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  1. Oh jeez oh lord 🥵
  2. Maybe this'll work? https://imgur.com/a/hRpFu1H
  3. I'd sacrifice a few siblings to get some of FractalSponge's designs in x wing, or in star wars in general for that matter
  4. It's great to see folks sharing their creativity and building off of each other's ideas, so I thought I'd share my own take on the tri-fighter that I made about a month ago in case you guys can get some ideas from it. Plus I'm quite proud of it. Fair warning though, apparently the images are a bit low res? They don't appear that way for me but that's what I've heard, so I might update the images if I get the chance. https://imgur.com/a/Qp8FNsB
  5. Dang I didn't realise tie hunter's s-foils folded like that. Now I kinda really want them put in the game. Neat idea for the ship ability, seems pretty balanced considering the attack dice (I ain't paying attention to the price of the cards when I say that) and distinguishes it quite well from other similar fighters. Though I'm not sure what need there is for the two front arcs printed on the card, the ability should work with just one of them, no?
  6. Super nice to see some tri fighter love! I appreciate you using 'DIS' for the ace pilot names, I assume you figured that it stood for 'droid interceptor pilot' or something like that, cause I thought the same for my own tri fighter homebrew. I feel like the dial could use some tuning, don't you think the tri fighter should at least be more maneuverable than the vulture droid? Did you make it that way to be balanced with some of the pilots?
  7. Ah thanks for reminding me, I need to pirate watch the new episode of the clone wars
  8. Ah, a beautifully wretched chimera of the x wing, b wing, k wing and most likely another legends ship I ain't familiar with
  9. Dude you're murdering it with the naming conventions there, stuff's got texture. Also Ninth Sister's ability is slick, nice counterpart to vagabond
  10. I reeeally like dookrew's design, game needs more of it!
  11. Oh yeah, speakin' my language there. I adore this beautiful design space you've put forward
  12. Like she's on some sort of generic evil tank and the exhaust port is the opening of a big 'evilness' cannon? Just below frame is an army of little gremlin stormtroopers
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