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  1. Oh yeah I'm not going anywhere near Hellboy, that's for sure. In part because that game just got funded and I wouldn't waste time re-sculpting minis that I'll own eventually anyway. Have you seen the minis from that game? They look sooooooo good. Likeness is a weird thing when it comes to copyright law. In reality all I have to do is change the names in the listing and it would be fine "Z-files- FBI Agents Mulden and Scurry" for example. Also for anyone looking for a legit Ash mini check out Studio Miniatures. They have TONS of great recognizable minis on that site. All with different names of the characters the represent.
  2. Considering how much of his work is in the public domain, I'm not super concerned, especially considering it's a 28 mm likeness sculpt. Do a search for HPL sculptures and you'll see how many artists are out there cranking our busts of Howard- I doubt they're all getting C&Ds from the remainder of his estate- assuming there is one. This ain't Star Wars. Besides, until I get a hard "No" the answer will always be "Yes".
  3. Thank you! I'm in the process of using z brush and formlabs to print my own minis. Right now I've got Dr. Loomis printed, and I'm working on HPL. I'll keep you posted if you like.
  4. My fiance chose Akachi last time we played and she ended up doing more than her fair share of damage while spell casting. Granted we DID eventually get murdered by a star spawn, so there's that.
  5. I think that whenever you play w custom investigators you pretty much just gotta accept the fact that you're bending the matrix and there's a good possibility that everything could go off the rails. I would reserve most of these characters for gameplay with other experienced players who are ok with having an advantage. I haven't played most of these characters yet, and I don't think it would honestly be fair to the game if more than one were played at a time, unless you just wanted to smash through everything in your path. I actually want to put together a "dream team" and see how fast we can beat escape from insmouth.
  6. I've been going back and forth on this for awhile. I don't think the app generate scenario items/ variables based off the investigators chosen with the exception of Ashcan Pete (Duke) and Kate Winthrop (Flux Stabilizer), everything else seems to be drawn at random from a pool associated with the scenario. There's fan made app called Valkyrie that allows you to custom create characters/scenarios but I haven't delved too far into it as it's only available on Android. Thanks, I had someone else on another board tell me it was "pretty insensitive", but I think Lovecraft's racism is a really sad and important part of his legacy and I didn't want to ignore it. Plus it adds an interesting mechanic that might make him difficult to play as. https://github.com/redwolf2/valkyrie_content_creation_kit_mom
  7. Has anyone made any custom investigators? Here are a few I made. If you end up using any please let me know how it went. Cheers!
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