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  1. This looks great! I love the hollow log centerpiece. What are the various models of ready-made trees you're using here? I've been slowly acquiring a selection of woodland scenics, 4ground, and ziterdes tree models to mix in amongst the trees I made myself.
  2. My pleasure! I used 1" thick Styrofoam for the tree bases. If you Google search on 'Scenery with Sorastro', you'll find his excellent youtube video with step-by-step instructions on exactly how to build these. I had no prior experience with making terrain either, and what you see in the above photos was the result after my first attempt at following the video.
  3. Thanks! I've had a lot of fun playing on this 🙂 For the lumber I used the same wooden dowels that I used to make the tree trunks (either 1/2" or 3/4" diameter). I trimmed off various lengths from the 36" dowels I started with, then carved both ends of each log to give them that 'chopped' look, and painted the lengths brown. I then super-glued the logs together in the patterns I wanted, mounting them onto 5mm foamcore cut-outs (also painted). For the moss effects I used a selection of coarse turf, fine turf, and lichen from woodland scenics. Thanks! Thanks! I had the same thought - too awesome to deny it a spot in my collection 🙂 For painting I kept it really simple … Citadel Mournfang Brown spray on the tree-supports and Army Painter Leather Brown for the platforms and walkways (only because these were what I had on hand). The roofs for the 3 'huts' were the only parts I painted by hand since I had to mix to get the straw colour.
  4. The Ewok village is a 3d print - you can find the files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2869262 For the mat I went with the F.A.T. Mat 'Forest Planet': http://www.tablewar.com/6x3-forest-planet-f-a-t-mat-gaming-mat/ Thanks! I looked at a few different mats (e.g. the one Sorastro used in his pine tree terrain video looked good too). The deciding factor for me was what my FLGS in Canada carried for a reasonable price. This one has images of paths which I actually liked, though not everyone may appreciate those patterns. Yeah, this model is huge, but the nice thing is it comes completely apart which makes it easy to store disassembled - that fact helped me pull the trigger :-) Thanks! I'd love to see your take on Endor - I'm always interested in new ideas. When I first came across Bhunter46's wrecked AT-ST I knew I just had to try and replicate it for myself. I found a local Canadian online shop that carried the same Bandai 1/48 scale model, and matched as closely as possible using only the pictures to go on. Here's a close-up showing the scale alongside a few stormtroopers:
  5. Hello fellow Legionnaires! I was so inspired by Bhunter46's post that I decided to give my own Endor table a go! Like Bhunter46, I've never done anything like this before, so here is the end result of my labor of love. Obviously credit goes to Bhunter46, especially for the wrecked AT-ST (I love that idea) and a shout out to Sorastro for the great pine tree tutorial video which I followed to build the trees. Here are some photos:
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