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  1. Yeah, I'm sorry mate. I did check, and have just checked again, there are no other posts by you. Maybe it didn't post for some reason? Repost it, I'm new to the FFG system so if you do have any advice or insights, I'd love to hear it.
  2. Ok. It's just I'm a little confused? literally all you say is "spend some advantage on strain" theres nothing else and no mention of any talents (unless I'm missing another post by you?). Did it cut out the rest of your message or something? I feared you were perhaps being facetious for some reason, because it's a pretty obvious statement. Especially considering I mention straight away that thats all I ever end up spending my advantage on.
  3. I'm sorry but I've got to ask, mate: did you read any of this thread (or even just the original post) or did you just read the title?
  4. That's actually good advice, I'll look into that. Thanks.
  5. You see, that's what I thought. We've incurred strain out of combat and that's always felt right, given the circumstances.
  6. Nope, that is not my complaint at all. I'm totally fine with the strain costs and damage I receive during combat, that all feels balanced to me. My issue is with recovering from all that after combat. Compared to other characters it just seems disproportionately harder for jedi than non-jedi. My non-jedi companions can get just as roughed up in a fight (and do just as much damage blasters) but can recover so much easier for the next encounter than I can. Yes, they use some strain for some of their abilities but the do not rely on strain anywhere near as much as I do. I understand the need to 'balance' jedi against non-jedi, my complaint is that this feels unbalanced and penalises jedi too harshly.
  7. Unless I'm getting it wrong, the supreme parry/reflect stops you from attacking? That's actually a better deal for the stormtroopers. Yes, it reduces the damage I take (but I could still take some) but it completely cancels out any damage I could deal. It effectively just neutralises me in combat, which is a super boring mechanic for me as a player, as I then have no agency in the fight. I just stand there, not rolling any dice, watching people attack me and hoping they don't roll high. I'd rather be actively doing something than passively doing nothing.
  8. I don't like this idea at all. First, if it's all happening at the same time, how do you decide who goes first; because it'd suck to be them. Second, If I can spend it to make my friends feel better, why can't I spend it to make myself feel better? Finally, it'd feel very meta-gamey if all my friends rolled first and gave all their boosts to me, like some sort of group reiki session. It just feels easier and better to let me spend my own advantage rather than go through the rigmarole of daisy-chaining a bunch of advantages together.
  9. Found it! I'll show my GM this and see what he says. Ok, nowhere in the description of the Perception skill does it say that you can spend advantage to regain strain. It is listed as an option on Page 212 in Table 6-2 Spending Advantage and Triumph in Combat. But, that scenario did not have the characters in a combat encounter at that time. Since you have printed that in the Core Rulebook, It has been suggested that any of the options on Table 6-2 are available for any skill check you make. Question: Is that your intention, or are those options only supposed to be used in combat encounters? When you are in starship combat, can you still spend extra Advantage to recover Strain? I originally thought no, because it doesn't appear as an option on chart 7-6 on page 243. But, now I question that. Answer: Yes, you can spend Advantage to recover strain in any situation. Follow-up Question: So, just to clarify, Advantage from any skill check can be spent to recover strain, but none of the other options from Table 6-2 are available when performing a skill check that is not a combat check. Follow-up Answer: Those other options are available when they make sense given the situation.
  10. Thanks DaverWattra, you've been a big help. Oh boy, that's a big 14 page thread! I'm not sure I can be bothered trawling through all that. Is there a search function I can utilise?
  11. I just want to point out, I don't think the GM is being mean or targeting my character specifically in any way. He's making his rulings in good faith. I think the system is boning me, not my GM.
  12. The question came up when, during a recovery roll, I got four advantages but zero successes and I said that heals 4 strain, right? GM said no, it says success heal strain. I argued it was just a normal roll so I could spend advantages as normal, right? He said no, that table is only for in combat. He pointed out that all the other skill roles describe how advantage can be spent on them and said since this doesn't describe how advantages can be spent, advantages can't be spent. If someone can provide a link to where exactly the official rules guys say in writing that advantage can be spent at anytime to recover strain, that'd be amazingly useful.
  13. Cool. I'm at about 75-80 at the moment. I should get there in another 2-3 sessions.
  14. What is a 'light side paragon' and how do I get it? I'm being about as 'light side' as I can be.
  15. Yeah, I looked at these things (I've looked at everything in the rulebook to try and figure this out). However, we're playing in the rebellion era, as such those things are all super rare and super expensive. Biofeedback armour mod only fits on armoured robes, which are rare, expensive and only available on the black market. The same for any of the kyber crystals or meditation focus. I think I only have about 500 credits in personal wealth, what little money the group gets goes on tricking out their guns and our ship. For a long time, I only had a training lightsaber and I consider myself luck I got 'given' a real one (found it in an old jedi temple).