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  1. Did you see how much stress was there? (tried to get rid of the repeat image btw, no luck)
  2. FFG might do the same thing that they did with the reaper. Hopefully that also means some really unique additions to the game as well as the wonky timing. Had another idea for the ship, make it kinda like an imperial YT-2400, which is appropriate considering the connection to obstacles. 2 primary attack Ship ability: After attacking at range 2-3, you may perform an additional attack against the defender. So it has a sensor blindspot like the YT-2400, and a way to represent the autotrigger for the ship's guns. You could balance it with a fast dial to make it hard to range your opponent.
  3. Small idea off the top of my head for a new tie/D config: Ignore ship ability, when attacking you may roll one extra attack die, and you must spend one hit/crit result. If you do, assign one token of the corresponding equipped cannon upgrade (if applicable) to the defender. It's a wasted config if you don't take the right cannon of course, so a more streamlined design where you don't have to update a table of usable cannons would be good. Another option is to release different versions of the same config, dedicated to specific tokens, in the case that using the config with something like jamming beam proves to be too powerful. This config would give the defender a bit more utility, while possibly being able to price it a little cheaper.
  4. I feel like the lack of cloaking shenanigans would change that a bit
  5. Would it be entirely unreasonable to suggest a 3 die primary and sf gunner capability at a minimum price point of like 75 base? As far as I'm concerned, those are the silencer's front guns and the sf's turret and I'd like a couple more 4 dice attack ships to mix things up.
  6. I've heard talk of a 'time-on-target' meta to do with the resistance a-wings. I feel like these could be quite dangerous if they're costed to account for their tractor restrictions and finicky bulls-eye attack, since you could effectively strafe enemies en-masse with these things.
  7. I don't suppose anyone thinks the lowest I generic is gonna be any less than 41 points?
  8. Pretty sure Sun Fac's ability gives him an extra attack die on his primary when his opponent is tractored Edit: The I4 seems to re-roll two attack dice, I think also when the opponent is tractored Edit #2: The I5 looks like it does something with red lock tokens, when a friendly ship with lock on its action bar has a lock on the the enemy you just attacked
  9. I am in love with that thing's dial.
  10. Well, the Infiltrator is one of the few large bases with a pure front arc, which I never realized was so rare until recently
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