems like Cassian would be a perfect operative, likely also giving the bounty keyword to the Rebels. Not sure about an empire operative from that movie, tho. Besides operatives, seems like we’re overdue for some more heavies. Again, an 800pt list allows for up to two heavies. However, I don’t think the same logic applies in terms of the game not being “complete” without them. It may not be ideal, but you can run the two heavy limit with two AT-STs or two Airspeeder. Obviously, you can’t run two Bobas or two Chewies.
  12. I would drop Force Reflexes and enviro gear on Luke and add Stims Take the points saved and convert one of your trooper units to squad of Fleets. Use them to hold your rear area or, if you’re feeling aggressive, move them up behind your rotary walker. Not sure about two laser walkers... maybe reverse it so you use two rotaries to get up in your opponents face rather than holding back at range. Unless you know you’re playing another rebel who will likely bring walkers... otherwise not much armor showing up these days.
  13. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/21/a-royal-charge/
  14. Gengis Jon

    Hunter Upgrade?

    Honestly, I’ve clearly been confused about this one from the beginning. At first I thought it could apply to attacking regular Trooper and Fleet units. Since I got that figured out, I’ve only used it (and only maybe once or twice) against commander/operatives. Hadn’t given it much thought until very recently, as I’ve seen wookies and IRG getting into the action on Invader League. Since I’d already been confused, forgive me for being a little unsure about it again, but the way the card is written it stuck me as *possibly* being interpreted as the attack pool could only be applied to the only the wounded mini (vs the entire unit... but yeah, that’s seems silly now that I think about it.) And not that it matters, but technically speaking I think you’re mistaken on when you get the aim token. As written on the card, the aim is given “while” you atack. You don’t get the aim before you roll, you get it and can apply it after you’ve rolled. And even then, I think you don’t have to use it on the wounded unit... Han, for example, could choose to save it and use it on his second gunslinger attack. Or am confused on that too?
  15. And this part is important bc as more generic command cards become available, players with KIA commanders will still want to keep a certain mystery as what they’re holding. If you just dump all your remaining Luke cards on the table your opponent will know all you’ve got left is SO and will be free to use that knowledge accordingly. Maybe it’s not a huge advantage, but in a close game it could make a big difference.
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