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  1. I don’t really invision anything, I’m just trying to understand how they work and why... Your examples have help immensely.. I’m sure it will all come together for me eventually.. At the moment tho I look at it like I look at the way damage is delt and think what were they smoking
  2. thanks for the help.. I'm stll not seeing the point in it.... beside a more experienced player knowing how to "game" the stances better to screw over the player who doesn't know as much as his/her character would.. Thanks for trying though, I do appreciate your effort
  3. Mechanically I do not see the point in taking turns after the stare down... win initiative, strike your opponent.. win the duel.. i'm clearly missing something...These rules just confuse me... maybe I just need to stick with 4E
  4. hmm ok thanks... -page 259 Core Book This Is where I got initiative thing from.. I just assumed that each round this must accumulate.. or what is the point of taking mutiple rounds and taking turns. Why wouldn't you just win Initiative and strike?
  5. Hi I have just started trying to work out how to play this new version and do not find the book is very good at explaining some of its mechanics. Can anyone point me to some examples of play by plays for skirishes, duels and mass combat? Thanks! My understanding of a duel at the moment is: Players roll Initiative.. Meditation (base initiative) Players then take it in turns performing actions (to modify theirs or their opponents strife levles) and acquiring more strife to modify their base initiative up to their focus value When a player to become comprismised or unmasked both players strike.. The player with the highest combind initiative from all the rounds strikes 1st.. Is this right or wrong, the book really confuses the heck out of me!
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