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  1. Lace Jetstreamer

    What is hyperspace format?

    The hyperspace format is designed to incentivize the sale of new faction ships to veteren x-wing players by banning 90% of "old" 2.0 content. All the regional and national events will be in this format. Its clear FFG is pushing this format over all other formats. Basically, hyperspace format is a money grab format. People will falsly claim this format is better for new players and better for balance. They are wrong and suffer from cognitive dissonance. The reality is, a scum, rebel, and empire conversion kit is by far the best value for money. Its litteraly a faction in a box. I would 100% recommend a new player to buy a core and 1 faction in a box if it were not for hyperspace. Why? Because it gives a new players ALL of the cards they need (except for 0-0-0, hate, etc bc FFG lied). A new player doesnt need to decide which ships they need to buy for which upgrade, they just get them all (except for the ones FFG lied about). As for balance, FFG created an app and designed the game to be balanced. They have the means to balance the game but right now CHOOSE NOT TO. They will only balance the game twice a year. This has nothing to do with the formats. The reality is this gaming is hermoganing players and FFG must see this as a money loser. So they created a format that forces existing players to buy into the new faction ships to milk as much money out of the die hards before this game finially dies.
  2. Dota 2 heroes are more analagous to pilot cards because the heroes have base stats (strength, intellligence, etc) and have abilities. The hero abilities are like the pilot abilities but more complex as each hero has at least 4 abilities (some have more). I think the dota 2 items are more similar to x-wing upgrade cards. Dota 2 Items have a wide range of various in game effects including passive buffs to active abilities. For summary Dota 2 Heroes ~ x-wing pilot cards Dota 2 Items ~ x-wing upgrade cards
  3. My background is video games. Dota 2 being one of the games I was competative in. Dota 2 has zero Pay 2 Win mechanics. Bans happen on heroes when they are found to be OP and need balance work. Banning doesn't hit anyone's monetary investment other than in skins. The company only bans when there is a balance issue and 99% of heroes are available in competative play all the time. x-wing is by default pay 2 win/advantage. I feel the conversion kits really helped to reduce the barrier to entry for new players by giving them everything they needed to play a complete faction (sans the plastic models). Its actually the first time in x-wing history players could purchase a faction in a box. It evens the play field so to speak. Its actually 1 way to reduce the Pay 2 Win mechanics of the game (if ffg removed the rule requiring a plastic model). I see the banning of ships not for balance, but for monetary gains. Dota 2 has 116 heroes all with different abilities (~x-wing pilots) with over 150 items (ship upgrades). Dota 2 again doesn't need to ban the majority of its heroes to have a balanced game. The whole idea of a hyperspace format for 'balance' is nonsense when comparing to other game systems that have more complexity and have more balance then existing x-wing.
  4. By FFG banning most of the ships from the conversions, there is a massive economic incentive for FFG to create 'new' OP ships especially in the new factions. Just look at Empire compared to all the other factions regarding power level in hyperspace format. Banning the ships creates player motivation to go out and buy power in the new factions especially since power has been stripped from the existing factions (Empire is a classic example). I can tell you, I would never have purchased the conversion kits if I knew ahead of time that most of my collection would be banned in hyperspace. I tend to think there are many veterans in the same position. I certainly feel like I have been screwed over by FFG on this one. Seems like many of us here feel that way which is ultimately bad for business. There just aren't enough new players to fill the shoes of the screwed over old players. And that is where the podcasts are getting it wrong. Instead of making fun of those of us that feel like FFG took advantage of us, they should really sympathise with the community. Maybe take a stand for once against FFG instead of being their White Knights. Try to change the poor decisions being made. And actually try to grow the community. Otherwise, x-wing 2.0 will be another failed game. Or those who are laughing, will be laughing by themselves.
  5. Its unethical for FFG to ban 1.0 converted ships in official tournaments because they already sold and marketed conversion kits. There is a division in the community due to the false representation by FFG regarding the usage of conversion kits in tournaments.
  6. The problem is FFG already marketed and sold conversion kits. They made a big deal out of being able to play your 1.0 ships in 2.0. Now they ban the vast majority of them with hyperspace. They marketed (propaganda) in order to sell their conversion kits and keep existing players. Dropping the ban hammer now is going to lose a lot of players as we are seeing in these threads. It creates mistrust in the community except for die hard fantatics that have addiction problems. I would agree with you if FFG didn't sell massive conversion kits like they did and instead just sold conversion kits per ship and only did when those ships would be cycled into the new format. If they would have done this and been honest up front, than I think that would have kept more players than lost. However, FFG attempted to milk the player base as much as possible. This of course is causing the back lash and most likely x-wing won't be able to survive this. We know x-wing dropped of top 5 list of miniatures sold. Its only going to get worse.
  7. The space race was pure propaganda. Humans have not visited the moon. There are many physcial impossibilities why like the Van Allen Radiation belt, re-entry problem, massive solar radiation etc. NASA and all other space agencies had to invent new physics to explain their trips to space (hypersonic space travel). This is all non-science but they have billions of dollars invested in them from governments to keep up the lie. We do not need to look at propaganda machines in order to determine humans are great at lieing which FFG seems to be in that camp (single faction lies). However, there are companies that create complex games and manage balance properly like Valve and Dota 2. FFG defenders will ignore the game systems that do it right and attack those of us that are informed. Just like people who believe humans have gone to the moon dispite the physical impossibilities (ignorance) and those people will support the governments propaganda attacking people the same way those of us here on the forums are attacked for pointing out the massive issues with FFG.
  8. Lace Jetstreamer

    Replacement dials & cards (outside of the Conversion Kit)

    I really cannot believe you are claiming all of the ships released in the conversion kits are not released yet. That is obviously delusional. Quad Jumpers have been released and are LEGAL in extended tournaments. Hate has been released and is LEGAL in extended tournaments hosted and sponsored by FFG. I guess we can just stop communicating because you clearly are unable to acknowledge FFG has lied about being single faction. The evidence is crystal clear with the conversion kits and wave 2.
  9. Lace Jetstreamer

    Replacement dials & cards (outside of the Conversion Kit)

    Its sounds like you are defending FFG trying to word-smith your way out of what is really happening. FFG stated that players could remain single faction. That is clearly the message they have repeated in several places including this very video. Right now, an Empire player wanting hate has to buy out of his/her faction. A scum player who wants the wave 2 tech cards, has to buy out of their faction. The scum conversion kit includes the Quad Jumper. Quad Jumpers are legal in extended tournament play. Why are you defending this obvious lie?
  10. Lace Jetstreamer

    Replacement dials & cards (outside of the Conversion Kit)

    You are ignoring the context of the video and the QUESTION. You are wrong in pretty much everything you wrote and let me prove that. Response So I have proved you wrong there. Wave 2, Imperials did not get any ships with Hate. So if I want Hate as an Imperial Player RIGHT NOW, I have to buy outside of my faction. Its false advertising. There is ZERO information if and when hate will be included in an imperial ship. Why are you sloppily defending FFG here when they clearly are lying? Why are you lying right here? Do you not know that Quad Jumpers have a Tech slot? Are you intentially lying or are just as sloppy with words as FFG? https://imgur.com/a/UFJ6Krn
  11. Lace Jetstreamer

    Replacement dials & cards (outside of the Conversion Kit)

    Lets see the cards that prove this lie. Hate, 0-0-0, all the new tech cards, etc etc etc.
  12. Lace Jetstreamer

    Replacement dials & cards (outside of the Conversion Kit)

    Its not false memory, its false advertising. FFG said they would release card packs for each wave. They have not and have lied to us yet again.
  13. Lace Jetstreamer

    The force card hate.

    So how does an Empire only player get Hate? Oh, I have to wait until wave 5 or 6? Starting to feel a lot like autothrusters in 1.0.
  14. Lace Jetstreamer

    PSA App Update Shenanigans!

    I guess it depends on the price of their app compared to free alternatives. But we can play what'ifs all day. The fact is, FFG's app is garbage. I use the superior options that are also free.