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  1. Hello everyone. I'm working on plans for GMing a game, and I'm pretty sure at least one of my players is looking to pick up the Influence power, so I'd like to be sure I understand how it works -- specifically the 10-XP Control upgrade that causes targets to believe something untrue, i.e. the classic Jedi Mind Trick. So, suppose Steve Stormtrooper is confronted by a Jedi and two droids. The Jedi waves his hand and informs Steve that "these aren't the droids you are looking for," and moves on. Steve lets them go because obviously those weren't the droids he was looking for, but what happens five minutes later? Option A - Steve immediately thinks, "Wait, those were the droids I was looking for!" and sounds the alarm. Option B - Steve continues to assume that the droids he saw weren't the ones he was looking for, but if someone (like his commanding officer) asks/reminds him about what he saw during his shift, he'll realize that he was wrong (and he'll certainly realize he was wrong if he sees those droids again). Option C - If anyone asks, Steve remembers seeing two droids, but they weren't the right ones. However, if he actually sees them again he'll realize he was mistaken. Option D - Something else I haven't thought of. I'm a little torn here. My initial assumption was C, because A seems a little harsh -- but on the other hand, the Mind Trick is a really powerful effect and I imagine things could get really out of hand. (Also, there wouldn't be four Duration upgrades available if the duration running out wasn't supposed to be a problem.) Anyone have thoughts on how this plays out? (I recall that in Saga Edition d20, victims of the mind trick specifically didn't think anything had been amiss afterwards, but I can't see any clear statements on the topic in the FaD book's description of Influence.) ...it also occurs to me that the PC who's likely to have this power is a gambler. He could be an absolute terror at the sabacc tables if he abuses it properly. (I suppose he's going to have a lot of people convinced he's cheating if he wins that much, though, even if they can't really prove how.) I suppose he'd need the "fine manipulation" upgrade for Move to actually mess around with dicechance cubes at a gambling table, though.