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  1. Very tidy, I'm digging that tank.
  2. Recon00

    So uncivilized

    I'm not sold on stark white either. Think I'm going to end up with a really light gray with some pure white highlights on the raised parts, and then base the cloth parts with a medium gray so I can use white dark gray and black as the pattern. Something like this maybe, try and get some bigger irregular shapes in. https://wallpapercave.com/w/wp2698650
  3. Recon00

    So uncivilized

    Snowtroopers currently. I've got them cleaned and assembled primed, but not assembled. A few other projects and a very last minute work trip have those sitting put for a bit. Going to go for more of an urban snow look instead of the traditional khaki warm blankey look.
  4. Recon00

    So uncivilized

    I look forward to posting more. I picked up another box of fleet troopers, and I'm going to use what I've learned and try to get it done in a lot less time. Also have snow troopers to add to this list soonish as well. Can't wait!
  5. Recon00

    So uncivilized

    Thanks everyone! Yeah, I'm a pretty good student, and with videos like the ones available on YouTube, it makes it easier to learn and do better work IMO. On my own, without those vids, I'd probably still be an out of the pot painter wondering why my stuff didn't look like everyone elses.
  6. Recon00

    So uncivilized

    Finally, I've finished painting all my initial stuff for Legion (core, commandos, fleets, scouts, and some commander/operators). These are the first real mini's (like little 28mm dudes) that I've painted, and I've gotten better as I've gone through the boxes (yay me!) Started with the Empire, finished with the rebel scum. Lots of mistakes, lots of learning, and I'm happy with it in the end. Shout out to Sorastro as he was an immense help with inspiration and his videos were a great help in deciding how I thought about how to tackle these (ie, I shamelessly stole what I wanted).
  7. Wonder if it counts as tournament legal.... glorious regardless.
  8. What are those imps standing in/on? Looks like carpet, and I love it!
  9. Digging how it's more muted, feels like it's been in the jungle for a bit. Love it. Really, as I'm starting to paint mine, I think I like the "wear" look far more than the rusted look. Rust is great, but this is spacey stuff and I feel like they (both sides) would do juuuuuuuuuuuuust enough to keep it from going that far when it comes to the weapons platforms.
  10. This looks awesome! I'm slightly disappointed the barrel isn't drilled, but that doesn't take away from your work, which is great!
  11. I get into FF games late it seems, so sorry for dredging up the past. LOL. I like the ROTJ paint job, and glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought about something other than one of the ESB Luke's. Looking forward to posting my stuff as I get done. Great work man.
  12. Truthfully, I've painted some squadrons for Armada, but I don't consider them "mini's". All the ones I've painted for Legion have been my first 28mm miniatures thus I consider them my first real foray into the hobby. Ships and people/figures are just different in my mind. To Vader, I've watched hours and hours of vids, so I had some of the concepts down, but I've been light on the practice. I had to watch your vid a few times (with pauses while I attempted to replicate). Certainly ambitions to go after him early in my Legion set, but after muffing the storm troopers (did a lot of things backwards), I thought why not, and gave him a go. Still a lot of learning, but painting more mini's is part of learning and I just need to get some consistent brush time in. .... maybe some of the better brushes like the Winsors or some other Kolinsky brushes will help with some of my lines and details as well. Thanks for the kind words.
  13. This is like my 17th or 18th mini ever painted, so I'm still very much a novice, and my first time at OSL... Used your Vader vid for inspiration (thanks btw!), and I think I finally 'get' the glaze principle now having successfully done it with medium vs when I mixed water and thought about doing it. Haven't finished the base and I'm going to try to tidy up some of the helmet lines not glazed.
  14. Aren't you clever with the Punisher on the Punisher.
  15. I just used some wash with dish soap in it, and it didn't exactly stay off the flatter surfaces... may have to investigate this wet water you speak of. What are the ratios?
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