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  1. FFG is not going to abandon the old app until the new one is released. The fact that they are still releasing point on the old app does not mean the new app has been abandoned either.
  2. IIRC, they are 2 types of shield in the Star Wars lore. One type blocks only the lasers, that is the one the capital ships are equiped with. That's why they can launch fighter in combat while keeping their shield up.
  3. I don't see them being racist too, but exploiting and encouraging racism to enforce the empire domination over the galaxy is totally a thing I expect Palpatine to do.
  4. On this specific point: Buzz Droids are "Remotes", not "Ships". Remote do not block movements.
  5. Mask are weak protection for you, but it keeps you from infecting the other people aroud you. Since you can be contagious without knowing it, not risking infecting other people is important. If everyone wears a mask, nobody is infecting anyone, it becomes effective.
  6. I don't understand the issue with the silhouette. It is based on the Lambda Shuttle, an iconic Imperial ship. I don't see how you could confuse it with an X-Wing. The lateral wings angle is totaly different, there is no fin on an X-Wing and the body shape and size does not match. The design is cleary imperial. This is not a TIE design, but this is still imperial.
  7. This was recently changed. The current rule is: The ships are removed at the end of the init phase, but the "after a ship is destroyed" effects trigger after the attack that killed the ship.
  8. This can be solved if the "defending player" and the "defending ship" are two different things.
  9. Intresting way to see thing. I always imagined that the ships are actualy smaller than the miniatures. Like, obstacles are representing a field of obstacles and the ships are big dots located somewere in the miniature base. In my mind, what we, the players, are playing with, is actually some sort of war map where ships are represented by miniatures and not the real ships.
  10. Or use a recuring charge. "After performing an action, spend a charge to gain a calculate token".
  11. I guess I have become paranoid about rules after spending to much time on the forum 😅
  12. In the last Rules, this part : as been change by this : A small "," has been added between "immediately" and "before". For me that means the effet now trigger immediately when the ship is destoyed, not when it is removed. Another clear change was done to the attack rules saying that attacker and defender effect that trigger on a destroyed ship now trigger at the end of the attack. That seems to confirm that the intent is indeed to change the timing. What do you think of that ? I have seen nobody talking about it, but this seems like an important change. (And it explains why TA-175 is now 9 points.)
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