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  1. Also @TedW, think I'm gonna steal your idea to use the '^' to indicate recurring charges if you don't mind, cause it's a great idea. Oh, and the stars next to the names of unique pilots. Sweet concept by the way! I think the integration of the droid brain was real smooth
  2. Probably about as happy as Empire players feel about scum and rebel scum stealing the icon of the Imperial navy 😋😋😋😥
  3. You mean you'd actually like to use the stuff I made?
  4. Confederacy mantra right there
  5. This is nice, works well as a slightly more primitive version of the sf with the red rotate actions.
  6. Thanks! Apparently discord missiles are doing pretty well nowadays, so I dunno if people would think it's a bit too much to give it so many buffs
  7. Seems like the first order could get their own version, might even be cooler looking!
  8. My guess is that it would have a calculate mechanic, cause the thing's got an integrated droid brain. If it ends up alongside the tie/sf then to set it apart they could give it some sort of advantage with obstacles, similar to the mining tie. Honestly, if it has a 3 primary out the front and back without the need for a turret or gunner like a firespray, that'd make it pretty distinct off the bat. However I'm well aware why the tie/sf is designed like it is, and it should probably be the standard for this kinda thing.
  9. Here's a pilot idea I just had: (Three Dot) I3: Colicoid Protoype - Droid Superiority At the start of the activation phase, you may increase your initiative by 1 for each other friendly Colicoid Prototype at range 0-1 for that round. And an alternate chassis for the ship that would make it a bit more balanced: Stats: Vattack2, llattack3 / agility3 / hull3 Actions: calc. / evade / barrel roll>calc. / boost>calc. / lock Slots: missile / mod Gyroscopic Core: After you fully execute a red maneuver, you may rotate 90 degrees. {I gave the original chassis 4 hull because of concerns that 3 hull combined with a primary attack of 3 would put it in the same tricky situation as the Tie Interceptor, especially its lower initiative pilots. This version is much cheaper and more expendable than a Tie Interceptor, so this isn't a concern}
  10. Hey this is really neat! I've done a couple homebrews myself, including the the tri-fighter. I like how you managed to work the whole gyroscopic core thing into the design, I couldn't figure out how to do that in my own version. Also, what did you use to make the maneuvers? I've always preferred that format over the circular dial.
  11. Here's Cad Bane and a couple of his lackeys. These folks don't have the Hardiness ship ability. I6: Cad Bane – Cold Condottiere At the start of the activation phase, you may choose up to 3 friendly ships at range 0-2 and flip their dials. If you do, you may perform a boost action using a template with a speed equal to the number of ships chosen. {Total wishful thinking on my part, he’s one of my favorite characters which is why his ability is so over the top. While he does make more sense as a scum pilot, I hope he somehow also makes it to the CIS, cause I don’t play scum. Props to Whalers on the moon for coming up with the original version of this ability} I2: Todo-360 – Loyal Valet While a friendly ship at range 0-2 is defending, if you have 1 or fewer stress tokens, you may gain one stress token. If you do, the defender rolls one additional defense die. {Todo's the reason this took longer than expected to post. Between working on this on-and-off and not having the faintest idea what ability to give him, it dragged a fair bit} -EXPERIMENTAL BONUS PILOT- I4: Cato Parasitti – Covert Copycat After you reveal your dial, you may choose a ship in your V at range 0-2. If you do, flip their dial (if it is not already revealed) and execute their revealed maneuver instead of your own. {Wording adjustments likely needed, mostly just a concept pilot} Upgrades Xanadu Blood (Title): After you fully execute a red maneuver, you may gain one cloak token. After you gain a cloak token, you may break a lock assigned to you. After you decloak, you may acquire a lock. {Is it more interesting or more of a pain in the *** to keep the cloak locked behind a red maneuver?}
  12. Bingo! And I was thinking something similar actually! At one point the Hardiness ability was the pilot ability of a 2 dot generic magnaguard pilot, so that you could only have a maximum of 2. Perhaps granting it as a ship ability along with the unique pilot's abilities is a bit much. I was trynna balance the hypothetical price of the thing between a generic B-22 and a Soulless One Grievous. That, along with the decent shielding made it a tad awkward to decide on a hull/shield ratio. I was trying to make the dial more reliable than the B-22 (with it's weird mix of good linked actions and poor stress clearing), and the more 'extreme' dials of the droids. Yeah that's what I had thought too, that the B-22 would still fill the important role of relay carrier while the rogue becomes a sort of medium workhorse chassis for the faction. To be safe though, I'd need to reign in the ship ability a bit. I appreciate the advice! I haven't payed much attention to the usual traits of ships that fill specific roles (cause I haven't really had to in a faction like the CIS), but I'll keep that in mind.
  13. Yeah, actually now that I think about it, Zuckuss' face would make a pretty sweet grill!
  14. Gotta say this thing's not hotwheels enough for me. Whatever happened to the days when Zuckuss' face would just be the grill?
  15. The Rogue-class Starfighter! Again! Chassis is actually largely based off of the Porax-38 as it is the closest analogue to the Rogue that actually has any substantial stats and info to go off of. I’ll post Cad Bane with some more stuff on here soon. Characteristics Magnaguard pilots High-capacity shields Sensor ‘cones’ (translation: sensor slot) Roles Reliable / dedicated snubfighter Design Themes Jedi slayer IG-88 prototype Grievous' guard Chassis Stats: Vattack3 / agility2 / hull3 / shield3 Actions: calc. / boost / lock Slots: talent / sensor Hardiness: When you are destroyed, you are not removed until the end phase. Dial: Speed 1 - White turns, blue banks and straights Speed 2 - White turns, blue banks and straights Speed 3 - White banks and straights, red tallon rolls Speed 4 - White straight, red koiogran turn Pilots {First two pilots are designed to be able to synergize with and support Grievous while he flanks, and are named after the two Magnaguards with him on the Invisible Hand in Episode 3} I4: IG-102 – Mono-ocular Menace While you perform an attack, if you are not inside the defender’s firing arc, the defender cannot modify focus results. {If your opponent turns to face Grievous, they'll have a bad time. Especially if they're toting force-powered passive mods... just as a random example} I4: IG-101 – Relentless Combatant After a ship in your V declares a ship other than you as the target of attack, gain 1 calculate token. {Discourage shooting at Grievous while also acting as a battery for your vulture swarm} I3: IG-138 – Forceful Suppressor While you attack or defend at range 0-1, you may change one of the enemy's focus results to a blank result. (Generic) I3: IG-100 Magnaguard Talented Upgrades Prototype Droid Brain (Config): After you perform a calculate action, you may gain one stress token to choose a friendly ship at range 0-1 with calculate on its action bar. That ship gains one calculate token. {Sort of a precursor to IG-88A and Advanced Droid Brain packed into one}
  16. Yeah that's pretty scary, though thinking about it, giving him a significantly more powerful effect while shielded might make the race to pop his shields more interesting.
  17. This is good! I was also trynna figure out a way to make his shielded effect more 'tactical' while still relating it to dice somehow. No luck so far
  18. Introducing Poggle The Lesser, though this could be any seppie, really. -EXPERIMENTAL- Poggle The Lesser (Crew / Solitary😞 [4 double-recurring charges] Side 1 At the start of the engagement phase, you may spend up to 4 charges to choose an equal number of friendly ships at range 0-2. If you do, assign one calculate token to each chosen ship, then flip this card. Side 2 During the engagement phase, friendly ships at range 0-2 with calculate on their action bar must treat their initiative value as being equal to the number of active charges on this card. At the end of the engagement phase, flip this card. Edit: dunno what the sad face is there for, it's just meant to be another parenthesis but I think I'll keep it
  19. Aw **** yeah I like your thinking! I like this. The idea behind the strain token was to show commitment to the bombing run, and I think the disarm token also plays into that well.
  20. At first it was re-roll one attack die, but I got kinda scared about what he'd do on an infiltrator. Your idea is good though, Nute could use a bit of streamlining. It's potentially a lot of unavoidable damage yeah, but generally the more ships you have in your list to use the effect, the lower initiative they'll be. Meaning, it's likely one or two will die before getting a shot, and even more likely that some will be on 1 hull and may not want to risk it. If your ships are shooting first and they use Grievous, that's a hefty alpha strike, but they ain't gonna stick around. Since it's Grievous, we can price him to the heights of Luke gunner without it being weird, to even further prohibit the number of ships you can get. That said, perhaps Version 2 would be easier to balance? Thanks, I was a bit worried it would be kind of an npe, but getting to lose a red token would probably help. And yeah, it might only affect one ship, but 1v1s with an infiltrator would just be sad to watch.
  21. Tie/ab Dive Bomber Homebrew This draft assumes higher primary firepower than that of an Imperial Tie bomber, on account of what seem to be wingtip laser cannons (they do not seem long/thin enough to be antennae) in addition to chin-mounted weapons. Also, hot-take: no sensor slot. This thing’s only launching stuff with it’s ship ability, and ain’t stepping on the toes of the tie/sf anymore than in needs to with a three die primary. Chassis Stats: Vattack3 / agility2 / hull5 / shield2 Actions: focus / lock / boost>lock / reload>lock Slots: 2Xmissile / 2Xdevice / torpedo / tech Projected Silos: After you fully execute a speed 3-5 forward or bank maneuver, if you are not strained and have not dropped or launched a device this round, you may gain 1 strain token to launch a bomb with a straight template matching the speed of the maneuver. Pilots I5: “Torque” During the System Phase, if you would drop or launch a device, you may perform a barrel roll action. If you do, place the device token at the other end of the template. (Likely needs wording adjustments) I4: “Shellshock” After you fully execute a maneuver, you may suffer one damage to rotate 90 degrees. If you do, and you have not dropped or launched a device this round, you may drop one device. You cannot launch devices this way. (May require a bit of streamlining as well, also I'm wondering if shellshock as a name would be insensitive or inappropriate in some way?) I2: “Tremor” While you are stressed and while you execute a red maneuver, you ignore friendly bombs and mines.
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