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  1. You have 1 ship maximun on each side on the wing leader. Decloack is 2 base large, that should fit without issue.
  2. The double arc turret feels wrong, it does not match the way this turret works. What I would rather do do is something like : if this attack miss, performe this attack again as a bonus attack. And I would reduce the dice to 2. That gives you high probability of 1 damage, but the probability of doing 0 is still higher than doing 2.
  3. The issue is cloaking device on hudge ship.
  4. That would only concern a bonus attack that triggers during another attack. Otherwize that make no sens, this step does exist in the context of Snap Shot.
  5. No, special weapons do not give an extra firing arc. The turrets are the only one giving an extra arc because of the turret arc indicator.
  6. • If an effect triggers after a ship is destroyed, the effect resolves immediately before the ship is removed. That clearly state that the effect resolver immediatly before the ship is removed, thus after all ships of the same initiative have engaged.
  7. NerroSama


    Looks like 45° :
  8. NerroSama


    Most likely no :
  9. If you can equip this card on a ship, you can move it to another one by using Cikatro. Thus, a ship without slam action can get the card and use the last part to trigger a slam. But that would require a scum ship with slam and illicit to setup the Cikatro trick.
  10. NerroSama

    Community Need

    If you have diffculty judging the distance of the maneuvers, they are a few tricks that you can use. For exemple, this old V1 guide has everything for small and large bases : I use that all the time to figure out where a ship will land.
  11. Check the rules, the wording for the extra green dice and for the cloud effect are the exact same. If one apply, the other has to apply.
  12. I agree with meffo. Obscruction is decided from the point of view of the attacker. If you ignore the obstacle, you don't get the obstruction if you are the attacker. But once the obsctruction is declared (in the case your are the defender), you have no reason to ignore any effect of the obstuction. That is the same thing that allow you to still roll 1 extra green dice.
  13. So, let me resume: My conclusion: the token is most likely used, but the fact that Internet arguments are so much fun overrules Dead To Rights.
  14. Not really. 3x 4 attack dice is better than 4x 3 attack dice if your opponent is rolling any green dice. The more green dice they roll, the better the 3x 4 dice list gets.
  15. If the guides are hanging off the edge, the ship is outside the play area, range does not matter. (And range measuring does not takes guides into account anyway.)
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