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  1. Thank you for a quick response.
  2. Is it possible to coordinate an action to a ship that has already performed a slam action and has a weapons disabled token. I know with advanced slam that ship may perform an action but also gains a stress token. My apologies in advance if this has been answered before I just couldn't find the answer to this question.
  3. I'm curious and correct me if I am mistaking something, I have passed initiative to move and shoot second. The problem is taking crits that effect my return fire, such as blinded pilot. Now it seems that I would rather move and shoot first to apply those kinda crits to my opponent if I get lucky. The ships I like to play are not arc dodgers so I go for the blocks and first shot in hopes of getting effective crits off first. I hope this made some sense. PS. This thread made me think of this LOL
  4. After reading all the responses in this thread I realize a few things about X-Wing for me. Its a light-hearted game that I love to play. I love to collect all the ship models, because after all its Star Wars. Some of those ships I have never put on the table. I enjoy the point change, why you might ask. I get stuck flying lists that I am comfortable with and win with. My favorite list just got hit by point upgrades. Now I can break out of my shell of that list and form some new thoughts on a new list just so I don't get stuck on the same list over and over. Just my two cents as to why I like Hyperspace, point adjustments, or whatever else causes me to break my list mold and explore new ones. I have found the game is more fun that way. Just a light-hearted game with new friends I would have never met. Yet competitive enough for the excitement that can come from a good close game that hinges on a die roll. Just my two cents.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to share these lists. i have enjoyed the countdown with them and they have been very insightful for me. I love X-Wing, but I admit, i am terrible at creating effective lists.
  6. Hello everyone, long time lurker in this forum and just had to create an account to reply to this post. Best one I have read yet. I love playing X-Wing, Empire for the Win!, but 2.0 hype, I am in all the way.
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