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  1. Non-force user classes? Like bounty hunters/smugglers etc? I'm trying to figure out which book to buy for a Republic era romp, but not positive which one to grab
  2. Hello Northshore Legionaires! Thanks for coming out to Doubles Day! It’s much appreciated and I hope that you enjoyed our second Legion event of the year and I also hope that its helping to build an active Legion game community that you want to be apart of. If it isn’t then please by all means let me know how we can improve and what you might like to see in addition to or instead of what we’ve done so far! Registration for The Canto Bight Classic ends on Sunday March 3rd at midnight(TONIGHT!), so that opponents can be bracketed for the first round and games can start to be played by the 4th. To register just send an e-mail to northshorelegion@gmail.com | It is $5 at the time of your first game to help pay for the prize support. In case you haven’t heard, the Canto Bight Classic is a league we will be playing through March and likely into the first week of April. Four matches, starting at 500 points and ending at 1200 that are meant to harness the madness of March. After being paired it will be up to opponents to schedule their match for the week with a deadline of Sunday Night so that pairings can go out each Monday morning. The basic rules for the over-all tournament being winners receive 20 points and losers receive 10 points. Simple right? Well the madness comes in with your bid. In case you don’t know what a bid is, it's the points under the total that your list comes to. (I.E. if the match is supposed to be 500 points, and your list is only 480, your bid is 20 points.) In addition to the points players receive for winning, they also receive what their bid is in victory points or they can choose to risk their bid and victory points for a chance to achieve double the points by wagering their bid on other player’s matches. This is a mechanism to help everyone stay in contention throughout the league and promote playing all the way until the end! Game 1 is to be played on a 3x3 with the deployment to be battle-lines. In the center of the board mark an area of range 1 high by range 2 wide. Victory is determined by who has the most unit leaders in this marked area by the end of the game. For the purposes of game 1 the following list restrictions must be followed: 0-2 Commanders 0-2 Operatives 1-3 Corps 0-3 Special Forces 0-3 Light Support 0-2 Heavy Support If you have any questions please feel free to send them my way! Prizes for top Imperial and Rebel lists will be Skullforge Studios Samurai Vader and Samurai Luke respectively. Additionally the top player will receive the $25 store credit at Battleground Games Saugus and their name on the Star Wars Legion Trophy (And an outpost defended or captured in terms of the store’s flag). Finally all players will receive prizes just for joining in the form of Alternative Art Cards. Oh and just as preview of what we’ve got working in the pipeline, we may have a Rallypoint Qualifier sometime this year for an invitation to what used to be the World Championship for Legion in the year 2020. Once again the e-mail for registration is northshorelegion@gmail.com - Rich O’Brien
  3. Leia was a Senator at 18?????? Luke could pilot better than trained imperial pilots at 18???? Padme was a flipping elected Queen at like 13??? Then an even more accomplished Senator at 23??? No one blinks when Ashoka was out waving a lightsaber around at 13 in a war zone Just saying age feels like its absolutely meaningless in Star Wars. Young peeps are all up in the Stars and the Wars
  4. Reckless Diversion works great even without the meatshields for Han. Mostly because despite that white dice, Han can pretty easily get heavy cover even in the open and it makes him tanky. His rerolls bring up his survivability pretty drastically
  5. Just as a wrap up for this for everyone who was wondering: IT was amazing! Twelve players showed up for the event with a bunch of different lists (More imperials than Rebels in our area, but the Rebels did well to come out with a good showing in the top of the points) Thank you to everyone out there who came and helped kick things off with Operation Deep Jungle. Looking ahead we discussed doing a 1600 point team game in the month of February so please keep on the lookout for more details about that!
  6. Operation: Deep Jungle This is the facebook event page. It'll be held Saturday the 12th at 1pm, and will be four rounds of approximately 75 minutes each. 300 points is the base army, but through objectives achieved in game and post game your lists updates/grows
  7. Awesome! Just to update this thread with some information: Saturdays at Battleground Saugus from 1pm to 630pm will be the store's Legion Day/Time. Specifically the day that we gather to play some games, and hopefully/potentially run tournaments with some prize support. Saturday January 12th specifically we will be running Operation Deep Jungle: a 300 point raid with individual games timed at 75 minutes each, on a 3x3 map and gradually build up your battle forces up through wins/losses/objective grabbing. The plan is for there to be the Ground Assault Kit there for prizes to be handed out.
  8. Hello! In an effort to create something of a Legion community out in North Eastern Massachusetts, specifically the Saugus area Battleground games is putting together a casual event day this Saturday at 1pm to discuss what those who play legion would like to see from the store in terms of support for tournaments, events and leagues. Star Wars Legion Casual Community Day So if your available come join me and lets see if we can't get some regular organized play going!
  9. I do! Over at Battleground games Saugus!
  10. Entourage: Han Solo while building an army, ignore the rank of 1 Han Solo unit. During the command phase if you issue an order to Han or Chewie, issue an additional Order to Han or Chewie if they are in range 1-2 of each other Basically Having Chewie allows you to have 3 Commanders on the board, and if Han gets an order give an order to Chewie or vice versa
  11. I got two so that I could have a small strike with the sniper + a full squad with the sniper >_> hopefully the sniper turns out to be good!
  12. What weird interaction? Can Leia cause Luke to get a free attack action after she makes him move?
  13. One Suppression token is all it takes to grant cover. There is no additional cover granted from having suppression tokens beyond that. The way I think about it is, they've just been shot at, they know they've been shot at and so they're all doing what they can to duck/cover/zigzag to prevent getting shot
  14. After a unit with the gunslinger keyword performs a ranged attack action against a unit, it may perform an additional ranged attack against a different unit. • This additional attack is not an attack action or a free attack action What is that last bit about not being an attack action or a free attack action mean? Is that whats allowing the unit to attack two different targets? I thought it meant he basically attacked twice against two different targets in an activation. but can a unit with gunslinger not move ---> Ranged attack Target 1 | Ranged Attack Target 2?
  15. My friend suggested Ewoks today for the rebels special ops. Like a ten mini unit with native cover 1 (cause they're small) nimble and something tricky. I think he might be right and I had to just groaaaaaaaaaan
  16. I love BG Saugus. They've got everything you need for game; from mats to terrain. They run a BUNCH of Warhammer stuff out of the store so it carries all the good stuff. I'll update here when they run their next Tourney/league ^.^
  17. Not to mention you can get The Enviromental Gear from the Fleet TRoopers (They come with one) And likely you'll get the Stims inside the Commandos package. Meaning you only need to buy more Fleet Troopers/Commandos if you want more of those items AFTER you buy Han TBH point costs are tight as it is though, and so i can't see too many of any common equipment coming in for anyone other than high value Minis
  18. Does his 3 pip card + battle meditation mean every unit gets an order Token because they are all "eligible" to receive an order at that point?
  19. Battleground games on Route 1 Saugus Mass has been running Legion events; We just finished up Operation Silent Hail Rivals league, and will be doing another shortly. I believe (might need to check first because I'm not positive) they do Legion nights on Tuesdays/Saturdays cause thats when the X-Wing/Armada guys are in.
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