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  1. Your assumption is false. I am a life long anime fan. Maybe you are the one who is ignorant in the ways of anime. There are very serious anime that do not have such silly comedy. If all you watch is dragonball, than sorry for you. Just watch Eva and Berserk for an idea of how to do serious anime especially during combat scenes. There is a time and place for comedy and its most certainly not during combat in a New Hope. I also agree the first 7 episodes were great (see my comment at the to of this thread). But Disney has gone and SJW/NPCd this show by ret-conning a new Hope with this garbage.
  2. Maybe you are the one who needs to rewatch a New Hope. Luke, Lei, and Han were a makeshift team that used Team Work to escape. Luke was not a bumbling idiot. Chew wasn't kicked in the nuts. Lei wasn't a Mary Sue. I am a life long Anime Fan and am very surprised how ignorant you are of anime in general. Anime does not equal silly. Eva is a great example. Or maybe Berserk. Imagine if during a fight scene where Guts is ripping the limbs off of his opponents to have a 'silly' scene where he kicks his horse in the nuts for comic effect. As for being glad they didn't re==make the scene. They actually DID remake the scenes from a new hope. That is the very problem with this episode. They fundamentally changed the story. They also made it impossible for Lei and Luke to escape the bridge scene btw.
  3. Let the past die I guess. This is retcon garbage. Lets make Luke, Han, and Chiewie useless and show how a REAL NPC Mary Sue can save the day. Disney Star Wars is dead.
  4. Don't worry, you are doing more to shrink this community than I ever will. Actively encouraging x-wing players to move on to other games will certainly help kill this game.
  5. System Open events are not the main focus according to FFG. If FFG completely abandoned extended, there would be a massive backlash. FFG does not want that so they have tried carefully to keep things under the radar. This is why we didn't hear about 90% massive card bans during the initial propaganda campain for 2.0. So System Opens are designed to be an attempt to appease players who bought into the conversion kits. I don't think it will work but time will tell. As for store champs - this article seems like that is what is going to happen: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/16/jump-to-hyperspace If FFG banned 100% all existing stuff, they would lose the vast majority of players. Do I need to prove that? Banning 90% of the existing cards is to allow the new factions 'equal' footing in terms of choice. This is clearly to incentivize the sale of those new faction ships. Do I need proof of that? I guess you can choose to believe hyperspace is all about balance and monetary consideration is not baked into the format at all. Maybe apply some critical thinking or just believe the word of the developer that its for 'new players'. So 5 games gained a hole bunch of new players and x-wing didn't lose any players and the existing players are buying exactly what they were before. Is that very likely? Because there were no patch notes. I errored in that. Fortnite, Dota 2, AoV all provide patch notes when they update the game. x-wing 1.0 used to provide patch notes in the form of a FAQ (never made any sense calling it an FAQ). And we used to get developer rational in those FAQs and usually articles to go along side of them. For x-wing second edition all we got was a short article that didn't explain much. So I am not really sure where you are going with you not reading it in patch notes. If the developer would have made that statement regarding the article and then providing a link to actual patch notes which detailed the changed and rational, then sure, there wouldn't be a problem with that statement. But the fact is, the developer didn't provide patch notes, they didn't provide what was changed and they didn't explain why they made the changes. That is on the developer. I am not personally ok with considering its what we got in x-wing 1.0. Second edition is a drop in quality. But justify it however you like.
  6. Yet in other games, point increases and decreases are explained. The problem is not with me, perhaps its your lack of engagement with other games that actually provide good patch notes. Also, there is no patch notes even indicating that torps went up. So there is that too.
  7. Just to your comment regarding trying to get banned, what is your intention there? As this thread is fundamentally different giving advice to devs with links to 'good' patch notes. Why do you ask if I want to get banned as I have done NOTHING that warrants a ban.
  8. I started this thread before the other one was locked. Good try though.
  9. Epic didn't ban 90% of the cards. Also, FFG is pushing hyperspace above their other formats requiring it for store champs, regionals, and nationals. FFG did not attempt to make Epic the premier format. The reason for the 90% card ban is due to FFG needing to sell their new faction ships (due to loss of sales as indicated by ICV2). It shows that x-wing is in a downward trend. It was #1 in sales for a long time. And then all of a sudden, it dropped off the list completely. FFG gave up. Here is FFG's own words: I never have read this statement in patch notes for a game before. Granted my background is video games and in terms of competitive games I have most recently played Fortnite and AoV. The player bases would go nuts if the patch notes contained that sort of language with very little explanation of actually what was buffered and nerfed. A healthy game would include at least the differences and hopefully add commentary for each of the changes. The Devs just made sweeping changes without explanation. That says alot about the 'time' they are putting into this game.
  10. If this game was doing well in sales, they would not have created the hyperspace format and banned 90% of the cards. If this game was selling well, it would be in the top 5 sales list according to ICV2. If this game was selling well, they would have created patch notes. You should also lookup what 'patents' are because you don't seem to understand how to use the word correctly.
  11. Considering the x-wing game is no longer in the top 5 in sales as of Spring 2018, the sales data atm doesn't support your thesis. It will be interesting to see when the next ICV2 comes out how 2.0 is selling. https://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/41010/top-5-non-collectible-miniature-games-spring-2018
  12. Princes Leia - leading role as a strong women who actually protects the protagonist (Luke Skywalker) in a New Hope. Are you really arguing that a White Women being in a leading role that demonstrates good leadership skills and military might is NOT an example of inclusion? We can discuss the other stuff later, but if we cannot agree on Episode 4, 5, and 6 being inclusive, then there is no point in going forward as there is no hope for you.
  13. Lets take video games like Dota 2 and Arena of Valor. Both of them have 'gameplay' patches and both have 'software patches'. Software patches are to fix bugs, improve UI, etc. Gameplay pathes include balancing heroes, item, introducing new heroes etc. Fortnite is yet another great example of how to do patches. FFG now has the power to give us patch notes INCLUDING gameplay right in their app. Choosing not to is lazy. And your analogy does not make sense. Google owns chrome and has ZERO to do with FFG. FFG owns their app and their app is specifically designed for x-wing miniatures game. It is logical for game patch notes to be included in the app. Its only a failure of FFG devs that it does not. There are design problems with the official app. It doesn't function properly all the time and doesn't have nearly the amount of features of 3rd party apps. Its rubbish in the kindest sense. How long has Dash Roarick been a problem? Having only 2 points adjustments per year is NOT good enough. We have seen this in 1.0. There are going to be balance issues. That is the nature of these types of games. We know perfect balance is not possible. With only 2 balance patches of the year, that means for the vast majority of the year, the game will be broken. There will be OP lists like Dash/R that get to exist for 5 to 6 months. Mobas are complex just like x-wing is complex. The reason for the multiple patches is that the game devs react to balance issues. As more stuff is added to the game, the game needs to be balanced EVEN MORE. With only 2 balance patches per year, you will get the game you desire. And the result will be a few OP lists that reign for many months until the next 6-monthly patch. Just wait and see. Also, I suggest you look into balance and game design to understand why balance patches are necessary. Marvel didn't have this problem with Infinity war and Black Panther. I know its common Disney propaganda saying there were too many SW movies. But marvel proves that statement is fundamentally flawed.
  14. Click on your own user profile and go to setting and then ignored users. Search for 'Lace Jetstreamer' as that who you want ignored right?
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