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  1. I thought you couldn’t take a free attack action if you’ve already performed any attack action during the turn though. I need to dust off my snow troopers then.
  2. Would you though? When you spend a standby token you perform a free attack action. Since you can’t perform the same action twice (except for move) I don’t think you can shoot twice with the same unit. “After an enemy unit attacks, moves, or performs an action, if that unit is at range 1–2 and in line of sight of a unit with a standby token, that unit may spend that standby token to perform a free attack action or a free move action.“ You could still use the standby token to move though.
  3. Hello all! Wanted to share the progress that I'm having with my clones. I'm absolutely loving the phase 2 units. I really wanted to do the 327th to really explore what I could do for bases. Felushia seemed the best planet to base that on and so I choose to base my army off of the clones stationed there. My phase 1 clones are all "shinnies" and the phase 2's will start to show the yellow marks. Once the arc troops kits come out I'm planning on mixing in some of the models into the phase 2 units to really give them that 327th look. Aayla is a stand in model for Obi Wan's rules.
  4. Man, I love how bright your colors turn out. None of them really bleed into each other without it being intentional. Great stuff.
  5. I would love to see FF do something similar to the clone armies in the way that GW did for the space marines. Having something that makes playing Rex and the 501st legion feel different on the table from playing Cody and the 212th other than what color of paint I used. How would this be balanced? No idea. I'm a fanboy and not a game designer so I will keep on dreaming while the designers keep designing.
  6. Do you, for the most part, tend to do layer highlights or blending highlights? Specifically I'm looking at your Ahsoka model. I can't tell if the cloth on her is blended or layered. Like most people on here, your stuff looks amazing.
  7. Yup. All you need is one lane to get to the opponent. They're like giant, fiery, bowling balls, but we thought fire chickens had more appeal. Don't forget with the rules reference, some terrain is treated as open ground for walkers.
  8. With the Rebel commandos and Scout troopers close (ish) behind here is my personal hope that the unrelieved sniper upgrades will be able to do for this game. Something along the lines of "Designate X dice in this attack pool, if any of these dice roll an unmodified crit, you may choose which model in the defending unit must save against this wound." Just something that will help keep things such as Z-6's and DLT's from being auto spammed as this game grows.
  9. ^ This. I also envy this person's ability to convey key points with a minimal word count.
  10. This list is only really afraid of other fire chickens with what is currently available. In the case of a mirror match, you just have to accept that there will be MAYBE 4 models left on the table in total. The entire focus of this list isn't crushing your opponent or claiming every objective on the table, the focus is taking away your opponents ability to claim objectives. It doesn't matter what has died or what is left as long as you have 1 more objective than your opponent. If you know your opponent has armor and will spend their first 2 turns focusing your chickens down, make sure your troopers are entrenched where they need to be that you can just delete the move command from them for the rest of the game. This list very heavily relies on being able to get your opponent to think that the wrong unit is a high priority to kill. This is why I will nine times out of ten have all three chickens activate last on my first turn. Let your opponent think that he HAS to kill your fleet troopers first or avoid all of your Z-6's. There have been some games though where I just let my opponent kill the chickens because he watched a game I was playing earlier and I kept talking up the chickens to him before our game started. After the chickens were fried, the untouched fleet troopers wiped the table. It is worth mentioning now that I have a very reactive play style in nearly every strategy game that I play and that that kind of play style isn't for everyone. The patient hunter gets his prey shas'la.
  11. I like the thought process but I don't know if this specific version has the durability to do what you want. Legion is primarily a shooting game with what is currently released since range 3 > touching bases. When the royal guard drop, I don't think that adding one close combat unit will be enough to make a CC list viable.
  12. Get aggro and focus on rushing your opponent just to see what happens. What's the worst that could go wrong? You lose a game?
  13. That is amazing and I'm totally stealing it for the name of my list. Nice job on the wins too.
  14. I tried that in one of my practice games and didn't like it too much. The laser canon felt so out of sync with the other 2 because it wanted to sit back and shoot where as the others ran forward full speed. Plus forcing your opponent to deal with 18 armor wounds at the start of their second turn is just so hard for them to do. If they can't deal 16 unsaved wounds to at least cripple the last chicken, some of their troops are going to get crispy guaranteed. I have found that I usually play co-ordinate bombardment the turn that I need to suppress enemy troops to try to stop them from taking the ever OP Aim, Shoot orders while my units get to do those exact orders to their units when I activate. Usually it's turn 2, it's frequently becoming turn 3. Depends on what is happening on the board and where each of us have positioned units. I have noticed though that if I'm facing off against Veers that I will never play it first turn. There are better things to do to guarantee that units operate in the order that I want them to, Veers' will always play his super 1 pip card first turn and now I'm up a 1 pip card for later in the game.
  15. Yeah, it was Leia with Esteemed leader, 3 Fire chickens (just the flame thrower for upgrades), 2 Fleet troopers with Mpl launcher, enviro gear and extra trooper, 3 Rebel troopers with Z-20 blaster, and extra trooper, and 1 Rebel trooper with just a Z-20 blaster. The list came out to 795 which let me choose blue player in every game. I ran the fire chickens as a wolf pack, always grouped together, and always on the flank where there were troopers directly across from them. The first round was always an assault command card so that I could place all 3 support order tokens on them and they would move, move as the last units to act for my turn. On turn 2 they would move, attack and usually just decimate a trooper unit.
  16. I just won the Legion tournament at Salt Lake Gaming Con this last weekend without using Luke. I went 3-0 against an imperial player and 2 other rebel players. The extra points without taking Luke went to a 3rd At-Rt with flamer (my group as taken to calling these "fire chickens") and a 6th core unit with a Z-20 blaster. All games were conceded by my opponents by turn 5.
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